What Are The Best Retirement Savings Accounts In 2023?

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

Planning for retirement? It’s crucial to pick the right account to secure your future. This straightforward guide will help you understand your best options, focusing on what truly matters for your retirement goals.

Roth IRA: Enjoy Tax-Free Growth

  • What is it? A personal savings account where you fund with after-tax income. Roth IRA money grows tax-free, and you don’t pay taxes on withdrawals in retirement.
  • Why choose it? It’s great if you expect your tax rate to be higher in retirement. Plus, there are no taxes on gains, and you can withdraw your contributions anytime without penalty.

Earn The Highest Interest Rates On Savings Today

Fixed annuities are almost identical to Certificates of Deposit (CDs) accounts and provide higher interest rates and penalty-free withdrawals for income.

TermInsurance CompanyAPY
N/AMoney Market Account – American First Credit Union5.29%
N/AMoney Market Account – StagePoint Federal Credit Union5.29%
N/ASavings Account – Customers Bank5.30%
12 MonthsCD – Western Alliance5.51%
5 YearsClear Spring Fixed Annuity6.00%
*Fixed annuities are only for saving money to use in retirement.

Disclaimer: This is a review. The Annuity Expert is not associated with a bank or credit union. However, fixed annuities are sold at most financial institutions. We aim to help you find the highest interest rates for your retirement savings. We may receive a small referral fee if you purchase something using a link in this guide.

Find And Compare The Highest Interest Rates

Find the highest interest rates for your savings, ranging from 3 months to 5 years, all in one place.

Best Retirement Saving Account

Roth 401k: Best of Both Worlds

  • What is it? Like a traditional 401k but with Roth IRA benefits. Roth 401k contributions are after-tax, but withdrawals in retirement are tax-free.
  • Why choose it? Ideal if your employer matches contributions, boosting your savings. It’s a smart move if you believe your taxes will be higher in retirement.
Best Retirement Plans For Individuals

Nonqualified Deferred Annuities: Guaranteed Income

  • What is it? An investment that you purchase from an insurance company. Nonqualified deferred annuities grows tax-deferred and provides guaranteed income in retirement.
  • Why choose it? Perfect if you want a steady income and are concerned about outliving your savings. It’s a reliable buffer against market volatility.
Retirement Savings Accounts

Cash Value Life Insurance: Dual-Purpose Advantage

  • What is it? A life insurance policy with a cash value component that grows over time. You can borrow against it or withdraw funds as needed.
  • Why choose it? It’s flexible, with no contribution limits, providing a safety net and an additional source of retirement funds.

Unlimited Contributions: Maximize Your Savings

  • What’s the deal? Certain accounts, like some life insurances and annuities, don’t have contribution limits, allowing you to save more.
  • Why is it important? It’s beneficial if you’re a high earner or started saving late. You can aggressively save for retirement without hitting contribution ceilings.
Best Savings Account For Retirement


Choosing the right retirement savings account sets the stage for a worry-free retirement. Whether it’s the tax advantages of Roth accounts, the guaranteed income from annuities, or the flexibility of cash value life insurance, your choice should align with your financial situation and retirement goals. This guide simplifies your decision-making, helping you take a significant step towards a comfortable retirement. Remember, the best choice is one that fits your unique needs and aspirations for your golden years.

Best Retirement Account

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Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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