How To Make Money In A Bear Market

Shawn Plummer

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Understanding Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) in Bear Markets

What Are Fixed Index Annuities? Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) are financial products that provide a unique method for retirement savings protection, particularly in bear markets. A bear market is characterized by a prolonged period in which investment prices fall, typically by 20% or more from recent highs.

How Do FIAs Work in Bear Markets? FIAs offer a method to earn interest based on the upward movement of a stock market index. This means that even in a bear market, when the market eventually recovers, FIAs benefit from the market’s upward trend. Unlike direct investments in stocks, FIAs are designed to capture growth while minimizing the impact of market downturns.

What Is A Bear Market

The Staircase Analogy for FIAs

Locking in Gains Like a Flight of Stairs The ability of FIAs to lock in gains can be likened to climbing a flight of stairs. Imagine the stock market’s performance as an elevator that goes up and down unpredictably. In contrast, FIAs resemble a staircase where each step represents a locked-in gain. As the market improves, FIAs ‘climb’ to a new step, securing that level of gain. During downturns, while the elevator (stock market) may go down, the staircase (FIA) remains at the last achieved step, ensuring that the previous gains are not lost.

How To Make Money In Bear Market

Benefits of FIAs in Bear Markets

  1. Protection Against Market Downturns: FIAs provide a safeguard against the full impact of a bear market. They offer a floor, ensuring that your retirement savings do not decrease with the market.
  2. Interest Earnings from Market Recovery: When the market recovers, FIAs earn interest based on the upward movement, allowing for potential growth even in fluctuating market conditions.
  3. Avoiding the Need to Catch Up: Traditional stock market investments often require investors to ‘catch up’ from losses incurred during bear markets. FIAs, however, maintain their position, eliminating the need to recover lost ground.


Fixed Index Annuities offer a strategic way to protect and grow retirement savings in a bear market. Their unique structure of locking in gains, akin to climbing a staircase, provides stability and potential growth without the full risk of market downturns. For those looking to secure their financial future even in challenging market conditions, FIAs present a compelling option. Contact us today for a free quote.

How To Make Money In A Bear Market

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do during a bear market?

During a bear market, it is essential to rebalance your portfolio. Diversifying with stocks, bonds, and cash will ensure you remain agile in turbulent markets. Tax-Loss Harvesting can help alleviate the impact of significant losses while investing in risk-averse assets like gold or treasury bills can protect from significant downturns. Taking advantage of any opportunities to buy into low points and staying on course through the storm is critical when navigating volatile conditions.

What to avoid in a bear market?

During a bear market, it is essential to avoid the following mistakes to protect your investments: Fleeing from volatility; Not having cash reserves; Accidentally activating the wash-sale rule; Listening to panicked analysts’ predictions, and Obsessively monitoring your accounts.

Is a bear market down 20%?

A bear market is often characterized by a 20% drop in significant stocks, an arbitrary measure. However, it can also be seen when investors tend to shy away from risk rather than seek growth opportunities. With either definition, the markets present an undeniably difficult climate for those looking to invest their capital.

What is a bear market vs. recession?

A bear market is a multi-month period in which the prices of securities fall by 20% or more. Meanwhile, a recession occurs when economic activity (as evidenced by GDP) drops for two straight quarters.

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