Can Diabetics with a 7.0 Glucose Level Get Life Insurance?

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

Understanding Life Insurance Eligibility for Diabetics

Diabetics with a glucose level of 7.0 can indeed apply for life insurance. A glucose level of 7.0 is generally considered as having average control over the condition. This level of control can influence the underwriting process and the resulting premiums.

The Impact of a 7.0 Glucose Level on Insurance Premiums

  • Standard Rating: With a 7.0 glucose level, individuals typically start with a standard rating. This is a baseline for premiums without additional risk factors.
  • Table Ratings: Slight increases in glucose levels, such as between 7.5 to 7.8, can affect underwriting ratings, potentially leading to ‘table ratings’. These are higher premiums due to increased risks.

Additional Factors in Underwriting for Diabetics

  1. Diagnosis Date: The time since diagnosis can impact the assessment of risk.
  2. Medications: The type and consistency of medication usage are considered.
  3. Overall Health: General health condition and management of diabetes are crucial.

Table Shave Programs

Some insurance carriers offer a ‘table shave’ program. This can potentially lower premiums for those initially placed in a higher table rating (like table 3) down to a standard price.


  1. John, Diagnosed at 40: John has maintained a glucose level of 7.0 since his diagnosis at age 40. He was offered a standard rating due to his stable condition and good management.
  2. Sarah, Recent Diagnosis: Sarah, recently diagnosed and with a level of 7.5, faced a table rating but qualified for a table shave due to her proactive approach to health management.

Life Insurance Ratings for Diabetics

Glucose LevelTypical Underwriting RatingEligibility for Table ShaveNotes
Under 7.0StandardYesOptimal for lower premiums
7.0 – 7.8Standard to Table RatingPossibleSlightly higher risk, variable premiums
Above 7.8Table RatingLess LikelyHigher premiums due to increased risk


Diabetics with a glucose level of 7.0 have a good chance of obtaining life insurance with a standard or slightly higher premium, depending on various factors like overall health and medication. Programs like table shaves can further assist in reducing costs. Understanding these aspects ensures a more informed approach to selecting life insurance as a diabetic.

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Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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