How Much Should I Have in Retirement at 40?

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

By age 40, Have $474,472 saved to generate $50,000 annually in retirement income and $948,944 saved to generate $100,000 annually in retirement income starting at age 60.

How much should I have in retirement at 40? How do I get there? How rich will I be when I retire? How can I save more money every month to reach my goals faster? These are all excellent questions, and we’ll answer them in this guide!

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How Much Should I Have in Retirement at 40?

How much should I have saved for retirement by age 40? The table below illustrates how much money should be saved in an annuity by age 40 to generate $50,000 per year and $100,000 per year guaranteed to start at retirement ages 60, 65, and 70. This table does not include Social Security Income.

Example: If you have saved $948,944 by age 40, the annuity will generate $100,000 annually for the rest of your life, starting at age 60.

How Much Should I Have in Retirement at 40

Retirement Age
Age 60$237,326$474,472$711,708$948,944
Age 65$193,524$387,048$580,573$774,096
Age 70$163,646$327,292$490,937$654,583

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities

Secure your retirement income today. Map out exactly how to achieve your future desired income, starting today.

Why Use Annuities For Retirement?

Annuities are the only retirement plan in the United States that provides a guaranteed income for a lifetime, even if the plan runs out of money. As a result, the annuity is a money management tool in retirement, taking all the guesswork in budgeting your day-to-day expenses. By utilizing this financial plan, a retiree will never have to worry about running out of money.

Utilize one of our annuity calculators to help with your retirement income goals.

Annuity Basics

Understanding Lifetime Income Riders

Keeping Up With Inflation

Some annuities offer a guaranteed lifetime income with the ability to increase regularly to keep up with inflation. Once the income increases, the payment amount is locked in and can never go backward from that point forward.

How to Get To Your Ideal Retirement Income

If you are behind in saving for retirement, don’t fret. Flexible premium annuities allow an annuity owner to regularly add to their retirement savings plan, creating a guaranteed path to an investor’s ideal retirement income.

Retirement Savings By Age Chart

How Much Should Have Saved For Retirement To Earn $50,000 A Year In Retirement?

The following table illustrates how much you need to have saved by a specific age (left-hand side) and the targeted age (at the top) to generate a guaranteed $50k annually for life.

AgesAge 60Age 65Age 70

Find Out How Much You Should Have in Retirement at 40 and How to Get There

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