These Countries Require Travel Insurance

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Traveling is an exciting and enriching experience but comes with risks and uncertainties. Travel insurance is a way to protect yourself and your belongings while on the road. It covers unexpected events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage. With that being said, you may wonder, “What countries require travel insurance?” In this guide, we will explore the importance of travel insurance, the countries that require it, and the specific requirements for different destinations.

Why Travel Insurance is Important

Protection Against Medical Emergencies

One of the primary reasons to purchase travel insurance is to protect against medical emergencies. Healthcare costs can be high, especially in foreign countries where you may not have access to your usual healthcare providers. Travel insurance can cover the cost of medical treatment, hospitalization, and emergency evacuation, ensuring that you receive the care you need without incurring massive bills.

Coverage for Trip Cancellations

Another significant benefit of travel insurance is coverage for trip cancellations. For example, suppose you must cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a natural disaster, illness, or injury. In that case, travel insurance can refund your non-refundable expenses, such as flights and hotel bookings.

Protection for Lost or Stolen Belongings

Travel insurance can also protect against lost or stolen belongings. For example, if your luggage goes missing or your items are stolen, travel insurance can cover the cost of replacement items.

Travel insurance is mandatory or strongly recommended to enter these countries due to COVID. Below is a list of the specific type of travel insurance you must purchase to visit any of these countries.

Countries That Require Travel Insurance

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Countries That Require Travel Insurance

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE requires all visitors to have travel insurance, including coverage for medical emergencies, hospitalization, and repatriation. This requirement applies to all types of visas, including tourist, business, and transit visas.


Cuba requires all visitors to have travel insurance, including coverage for medical emergencies, hospitalization, and repatriation. Visitors must provide proof of insurance upon arrival.

Schengen Area

The Schengen Area is a group of 26 European countries that require visitors to have travel insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000. This insurance must cover medical emergencies, hospitalization, and repatriation.


Thailand requires all visitors to have travel insurance with a minimum coverage of THB 40,000 (approximately USD 1,200). This insurance must cover medical emergencies, hospitalization, and repatriation.


Jordan requires all visitors to have travel insurance with a minimum coverage of JOD 50,000 (approximately USD 70,000). This insurance must cover medical emergencies, hospitalization, and repatriation.

Proof Of Travel Insurance

Proof of Travel Insurance

What Qualifies as Proof of Travel Insurance?

Proof of travel insurance typically includes a policy document or certificate that clearly states the coverage amount, the dates of coverage, and the type of coverage provided. This document must be presented at the point of entry into the country.

How to Obtain Proof of Travel Insurance

Most travel insurance providers will issue a policy document or certificate upon purchase. Therefore, carrying a hard copy of this document and an electronic copy while traveling is essential.

Next Steps

Travel insurance is a vital aspect of international travel. It provides protection and peace of mind during unexpected medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen belongings. Many countries require travelers to have travel insurance, and failing to provide proof of insurance can result in denied entry. By understanding the importance of travel insurance and the specific requirements for different destinations, travelers can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, purchase travel insurance before embarking on your journey. Doing so will give you the security of knowing you are protected in case of the unexpected.

Travel Insurance Mandatory

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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries do you need travel insurance to enter?

Anguilla, Antarctica, Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Chile, and Cuba. Although, for example, in Anguilla, visitors are obliged to apply for permission before their visit, in Antarctica, one must have an effective policy due to its many unpredictable factors. So before embarking on your journey, ensure your trip is covered with the right insurance plan.

What countries are not covered by travel insurance?

Travel insurance will not provide coverage if you venture to areas of political unrest or those deemed hazardous by governments and news sources. Places like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, Congo, Sudan, and Syria have been labeled unsafe zones, and your insurer will likely avoid offering protection for such trips. Therefore travelers must exercise caution when considering a trip to these countries, as their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Is travel insurance necessary for international travel?

Everyone can take advantage of the protection that travel medical insurance provides. For those traveling to a foreign country without coverage from their current health plan, obtaining this policy is essential to save money during an emergency. With the proper travel medical insurance, you will be well-prepared for potential healthcare costs while abroad and have peace of mind knowing you are covered!

How much does travelers’ insurance cost?

Generally, travel insurance is between 4-12% of your overall trip expense*. Therefore, if you’re uncertain about the necessity of travelers’ protection – consider this: it could save you thousands upon thousands in emergency costs even though its price tag may be just a fraction of your total journey expenditure.

Does the US require travel insurance?

Visiting the US doesn’t require you to purchase travel insurance, yet it’s a decision that could have serious consequences. Should something go awry during your stay, being uninsured puts you at risk of facing exorbitant medical bills that could devastate your finances and alter your life irrevocably. Therefore, adequate coverage is always a wise idea to ensure peace of mind when traveling abroad.

Does everyone need travel insurance?

While everyone doesn’t need to have travel insurance, it is highly recommended. Travel insurance provides financial protection against unexpected events like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more. Having travel insurance ensures peace of mind and can save travelers from potential financial hardships.

What coverage do I need to go to Costa Rica?

For travel to Costa Rica, you’ll need Travel Medical Insurance for trips under 12 months. This coverage typically includes emergency medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation. For trips exceeding 12 months, International Health Insurance is necessary. Additionally, seniors aged 65 and above may require Senior Travel Medical Insurance, ensuring compliance with Medicare regulations and covering specific needs related to age and health conditions during travel.

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