Best Life Insurance Companies For September 2023: Reviewed By Agents

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Finding the right life insurance can be tough. But, with help from an experienced life insurance agent, finding a plan that fits can be much easier now. In 2023, there are more choices than ever to match different needs and budgets. It’s important to pick the best life insurance policy with the best life insurance company to ensure your family is cared for and you have peace of mind. Let’s unravel that puzzle for you.

Confused About Life Insurance?

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Best Life Insurance Companies By Category

  • Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance for Seniors: Pacific Life offers top rates. Nationwide features a long-term care Rider.
  • Best Life Insurance for Adults: Banner Life provides the most affordable term rates.
  • Top Life Insurance Companies: Pacific Life & Banner Life are known for competitive term rates and strong financial ratings.
  • Best Life Insurance for Afib Patients: American General is particularly lenient on heart-related conditions.
  • Best Life Insurance for Young Adults: North American caters to a broad age range with competitive rates.
  • Best Life Insurance for Singles: Banner Life features the most affordable term rates.
  • Best Life Insurance for Cancer Patients: Lincoln Financial is generally favorable towards various cancer types.
  • Best Life Insurance for Families: Assurity Life allows the inclusion of all family members in a single policy.
  • Best Life Insurance for Kids: North American offers competitive permanent life insurance policies. Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI) will accept kids age15 days and older.
  • Best Whole Life Insurance for Children: Assurity Life is renowned for its competitive whole life policies.
  • Best Life Insurance for HIV Patients: Pacific Life is open to considering applicants with HIV.
  • Best Life Insurance for Military Spouses: Prudential is accommodating towards overseas travel.
  • Top IMO for Life Insurance: Diversified Insurance Brokers boasts a wide selection of carriers to choose from.
  • Best life insurance for seniors: North American Company and American Memorial grant eligibility to applicants up to 85. John Hancock’s maximum age is 89.
  • Best life insurance for veterans: Prudential offers advantageous underwriting policies specifically tailored for veterans and active military personnel.
  • Best life insurance with living benefits: Transamerica and North American Company offer Term and Permanent policies with built-in Riders for Terminal, Chronic, and Critical Illness coverage.
  • Best life insurance for parents: Banner Life provides a Guarantee Issue Child Rider that is accessible on the majority of their term policies.
  • Best life insurance for diabetics: Banner Life and Pacific Life offers advantageous underwriting guidelines for individuals with diabetes.
  • Best for qualifying life events for insurance: Securian Financial and SBLI provide guaranteed purchase options for certain life events, including marriage, divorce, graduation, home purchase, and childbirth.
  • Best life insurance with cash value: North American Company provides an opportunity for high cash value growth alongside guaranteed death benefits.
  • Most affordable life insurance for seniors: North American Company provides affordable coverage with eligibility for applicants up to 85.
  • Cheapest life insurance for seniors over 60: American General provides highly competitive rates tailored for seniors.
  • Best term life insurance for seniors: John Hancock offers term coverage to individuals up to 89 years of age, ensuring comprehensive protection for new applicants.
  • Best life insurance for the elderly: Applicants can apply for coverage with John Hancock until age 89, ensuring that individuals have access to insurance options later in life.

How We Evaluated the Best Life Insurance: An Independent Perspective Since 2009

Leveraging our extensive experience dating back to 2009, we represent 30 premier life insurance companies as independent life insurance agents. Our evaluations are rooted in comprehensive research, firsthand expertise, and an unwavering commitment to serve your best interests.

Why Is Life Insurance Essential?

  • Financial Security: Life insurance offers your family financial stability in your absence. It ensures that they can manage financial obligations without compromising on their lifestyle.
    • Example: Consider John, a sole breadwinner with two kids. His life insurance policy ensures his kids’ education and daily needs are cared for, even if he’s not around.
  • Dealing with Debt: Any outstanding debts, like mortgages or car loans, can be covered, so your family doesn’t have to bear this burden.
    • Example: Sarah left behind a mortgage. Her life insurance coverage ensured her spouse couldn’t sell their beloved home to settle the debt.
Best Life Insurance Companies

Understanding Different Life Insurance Policies

  • Term Life Insurance Policies: These are for a specific period. They’re ideal if you foresee financial commitments dwindling over time.
    • Example: Peter bought term life insurance when his kids were born. As they grew and became independent, his need for a high coverage reduced.
  • Whole Life Insurance Policies: Offers coverage for your entire life, often with a cash value component that grows over time.
    • Example: Rita wanted a policy that assured protection and acted as an investment. She opted for whole life insurance.
  • Universal Life Policies: A blend of term and whole life insurance, it has a cash value component but offers flexibility in premium payments and death benefits.
    • Example: Mike, an entrepreneur, wanted a policy adjusted to his fluctuating income. Universal life was his pick.
  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance: It offers potential cash value growth based on a market index. It’s a bridge between insurance and investment.
    • Example: Lucy, a stock market enthusiast, chose indexed universal life to increase her policy’s cash value with market upswings potentially.

Compare Life Insurance Policy Cost

Compare the rates for both permanent and term life insurance policies below. Comparisons include life insurance premiums and financial strength ratings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Policy

  • Life Insurance Costs: The cost depends on factors like age, medical history, and the policy type. Ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.
  • Financial Strength Ratings: Always select companies with high financial strength ratings. Firms like Transamerica, Prudential, and Lincoln Financial often have solid ratings, indicating they’re more likely to pay claims.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A good life insurance company will prioritize customer satisfaction. Companies such as Ethos, Pacific Life, and Banner Life often top the charts in individual life insurance studies.
  • Additional Riders: These are like policy add-ons. For instance, the accelerated death benefit rider offers early payouts in cases of terminal illness, while the accidental death benefit rider provides an additional payout if death is due to an accident.

Example: Karen, diagnosed with a critical illness, utilized her accelerated death benefit rider to cover medical bills.

Best Life Insurance Policy
No Medical Exam Life Insurance

How to Buy Life Insurance?

  • Online vs. Traditional: Is it OK to buy life insurance online? Absolutely. Online platforms like Sproutt or Haven Life offer quick, no-exam life insurance options. But if you prefer personalized guidance, connecting with a life insurance agent might be better.
  • Consultation: Discuss with a financial advisor to determine how much life insurance you need, balancing your coverage requirements and budget.

Top Life Insurance Companies to Consider

  • Ethos: Renowned for hassle-free online policies.
  • Lincoln Financial & Protective Life: Known for financial strength and diverse policy options.
  • Banner Life & AIG: Praises for customer satisfaction and claim processes.
  • Sproutt & North American: Famed for innovative policy structures and customization.
Top Life Insurance Companies

Next Steps

In our journey through life, ensuring the financial security of our loved ones is paramount. Whether you’re attracted to term policies for their simplicity or the cash value component of universal life policies, there’s a fit for everyone. Reputable companies like AIG, Prudential, and Ethos ensure you and your family get the protection you deserve. Remember, the best life insurance is tailored to your unique needs. So, evaluate, consult, and choose wisely. Your family’s future depends on it.

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Life Insurance Inquiry

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best life products with cash value?

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company (SBLI) and The Lafayette Life Insurance Company have some of the best life policies with cash value, which offers both a death benefit and cash value accumulation.

Who is the best company for applicants who are bipolar?

Pacific Life Insurance Company is the best company for underwriting applicants with bipolar depression.

Who is the best company for diabetics?

Banner Life and AIG offer the best products for those with diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics can find great coverage and rates with these companies.

Who offers the best life insurance for stroke survivors?

Pacific Life and Banner Life offer the best products for stroke survivors.

Who offers the best life insurance for non-US- citizens?

Bestow life insurance offers the best for non-US citizens, foreign nationals, and immigrants.

What is the best life insurance policy with a long-term care rider?

OneAmerica AssetCare Recurring Whole Life Insurance is the best product with a long-term care rider.

Which life insurance company accepts felons?

Foresters is the best insurance company for felons wanting to apply for a life insurance policy.

Who is the best company for physicians?

Pacific Life and Lincoln National are the two best companies for physicians applying for a policy.

Which life insurance company is the best for teachers?

Banner Life and AIG offer the best products for teachers.

Who offers the best life insurance for obese adults?

Prudential and Banner Life are the best companies for people who are obese.

Which life insurance company is best for pilots?

Pilots should apply for life insurance through AIG and Banner Life.

Who has the best life insurance if I’m HIV positive?

American National and John Hancock are the best companies for HIV-positive applicants.

Who is the best company for federal employees?

Banner Life is an excellent company for federal employees.

Who provides the best life insurance for applicants over age 80?

Life insurance applicants over age 80 should apply for coverage Nationwide.

For low-income applicants, who offers the best life insurance?

Low-income applicants should apply for life insurance products at Banner Life.

Who is the best company for smokers?

Marijuana and tobacco smokers should apply for life insurance with Banner Life or AIG.

Which companies are the best for married couples?

Banner Life is our recommendation for married couples because of its affordable prices.

Who is the best company for cancer survivors?

We recommend AIG, Pacific Life, and Lincoln Financial as the best companies for cancer survivors.

What is the best and cheapest life insurance?

The best and cheapest life insurance is a term insurance policy with an A-rated company.

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