Savings Goal Calculator

Shawn Plummer, CRPC

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Savings Goal Calculator

Use our online savings goal calculator to determine how much you need to save to reach your goals. You can factor in taxes, inflation, and contribution frequency.

Understanding Savings Goals:

A savings goal is a financial target you set, like saving for a new car, a house, or just an emergency fund. It’s your financial roadmap, keeping you on track with your savings.

The Basics of Saving:

Remember this simple formula:

Savings Goal = Monthly Savings x Time (months)

Your goal depends on how much you save each month and how long you’re saving.

How to Use a Savings Goal Calculator:

This tool helps you figure out your savings plan. Here’s how:

  1. Set Your Goal: Decide how much you need to save in total.
  2. Monthly Savings: Plan how much to save per month based on what you can afford.
  3. Set Your Deadline: Decide when you need to reach your goal.
  4. Explore Options: Try different numbers. See how saving more or less affects your goal and timeline.

Understanding Compound Interest:

  • Definition: Compound interest is the interest earned on interest. It can significantly impact your savings, especially if you start saving early.
  • Example: Suppose you have an initial investment in a savings account with a fixed interest rate. Over time, not only does your initial sum earn interest, but the interest earned also generates its interest.

Mitigating Against Inflation:

  • Definition: The consumer price index often indicates inflation rates. Over time, inflation can erode the purchasing power of your savings.
  • Example: If you’re saving for retirement 30 years away, a savings goal calculator will account for projected inflation rates to ensure you’re saving enough.
Savings Goal Calculator

Tips for Successful Saving:

The calculator gives you numbers, but successful saving is also about habits:

  • Automatic Savings: Use automatic transfers to save money regularly without thinking about it.
  • Spend Wisely: Avoid unnecessary expenses to save more.
  • Earn More: Consider side jobs or investments to increase your savings.

Examples of Savings Goals:

Here’s how it works in real life:

  • To save $20,000 for a home down payment in 5 years, you need to save about $333 each month.
  • For a $5,000 emergency fund in 2 years, save around $208 every month.

The Benefits of Saving:

Saving money isn’t just good for your wallet; it’s good for your peace of mind. Reaching your savings goals means you’re prepared for the future and can handle unexpected expenses.

Our Favorite Rates To Grow Your Money

TermSavings AccountInstitutionAPY
N/AMoney Market AccountUncle Credit Union5.23%
N/ASavings AccountNexBank5.26%
12 MonthsCDBread Savings5.25%
5 YearsFixed AnnuityWichita National6.30%

Disclaimer: This is a comparison review. The Annuity Expert is not associated with a bank or credit union. We aim to help you find the highest interest rates for your savings. We may receive a small referral fee if you purchase something using a link in this guide.

Helpful Tool: Compare rates with our savings calculator to help you determine which account is best to reach your goals quicker.

Money Goal Calculator


Saving money doesn’t have to be complicated. A savings goal calculator shows you how much to save monthly and how long it will take to reach your financial goal. With this tool, some good saving habits, and a clear goal, you’re on your way to making your financial dreams a reality. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about creating a secure and fulfilling future for yourself.

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Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

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