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Roth IRA Calculator For Saving

Our Roth IRA Calculator is an essential tool for individuals aiming to navigate the complexities of retirement planning. By harnessing the power of compound interest, this calculator provides a clear insight into the potential growth of your investment over time. Users can easily adjust their contribution amounts to visualize how different scenarios impact their financial future. With this calculator (formatted for 2023), making informed decisions about your Roth IRA investment has never been more straightforward.

Roth IRA Calculator For Income

As individuals approach the pivotal phase of nearing retirement, our Roth IRA Withdrawal Calculator stands out as an indispensable resource. This tool assists users in determining the guaranteed distribution amounts from their Roth IRA by utilizing annuities, ensuring they maximize their retirement benefits. By incorporating annuities into the equation, the calculator offers insights into how one can transform their savings into retirement income guaranteed for life.

Note: You can purchase an annuity (with no tax penalties) with your 401k, IRAs, retirement accounts, taxable investments, and cash.

Roth Ira Calculator

Roth IRA Withdrawal Comparison

The table below compares withdrawals from Roth IRA accounts with other taxable savings accounts.

FeaturesAnnuity401kIRARoth IRA
Withdrawal Percentage5.20% – 6.55%4%4%4%
Can Income Increase?YesYesYesYes
Can Income Decrease?NoYesYesYes
How Long Will Money Last?Lifetime30 Years+30 Years+30 Years+
Annual Fees0 – 1.50%1% – 4%1% – 4%1% – 4%
Death BenefitAccount BalanceAccount BalanceAccount BalanceAccount Balance

Example: A 60-year-old retiree starts withdrawing immediately from their $1 million portfolio, they would receive:

  • Annuity: Between $52,000 and $61,000
  • 401k: $40,000
  • IRA: $40,000
  • Roth IRA: $40,000
Roth Ira Withdrawal Calculator

Next Steps

In conclusion, managing your Roth IRA becomes a seamless task with the right tools. The Roth IRA Calculator offers clarity on the growth of your savings, and the Roth IRA Withdrawal Calculator ensures you utilize those funds optimally in retirement. These tools collectively simplify and enhance the retirement planning process. With just a few clicks, you can see how much income you can withdraw from your IRA accounts each year and what steps you need to take to ensure a comfortable retirement.

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Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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