Who is Best Suited for Long-Term Disability Insurance?

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

Who is Best Suited for Long-Term Disability Insurance?

Long-term disability insurance is essential for specific groups of individuals, providing financial security in various scenarios. Many insurance companies offer Long Term Disability, so shopping is essential. Some favor blue-collar (high-risk jobs), white-collar (low-risk jobs), and gray-collar (middle-range) risk jobs more favorably.

Here’s a breakdown of who might find this type of insurance most beneficial:

1. Individuals in High-Risk Jobs

  • Need for Protection: Those in occupations with a higher risk of injury or illness benefit significantly from long-term disability insurance.
  • Coverage Benefit: Offers income protection in case of inability to work due to a job-related disability.

2. Younger to Mid-Age People

  • Prime Earning Years: This group often has significant financial commitments and dependents.
  • Long-Term Benefit: Securing coverage early can be more affordable and offers protection during crucial earning years.

3. High Net Worth Individuals

  • Income Preservation: Essential for protecting their lifestyle and financial commitments in case of disability.
  • Asset Protection: Helps prevent the need to liquidate assets to cover expenses during periods of disability.

4. Primary Breadwinners

  • Family Support: If their income is crucial for family expenses, long-term disability insurance ensures financial stability in case of an inability to work.
  • Dependency Protection: Provides peace of mind, knowing dependents are financially secure.

Alternative: Lifetime Income Annuity

For those who may not qualify for long-term disability insurance or seek additional security, a lifetime income annuity can be a suitable alternative:

  • Guaranteed Income: Provides a steady stream of income, which can be activated at any point, especially useful if injured on the job.
  • No Underwriting Required: Annuities typically don’t require the extensive underwriting process that disability insurance does.
  • Flexibility: Allows individuals to choose when to start receiving income, offering flexibility in planning for unforeseen events.

Long-Term Disability Insurance vs. Lifetime Income Annuity

RequirementSuitability of Long-Term Disability InsuranceSuitability of Lifetime Income Annuity
High-Risk OccupationHighModerate
Younger to Mid-AgeHighModerate
High Net WorthHighModerate to High
Primary BreadwinnerHighModerate
Difficulty in UnderwritingLow (difficult to obtain)High (easier to obtain)


Long-term disability insurance is particularly beneficial for individuals in high-risk jobs, younger to mid-age people, high net-worth individuals, and primary breadwinners, providing crucial income protection. For those who might face challenges in obtaining this insurance, a lifetime income annuity offers a viable alternative, ensuring a steady income flow even in the event of an injury.

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Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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