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Annuities are financial products that provide a steady income for the retiree. They typically come with a guaranteed rate of return which is often fixed or variable and can be paid out monthly, quarterly, yearly, or even daily. This guide will cover some of the best annuity rates on the market today!

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What is an Annuity Rate?

An annuity rate is a percentage by which an annuity grows each year. The annuity provider sets the rate, usually an insurance company that issues the contract. The provider guarantees an interest rate for a set time period, usually two to 10 years. This growth rate is different from an annuity payout rate, which refers to the payment amounts of regular distributions.

For MYGA and fixed annuity rates, the interest rate is fixed like a CD rate. However, the guaranteed rates make it easy to understand how much money you will get back.

Variable annuities, income annuities, and fixed index annuities are a little more complicated. They do not have a fixed interest rate like other types of annuities. That means people will not find the rates for those products when searching for the best kinds of annuities.

Best Fixed Annuity Rates for December 2021

Multi-year guaranteed annuity or MYGAs are a type of fixed annuity. They guarantee you will get a specific interest rate for 2-10 years. MYGAs are subject to surrender charges, which an annuity owner must pay if they cancel the annuity before the term is over. However, MYGAs do offer limited liquidity during the term to withdraw income.

The best MYGA rate is 3.2 percent for a 10-year surrender period, 3.25 percent for a seven-year surrender period, 3.05 percent for a five-year surrender period, and 2.60 percent for a three-year surrender period.

MYGA rates change daily.

Best 2-Year Annuity Rates

SILAC 2.15%

Best 3-Year Annuity Rates

Canvas* 2.60%
Ohio State Life2.50%

Best 4-Year Annuity Rates


Best 5-Year Annuity Rates

Atlantic Coast Life3.15%

Best 6-Year Annuity Rates

Atlantic Coast Life3.17%
Atlantic Coast Life3.16%

Best 7-Year Annuity Rates

Atlantic Coast Life3.22%

Best Immediate Annuity Rates for December 2021

Immediate annuity payout rates vary based on your upfront payment amount to the insurance company. Specific contract terms, your gender, age, and other factors can also impact this payout rate. You can use an annuity calculator to estimate monthly payments or contact us to help you compare quotes.

Rates are based on a $100,000 annuity. Annuity payouts are annuitized annual payments. Rates change weekly.

PayoutAge 60Age 65Age 70
Single Life$5,016$5,688$6,588
Life with 10 Year Period Certain$4,944$5,532$6,300
10 Year Period Certain$10,515$10,515 $10,515
20 Year Period Certain$6,053$6,053 $6,053

Best Premium Bonus Annuity Rates for December 2021

Annuities can offer a guaranteed sign-on bonus called a premium bonus. In addition, when a new annuity owner purchases their annuity, they may receive a guaranteed rate of return.

Athene Performance Elite17%
American Select Bonus16%
Athene BCA 1214%
Midland IndexBuilder11%
Securian Ultra 510%

Best Fixed Index Annuity Rates for December 2021

Fixed index annuity rates are a little bit more complicated than a traditional fixed annuity or MYGA. Index annuities allow annuity owners to choose how they earn interest, a fixed interest rate, or the performance of an index like the S&P 500 or a combination of both.

Fixed indexed annuities are not stock market investments and do not directly participate in an index. Instead, they are insurance policies for retirement and can not lose money in a stock market crash.

These fixed indexed annuity strategies illustrate the highest hypothetical historical rates of return (2010 – 2020). These are non-guaranteed returns. Contact us about the products with these strategies.

Best Indexed Annuity For Growth

Annuity CompanyFixed Indexed Annuity
American EquityAssetShield 10 Annuity
Athene AnnuityPerformance Elite 15 Plus
Midland NationalRetireVantage Annuity
Fidelity and GuarantyPower Accumulator 10

Best Illustrated Fixed Indexed Annuity

ProductRate of Return
2-Year SG Global Sentiment PTP Participation Rate14.22%
2-Year CS Tech Edge PTP Participation Rate13.98%
2-Year Nasdaq FC PTP Participation Rate13.67%

Best Lifetime Annuity Rates for December 2021

Lifetime annuities provide annuity owners an income for the rest of their life or the rest of the annuity owner and spouse’s lives, even if the annuity has run out of money.

Rates are based on a $100,000 annuity. The income start dates will be immediate, after 5 years, or after 10 years. Annuity payouts are annual payments.

AgeImmediate5 Years10 Years

Best Short Term Annuity Rates for December 2021

Deferred annuity terms can be as short as 2 years in length. Here are the best short-term annuity rates.

SILAC 2 Years2.15%
Canvas* 3 Years2.60%
Oceanview4 Years2.60%
Canvas* 5 Years3.05%

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CEO, The Annuity Expert

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