Do Disability Insurance Premiums Increase?

Shawn Plummer, CRPC

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Do Disability Insurance Premiums Increase?

Yes, disability insurance premiums can increase. However, for the premiums to rise, the insurance company must typically increase rates for an entire block of business, not just for an individual policyholder. This means the insurer cannot single out an individual for a rate increase based on a change in their health or occupation after the policy is issued. Increases are generally applied to all policyholders within a specific class or category.

Factors Affecting Disability Insurance Premium Increases

  1. Overall Claims Experience: If the insurer experiences higher-than-expected claims, they might increase premiums for all policyholders in a particular category.
  2. Changes in Economic Conditions: Economic factors like inflation can lead to increased operational costs, potentially leading to premium increases.
  3. Regulatory Changes: New regulations or changes in existing laws can affect the cost of providing insurance, impacting premiums.
  4. Actuarial Re-assessments: Insurers periodically reassess their actuarial assumptions. If they find that their initial assumptions were too optimistic, they might increase premiums.

Examples of Premium Increase Scenarios

  • Increased Claims in a Demographic Group: If a particular demographic group, such as a certain occupation, starts to have more claims than anticipated, the insurer might increase premiums for that group.
  • Economic Inflation: During periods of high inflation, the cost of providing benefits and administrative expenses might rise, potentially leading to increased premiums.

How to Handle Potential Premium Increases

  • Review Your Policy Regularly: Understand your policy’s terms, including how and when premiums can change.
  • Consider Guaranteed Renewable Policies: These policies often have higher initial premiums but provide assurance that your premiums won’t increase due to changes in your health or occupation.
  • Budget Accordingly: Be prepared for potential increases, especially if your policy does not have a fixed premium.


Disability insurance premiums can increase, but such increases are typically applied across an entire block of business and not to individual policyholders. Understanding the terms of your policy and staying informed about potential changes can help you manage your disability insurance effectively.

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Shawn Plummer, CRPC

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

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