20 vs. 30-Year Term Life Insurance

Shawn Plummer, CRPC

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Understanding Term Life Insurance Options

20-Year Term Life Insurance

Duration: A 20-year term life insurance policy offers coverage for a fixed period of 20 years. This option is ideal for those looking to cover significant financial responsibilities during their prime working years.

Cost: One of the primary benefits of a 20-year term policy is its affordability. Premiums are generally lower compared to longer-term policies, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

Ideal Candidates: This term length is particularly beneficial for individuals in their 30s or 40s, parents with young children, or those looking to ensure financial stability during their most critical earning years. It provides a safety net until major financial obligations, such as a mortgage or children’s education, are met.

30-Year Term Life Insurance

Duration: A 30-year term life insurance policy extends coverage for a full 30 years. This longer duration is suitable for those who anticipate needing coverage for an extended period.

Cost: While premiums for a 30-year term policy are higher than those for a 20-year term, the longer coverage period can justify the additional cost for many. This type of policy locks in your premium rate for a more extended period, providing peace of mind and long-term financial security.

Ideal Candidates: Younger individuals, especially those in their 20s, often benefit from choosing a 30-year term policy. This option is perfect for those with long-term financial commitments, such as a new mortgage, or those who want to lock in a low premium rate early on.

How We Can Help

At The Annuity Expert, we understand the complexities of choosing the right term life insurance policy. With over 15 years of experience as an insurance agency, annuity broker, and retirement planner, we are dedicated to helping you find the best solutions at the lowest costs.

  • Understanding Your Needs: We know that your main goal is to protect your loved ones and ensure financial stability. Many face uncertainty about the future and the fear of not having adequate coverage when it is needed the most. These concerns can lead to stress and anxiety about your family’s financial future.
  • Our Expertise: We specialize in identifying and addressing these concerns by offering tailored advice that fits your specific situation. We believe in transparency and strive to educate our clients about the best options available, ensuring you make an informed decision.
  • Personalized Solutions: We stand for finding the optimal balance between cost and coverage, ensuring you get the most value from your insurance policy. Our commitment is to help you achieve peace of mind, knowing that your family’s future is secure.
20 Vs. 30-Year Term Life Insurance

What We Recommend

First Step: Consultation

  • What Happens: Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. During this session, we’ll discuss your financial goals, current obligations, and any concerns you have regarding life insurance.
  • Main Benefit: Personalized advice tailored to your unique situation, ensuring you choose the right term length and coverage amount.

Second Step: Policy Selection

  • What Happens: Based on our consultation, we will present you with a range of policy options that fit your needs and budget. We will explain the benefits of each option, making sure you understand all aspects of the policy.
  • Main Benefit: Clear, informed choices that align with your financial goals and provide the necessary protection for your loved ones.

Final Step: Policy Implementation

  • What Happens: Once you select a policy, we handle all the paperwork and ensure a smooth implementation process. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Main Benefit: Your life insurance policy is set up hassle-free, giving you peace of mind and security for the future.

Features and Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Professional advice from seasoned experts, ensuring you get the best policy for your needs.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized policy options to match your financial situation and goals.
  • Transparent Process: Clear explanations and assistance with all paperwork and procedures.

Common Objections and Responses

  • Objection: “I can’t afford life insurance right now.”
  • Response: We offer a range of policies to fit various budgets, and the cost of not having coverage can be far greater in the long run.
  • Objection: “I don’t need life insurance; I’m young and healthy.”
  • Response: Securing a policy while young and healthy locks in lower premiums and ensures coverage when you need it most.

Failing to work with us could result in inadequate coverage, leaving your family vulnerable in times of need. However, partnering with The Annuity Expert guarantees comprehensive protection, peace of mind, and financial security for your loved ones.

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Shawn Plummer, CRPC

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Shawn Plummer is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, insurance agent, and annuity broker with over 14 years of first-hand experience with annuities and insurance. Since beginning his journey in 2009, he has been pivotal in selling and educating about annuities and insurance products. Still, he has also played an instrumental role in training financial advisors for a prestigious Fortune Global 500 insurance company, Allianz. His insights and expertise have made him a sought-after voice in the industry, leading to features in renowned publications such as Time Magazine, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance, MSN, SmartAsset, The Simple Dollar, U.S. News and World Report, Women’s Health Magazine, and many more. Shawn’s driving ambition? To simplify retirement planning, he ensures his clients understand their choices and secure the best insurance coverage at unbeatable rates.

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