Does Funeral Insurance Have Cash Value

Shawn Plummer

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Does Funeral Insurance Have Cash Value

Yes, most final expense and funeral insurance policies are whole life insurance policies, which means they typically build cash value over time. This cash value can be borrowed against or used in various ways depending on the terms of the policy.

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What is Cash Value?

  • Definition: Cash value in a life insurance policy is a component that accumulates value over the life of the policy.
  • Function: It serves as a savings component and can be used as collateral for loans or even withdrawn, subject to policy terms.

How Does Cash Value Work in Funeral Insurance?

  • Accumulation: A portion of your premium payments goes towards building the cash value.
  • Interest Growth: The cash value typically earns interest at a rate specified by the policy.
  • Accessing Funds: Policyholders can access cash value through loans or withdrawals, which may reduce the death benefit.

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Benefits of Cash Value

  • Financial Flexibility: Provides a financial resource you can tap into.
  • Growth Over Time: The cash value grows tax-deferred, providing a potentially increasing resource.


  • Impact on Benefits: Withdrawing or borrowing against the cash value can reduce the death benefit.
  • Policy Surrender: Surrendering the policy for its cash value means losing the insurance coverage.

Types of Policies with Cash Value

  • Whole Life Insurance: Offers lifetime coverage with a cash value component.
  • Universal Life Insurance: Provides flexible premiums with a cash value component.


Understanding the cash value component in funeral insurance is crucial for maximizing the benefits of your policy. It offers financial security and flexibility, but it’s important to consider how accessing these funds can impact your overall coverage. If you have further questions or need more detailed information about your policy, contact us today for a free quote.

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