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Annuities are rapidly becoming a popular component of any savvy retirement plan, offering stable income and financial security. One desirable feature that draws individuals to annuities is the annuity bonus. This bonus, provided in the form of premium bonuses or income bonuses, can make a significant difference to the growth of your investment. But, as with any financial vehicle, it’s essential to understand the ins and outs of annuities with bonuses. Let’s delve deeper into bonus annuities to comprehend how they can enhance your investment portfolio.

The Appeal of Annuity Bonuses

Understanding the Basics of Annuity Bonuses

Annuity bonuses are additional amounts that insurance companies offer to policyholders. They typically range from 1% to 20% of the premium paid into an annuity contract. For instance, if you invest $100,000 into a bonus annuity offering a 5% bonus, you immediately start with a balance of $105,000.

What Is The Most Common Bonus In A Bonus Annuity

Premium Bonus versus Income Bonus

Premium and income bonuses are the most common in bonus annuities. Premium bonuses are added to your annuity’s account value when you first invest. On the other hand, income bonuses don’t increase your account value but contribute to the income value of your annuity, potentially providing higher income payouts during the distribution phase.

Example: Suppose Jane has an annuity with a premium bonus. She initially invested $100,000 and enjoyed an immediate bonus of $5,000, raising her account value to $105,000. Conversely, Richard opts for an annuity with an income bonus. His initial $100,000 investment stays the same, but his potential income payout increases, making his annuity a more vital income source during retirement.

Annuities With Bonuses

Bonus Annuity Rates

AnnuityLengthRatingBonus (Up To)
American Select Bonus Plus10 yearsB++16%
Athene Performance Elite PLUS 1515 yearsA20%
Athene BCA 12 2.012 YearsA14%
American Select 7 Series Bonus Plus7 yearsB++11%
Athene Performance Elite 10 Plus10 yearsA16%
North American Secure Horizon Plus10 yearsA+15%
Equitrust MarketPower Bonus14 yearsB++10%
Midland IndexBuilder 1414 yearsA+11%
F&G Performance Pro10 yearsA-15%
Athene Performance Elite 1515 yearsA15%
Athene Performance Elite 1010 yearsA10%
North American Charter Plus 1414 yearsA+10%
Athene BCA 10 2.010 yearsA12%
Midland IndexBuilder 1010 yearsA+7%
Americo LibertyMark 10 Plus10 yearsA7%
North American Charter Plus 1010 yearsA+8%
Athene Performance Elite 7 Plus7 yearsA6%
Athene BCA 8 2.08 yearsA6%
Fidelity & Guaranty Accelerator Plus 1010 yearsA-5%
Fidelity & Guaranty Prosperity Elite 77 yearsA-4%
Americo ClassicMark 10 Plus10 yearsA4%
AIG Power Select Builder 88 yearsA10%
American Select 10 Series Bonus10 yearsB++10%
American Select 7 Series Bonus7 YearsB++7%

Navigating the Landscape of Annuity Types

Fixed Indexed Annuities with Bonuses

Fixed-indexed annuities offer a unique blend of safety and potential growth. They tie your annuity’s earnings to a market index, like the S&P 500, with a guaranteed minimum rate of return. Adding an annuity bonus to a fixed-indexed annuity can amplify the potential for returns over the annuity’s lifetime.

Annuity Bonus

Bonus Recapture and Vesting Schedules: A Double-edged Sword

While an annuity bonus may seem like free money, it’s essential to understand the concepts of bonus recapture and vesting schedules. Insurance companies may implement a bonus recapture provision, which allows them to take back a portion or all of the bonus under specific conditions, like early withdrawal. The vesting schedule details the period over which the bonus becomes wholly yours. Therefore, understanding these elements is crucial to maximizing the benefits of your bonus annuity.

Example: Picture Alice, who invests $100,000 in a bonus annuity offering a 5% bonus. Two years later, she decides to withdraw her money. Unfortunately, the contract includes a bonus recapture clause. Since Alice is still in the early years of the vesting schedule, the insurance company reclaims a portion of the bonus, reducing her overall payout.

Annuity Bonuses

Next Steps

Remember, while annuities with bonuses can offer enticing benefits, they must align with your overall retirement planning strategy. Thus, it’s wise to consult with a financial advisor to ensure you make the best decisions for your circumstances. When leveraged wisely, the world of annuity bonuses can unlock remarkable value for your retirement future.

Bonus Annuities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which annuity has the highest bonus?

The annuity with the highest bonus can vary and depends on the specific products insurance companies offer. It’s recommended to compare different annuity options to determine the highest bonus available.

What type of annuity adds a bonus?

Certain annuities, such as fixed index or variable annuities, may offer bonus features. These bonuses are typically added to the initial premium or account value to enhance potential returns.

What is the most common bonus in a bonus annuity?

The most common type of bonus in a bonus annuity is a percentage bonus, where the insurance company adds a predetermined percentage of the initial premium to the account value.

Are bonus annuities good?

The suitability of bonus annuities depends on individual financial goals and circumstances. While bonus annuities can provide initial account value boosts, it’s essential to consider the entire annuity structure, fees, and long-term performance before deciding.

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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