Guaranteed Return Investments

Shawn Plummer, CRPC

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What Is A Guaranteed Return?

A guaranteed return on investments means the investor is promised a specific, non-fluctuating amount of return. This return is pre-determined and unaffected by market volatility.

Investments with Guaranteed Returns

  1. Government Bonds: Low-risk investments with a fixed interest rate, backed by the government.
  2. Certificates of Deposit (CDs): Bank-issued with a fixed term and interest rate, ensuring a predictable return.
  3. High-Yield Savings Accounts: Offer higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts, with guaranteed returns.
  4. Treasury Bills (T-Bills): Short-term government securities with a guaranteed yield at maturity.
  5. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS): Government bonds adjusted for inflation, protecting the purchasing power of your investment.
  6. Money Market Accounts: Provide higher interest rates compared to savings accounts, with limited transaction facilities.
  7. Fixed Annuities: Insurance products that guarantee a steady income stream, typically post-retirement.
  8. Fixed Indexed Annuities: Offer returns based on a specific index’s performance, with a guaranteed minimum return.
  9. Whole Life Insurance (Using Cash Value): Provides a death benefit and accumulates cash value, which can be used as a low-risk investment with guaranteed returns.


These guaranteed return investments are ideal for those seeking stability and protection against market downturns. While they offer safety, their returns are generally lower than riskier investments. It’s important to understand each investment’s terms to align with your financial goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get guaranteed returns?

Yes, some investments come with a guaranteed return. Examples include government bonds and annuities.

What investments have guaranteed returns?

There are a few different types of investments that have guaranteed returns. These include annuities, government bonds, and bank savings accounts.

Which is the best-guaranteed return plan?

The best-guaranteed return plan depends on your individual needs and goals. Be sure to research different options and compare them before you make any investment decisions.

What are the risks of guaranteed return plans?

The main risk of guaranteed return plans is that your money is locked into the investment for a set period. As a result, you may incur penalties if you need access to your money before the end of the term. Additionally, these types of investments can be volatile in the short term. For this reason, they are often best suited for long-term investment goals.

How to get three guaranteed returns?

Fixed annuities offer 3 percent guaranteed returns, higher than what you would get from a bank savings account.

How to get a guaranteed four percent return?

Fixed annuities offer 4 percent guaranteed returns, which is higher than what you would get from a certificate of deposit.

Where can I get a guaranteed four percent return?

You can get a guaranteed return of four percent from a fixed annuity sold by financial institutions and insurance agencies like The Annuity Expert.

How do I get a 10% return?

There is no guaranteed way to get a return of precisely ten percent. However, you can invest in stocks or mutual funds that have the potential to provide you with a higher return. Remember that risk is always involved when investing in the stock market.

How to guarantee a return on investment?

You can invest in annuities or government bonds, which offer a guaranteed rate of return.

Can you lose money with a fixed annuity?

No, you cannot lose money with a fixed annuity if the insurance company that issues the annuity is solvent. In addition, this type of annuity offers a guaranteed rate of return, which means your principal investment is protected.

Is it good to invest in a guaranteed income plan?

Yes, guaranteed income plans can be an excellent way to invest your money. These investments offer a fixed rate of return and can provide you with a stream of income in retirement. Of course, annuities are the best-guaranteed income plans, but other options, such as government bonds, are also available.

Where can I find the highest interest on my money?

Fixed annuities are offering the highest interest rates right now. You can get a guaranteed return of 4.5 percent.

What are guaranteed return investment plans?

Guaranteed return investment plans are financial products that assure a fixed rate of return on an investment over a specific period. These plans are considered low-risk options as the returns are guaranteed, providing investors with stability and peace of mind. Such plans can be obtained from various financial institutions and are popular among risk-averse individuals.

What is a minimum guaranteed interest rate?

A minimum guaranteed interest rate is the lowest rate of return that an investment account can earn.

How does a guaranteed income fund work?

A guaranteed income fund is an investment account that offers a guaranteed income stream in retirement.

What are guaranteed funds?

Guaranteed funds are investment accounts that offer a guaranteed rate of return.

Are mutual funds guaranteed?

Mutual funds are not guaranteed. They are subject to the same market risks as any other investment, and there is no guarantee that you will make money by investing in a mutual fund.

Are bonds guaranteed?

Bonds are not guaranteed and can decrease in value based on high-interest rate environments.

Where to invest money to get good returns?

When looking for where to invest money to get good returns, diversification is key. It is recommended to consider a mix of investments such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and mutual funds. Consulting with a financial advisor can help determine the best options based on individual goals and risk tolerance.

Are bonds guaranteed returns?

Bonds do not guarantee returns, unlike some other investment options. While bonds provide a fixed interest rate, they are subject to market fluctuations and the risk of default by the issuer. Investors should carefully assess the creditworthiness and market conditions before investing in bonds.

What are guaranteed principal investments?

Guaranteed principal investments are financial products that provide investors with protection on the initial amount invested. These investments assure that the principal sum will be returned, regardless of market fluctuations. This type of investment is low risk, making it popular among conservative investors seeking stability and security for their funds.

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Shawn Plummer, CRPC

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

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