Can I Retire at 60 With $500K?

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

Saving for retirement can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are trying to save a large sum of money. But it is possible to retire at 60 on $500K! In this guide, we will discuss how to save for retirement and outline some tips that will help you reach your goal. We will also provide an example of someone who retired at 60 on $500K. So whether you are just starting out or you are already well on your way to saving for retirement, this guide has something for you!

How to Retire on $500,000

Can I retire on $500k plus Social Security? Yes, you can! The average monthly Social Security Income check-in 2021 is $1,543 per person. In the tables below, we’ll use an annuity with a lifetime income rider coupled with SSI to provide you a better idea of the income you could receive off a $500,000 in savings. The data will be based on:

  • Social Security Benefits will be based on couples at $3,086 total.
  • $500,000 annuity with an income rider providing a monthly income for life.
  • The starting point will be age 62 since this is the earliest age to collect SSI.

How to Retire on 500K, Starting Immediately

The table below illustrates how much monthly income can be generated immediately with a combination of annuity payments and Social Security Income (SSI).

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Total = Monthly Income for Life

How to Retire on 500k in 5 Years

The table below illustrates how much monthly income can be generated in 5 years with a combination of annuity payments and Social Security Income (SSI). If you retire in 5 years on a $500,000 annuity, your monthly income for life would be:

Total = Monthly Income for Life

How To Retire on $500,000 At Age 60

The following guaranteed income amounts are on an annual basis and do not include Social Security Benefits.

Annuity Purchase Date Annual Income At Age 60
Age 40$52,690
Age 45$47,497
Age 50$45,095
Age 55$35,736
Age 60$26,250

Living Off the Interest on $500,000

Some retirees like to withdraw interest from a fixed interest savings account like a fixed annuity or CD. For example, the interest on five hundred thousand dollars is $125,461 over 7 years with a fixed annuity, guaranteeing 3.25% annually.

Find all the current fixed annuity rates here.

How Much Income Does $500,000 Generate?

How long will $500,000 last in retirement? The following table will provide an estimate of how much guaranteed income a $500,000 annuity will payout, annually, for the rest of a person’s life.

AgeImmediatelyIn 5 YearsIn 10 yearsIn 20 Years

Why Use Annuities For Retirement?

Currently, annuities are the only retirement plan in the United States that provides a guaranteed income for a lifetime, even if the plan runs out of money. The annuity is basically a money management tool in retirement, taking all the guesswork in budgeting your day-to-day expenses. By utilizing this financial plan, a retiree will never have to worry about running out of money, ever.

Annuity Basics

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Understanding Lifetime Income Riders

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Estimate Your Retirement Income Payments

Take advantage of 17 different annuity calculators to generate estimates, then request a quote.

Keeping Up With Inflation

Some annuities offer a guaranteed lifetime income with the ability to increase regularly to keep up with inflation. Once the income increases, the payment amount is locked in and can never go backward from that point forward.

Things To Consider When Retiring

  • Inflation is rising whether you like it or not. Plan accordingly or decrease your lifestyle.
  • Per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, you have a 70% chance of going into a Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility, or Home Health Care. Buy long-term care insurance now.
  • There is a 100% chance you will die, buy affordable life insurance, or at the minimum, burial insurance for funeral expenses.


If you have $500,000 saved for retirement, annuities are the best way to ensure that you have a guaranteed income for life. Request a quote today to find out how much income you could receive each month from an annuity. With an annuity, you can relax and enjoy your retirement without worrying about whether or not your money will last.

Find Out How Much Income Your $500,000 Will Provide In Retirement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I retire at 60 with $500k?

Yes, you can retire at 60 with five hundred thousand dollars. At age 60, an annuity will provide a guaranteed level income of $26,250 annually starting immediately, for the rest of the insured’s lifetime. The income will stay the same and never decrease.

If the annuitant selected the increasing income option, they would receive $23,600 annually initially with the income amount increasing over time to keep up with inflation.

At age 62, you can start Social Security Benefits. Combining the two sources of income could provide a fixed income stream for the rest of your lifetime.

Either lifetime income option will continue to pay the annuitant, even after the annuity has run out of money. At the time of the annuitant’s death, the designated beneficiary will inherit the remainder of the annuity.

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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