Can a Stunt Pilot Get Life Insurance?

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

Traditional Life Insurance for Stunt Pilots

Increased Premiums and Flat Extras:

  • Traditional life insurance policies are available for stunt pilots.
  • Premiums are generally higher due to the increased risk associated with the profession.
  • A “flat extra” is often added to the policy. This is an additional fee that accounts for the higher risk.

Alternative: Lloyds of London Policies

Specialized Coverage for High-Risk Occupations:

  • Lloyds of London offers policies tailored for high-risk occupations, including stunt pilots.
  • These policies are designed to accommodate the unique risks stunt pilots face.
  • They might provide more flexible terms compared to traditional life insurance policies.

Comparing the Two Options

  1. Traditional Life Insurance:
    • Standard coverage but at a higher cost.
    • Includes a flat extra fee due to the risky nature of stunt flying.
  2. Lloyds of London:
    • Specializes in high-risk occupations.
    • Potentially more accommodating for the specific needs of stunt pilots.

Insurance Options for Stunt Pilots

Insurance TypePremium CostCoverage SpecificsBest For
Traditional LifeHigh + Flat ExtraStandard CoverageStunt pilots wanting familiarity
Lloyds of LondonVariableTailored for High RiskStunt pilots with specific needs


Stunt pilots can obtain life insurance, but they face higher premiums and additional costs like flat extras with traditional policies. An alternative is seeking specialized policies from organizations like Lloyds of London, which cater to high-risk professions. Each option has its advantages, depending on the individual needs and circumstances of the stunt pilot.

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Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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