31 Insurance and Annuity Lead Programs.

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

In this guide, insurance agents and financial advisors will be able to research 27+ insurance leads programs, including life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, commercial insurance, and home insurance. Annuity leads will be included as well.

Financial professionals will learn where to obtain required training, insurance, certifications, and how to obtain leads for free and required training.

If you’re new to selling insurance or annuities, this guide will provide everything you need to start selling. I can also refer insurance agents and financial advisors to an independent marketing organization that can help build your business from the ground up.

Important: The Annuity Expert is not an FMO/IMO nor a lead-generating program. This is simply a guide on generating insurance leads and annuity leads. If you need help with generating leads, marketing, and branding, fill out the form below. I can refer you to an FMO that can help you grow your business.

How to Sell Annuities

License to Sell Insurance Based Annuities

For insurance-based annuities, a life insurance agent must obtain a Life and Health Insurance License from your state. In addition, if you plan to sell annuities outside your home state, you need to obtain a non-resident life and health license from those states as well.

What are Insurance Based Annuities?

What Licenses Are Required To Sell Variable Annuities?

For securities-based annuities, you need a Series 6 license in addition to a Life and Health License. This is just to sell variable annuities and indexed-linked annuities. Other investment products require additional licenses.

Required Training to Sell Annuities

  • NAIC Annuity Suitability Training: A one-time training required by your state to sell any annuities.
  • Product-Specific Training: For every annuity product sold, a course about the product being sold must be taken prior to soliciting the business.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Continuing Credits (CE): Training taken every 2-years to maintain the Life and Health License

Required Training Vendors

Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

Annuity and Insurance Marketing Organizations

For most annuity companies, you need to go through a marketing organization to sell the products. 

  • Field Marketing Organization (FMO)
  • Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO)

They’re the wholesalers of annuities and other insurance, kind of like pharmaceuticals reps for the pharma industry, but represent multiple insurance companies versus just one company.

Always ask for a “Street Level” compensation level.  This is the standard level of commission.

Annuity and Life Insurance Comparison Software

You can get free annuity product comparison software called Super Agent Tools (SAT), an annuity database that can sort and filter products by a specific feature to find your client’s perfect annuity. From there, you can generate insurance quotes, organize client management software, and report production reports.

Annuity and Insurance Lead Generation

Here are a handful of annuity and insurance lead generation vendors to find your target audience. My advice is to test multiple new insurance lead sellers out first to find the program that generates the best insurance prospects for you.  From there, weed out the lead providers that don’t have a solid conversion rate.

I also advise having low expectations with any of these vendors simply for the reason, response rate may vary.

Take this free directory, do the research, and don’t believe any hype from lead companies.

Insurance Leads Types

  • Life Insurance Leads
  • Annuity Leads
  • Auto Insurance Leads
  • Health Insurance Leads
  • Long Term Care Leads
  • Final Expense Leads
  • Mortgage Protection Leads
  • Medicare Leads

Insurance Lead Companies

Below are vendors that sell exclusive insurance leads, life insurance leads appointments, health insurance leads, and final expense leads.

We can help you get closer to generating free insurance leads with our marketing reimbursement program.

Basically, you write your insurance and annuity production through my FMO, and we send you an additional check to reimburse for most if not all of your lead-generating expenses.

Our annuity and life insurance team can advise the best insurance lead providers for you and help you turn your qualified insurance leads into sales.

Leave a comment if you’ve had a good or bad experience below to help other agents or advisors.

Now to the annuity and life insurance lead companies.

Insurance Leads

InsuranceLeads (online and social media leads) is the leading provider of sales leads for the insurance industry. We offer a quality lead product to help agents, brokers, and carriers sell more policies. InsuranceLeads offer Auto Insurance Leads, Health Insurance Leads, Life Insurance Leads, Home Insurance Leads.

The Annuity Leads

Our annuity leads come from national radio, TV, digital inbound, and direct mail campaigns. We realize that advisors & agents are selective and focus on the media options which produce the highest quality leads for our clients.


SeniorLeads (Internet Insurance Leads) finds Insurance Prospects and Investment Prospects for Financial Advisors by advertising on websites that affluent 45+ investors & insurance buyers frequent. SeniorLeads offer LTC leads, Investor Leads, Life Insurance Leads, and Annuity Leads. 


Financialize (online annuity leads) is the leading source of phone-qualified leads for financial advisors and insurance agents. We use only the top Internet brands and proven lead qualification techniques to generate a steady stream of qualified prospects for our clients.


AdvisorWorld (Online Annuity Leads) is North America’s premier online client referral source. We generate qualified client prospects for top financial advisors, helping agents maximize their online insurance marketing strategies and maximizing their business potential while matching prospects with qualified local agents.


WhiteGlove (Seminar Leads) offers done-for-you seminars and social media management for financial advisors and other service professionals.

LeadingResponse (RME360)

LeadingResponse specializes in targeted lead generation, digital and direct mail insurance marketing services. We also offer appointment setting solutions, call center services, data analytics, data reporting, and consulting. In addition, LeadingResponse generates financial services leads, legal services leads, estate planning leads, elective medical leads, senior living leads, or home services industries. Let us help!

Plum Marketing

With over a decade of experience providing marketing services to the financial industry, Plum’s knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. We help you target your ideal clients, get quality leads, and secure more business using well-tested marketing strategies. Our comprehensive services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and reach measurable goals. Efficient, results-driven marketing for financial professionals who seek more leads, better clients, and more revenue.


Since 1985, Kramer Direct has provided pre-qualified leads for marketing organizations and individuals. Our lead programs and insurance postcards can be customized to meet compliance regulations while providing proven, optimized results. In addition, we help our clients design formats, standard and customized, to meet specific needs.


Our turn-key campaigns will automatically push content to email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even online ads. Our lead generation campaigns have a hyper-targeted goal of attracting fresh leads. The marketing practices we use make it easy for prospects to get in touch. Imagine running lead generation campaigns 24/7 with just a few clicks.


AdvisorRPM is the best marketing and consumer lead generation program available in the market today. AdvisorRPM makes it easy for sales professionals to talk to and meet with potential annuity buyers across the U.S. AdvisorRPM offers online annuity and life insurance leads.

SlipStream Marketing

Slipstream is the social media marketing powerhouse behind hundreds of successful seminars every year. We provide a complete marketing, online registration, and RSVP service to let the world know about your financial education seminars and have them beat a path to your door.


We are diligent in our desire to generate the best leads, products, and services and offer them at fair prices. We also believe in researching and/or road testing the best technology, information, and resources to pass on to you.


HPOne has established itself as a premier partner for agents seeking the best possible leads for their money. Digitally generated for brokerages and agents, our health insurance leads are tested, exclusive, and offer an unmatched conversion rate in the industry.


All of our leads are generated by a seasoned team of lead generation experts. We focus on the highest converting traffic sources and optimize relentlessly to increase volume on high performers and cut low performers.


Since 1985, TargetLeads direct marketing services, a division of Senior Direct, Inc, has been a trusted leader for prospecting lists and direct mail lead generation for the senior market. Medicare Supplement Leads, Final Expense Leads, Long-Term Care Leads, Annuity Leads have been our specialty.


Lead generation systems specialized in the Senior market, helping Insurance Agents, Agencies, and IMOs succeed for over 15 years. More than just mail.


We own and generate our traffic from some of the most powerful insurance domains available, including SmartFinancial.com and UnitedStatesInsurance.com.


QuoteWizard connects insurance agents, brokers, and carriers to active insurance shoppers with high converting insurance lead and call products.


Hometown Quotes finds only the most high-intent online shoppers using SEM insurance marketing strategies. We own and operate several sites, and we partner with trusted lead sources that generate leads the exact same way.


Unlike traditional marketing techniques, AWL has developed a proprietary platform based on a highly data-driven “closed-loop” architecture in order to optimize performance and add value across the entire consumer buying workflow — from initial search to successful policy binding. As a result, our Customer Acquisition Marketing platform is able to bring agents together with high-intent, qualified consumers that are actively searching for the insurance products you sell!


AgentInsider is proud to have been a principal player in insurance lead generation for 20 years.  As we celebrate this milestone, we are delighted to turn a new page in the illustrious history of our company.  Starting on March 2nd, 2015, AgentInsider will be powered by insuranceQuotes – the industry’s freshest, smartest, and most complete destination for customer acquisition.


New insuranceQuotes is the most comprehensive, effective, and trusted customer acquisition platform for insurance agents.

Aged Lead Store

Next Wave Marketing Strategies has been working hard for 18 years to fulfill our goal of building the largest, highest quality, and most diverse inventory of aged Internet leads available anywhere.


We build tools to help agents provide timely insurance quotes to insurance shoppers. Every month, we help our insurance shoppers connect to a network of knowledgeable insurance agents. We’ll provide you with as much traffic as your agency can handle. Then, all you need to do is write the policies!


Convert your digital prospecting efforts into more written policies with a consistent supply of high-intent leads. ZipQuote captures consumers at the peak of their intent to get a quote by using proprietary consumer-behavior modeling, predictive analytics, and advertising technology. Why do you care? Our steady flow of high-intent leads allows you to spend more time writing policies and less time searching for prospects.

Parasol Leads

Get a continuous stream of exclusive and organically generated insurance leads every day! Our insurance leads are generated by our in-house online insurance marketing experts and come with our best-in-class leads guarantee.

Annuity General

Annuity leads are driven by television commercials and offer a free guide.

Federal Employee Advocates

Every month Federal Employee Advocates has over 20,000 federal employees register for their Federal Retirement Planning webinars, which cover their federal retirement benefits and Fixed Indexed Annuities. The webinar registrants are all age 59 and older and are distributed to advisors who participate in the Federal Employee Advocates webinar lead program.

  1. 50 Leads age 59 and older. Federal Employees can move their Retirement Money (TSP) to a Fixed Indexed Annuity at age 59 ½
  2. Hands-on, ongoing training that includes a drip marketing system, guides, videos, and a calculator that compares the projected performance of their TSP to a Fixed Indexed Annuity.
  3. Leveraging the Federal Employee Advocates “branding” which is well known to federal employees.

In-House Marketing Advertising Agency

A professional, in-house advertising agency can help you find new prospects, deliver more productive consumer events, and close more sales. Branding, Websites, Advertising/Print, and Media Help available.

College Course Platform

Host and execute a successful educational event at a local college. Build credibility as a knowledgeable local financial professional – someone that attendees can turn to when they are in need of financial guidance. As a bonus, you can secure an exclusive marketing area so that you alone are offering this course to targeted leads around you!

Table Talk

Engage up to 8 couples in one hour over a meal. Everything you need to bring the conversation to life is provided for you… and leave the laptop and projector home because no PowerPoint or flip chart is needed!

Social Leads

Social leads is an innovative digital prospecting solution that uses an advanced AI engine to generate high-quality, geographically targetable leads. Social leads use their cutting-edge technology and proprietary algorithms to identify prospects via social media platforms that have achieved key life and financial milestones. The best part is that Socialeads works in the background, working for you even when you are not.

Radio Show Program

Truly a turnkey program, TruRadio allows you to bypass all of the details that surround a radio show and focus solely on show preparation and the recording of the show itself, which can be done at your desk. EVERYTHING else is handled for you. Radio station negotiations, editing and post-production, lead tracking, delivery of shows to the radio station, and ongoing guidance on making your show as effective as it can be.

Seminar Platform

This seminar platform helps you share with prospective clients three foundational areas to consider when planning for their retirement: enhancing Social Security retirement benefits, maximizing income, and reducing tax implications. The presentation is non-carrier-specific and allows you to add your own branding. Physical and Virtual Seminar Programs available.

Free Annuity and Insurance Leads

I work closely with an FMO/IMO that can help you get closer to generate qualified annuity, and insurance leads for free with their marketing credit program.

You can have your marketing expenses covered as you do business. You will receive points/credits for annuity cases issued to spend on marketing, including seminars, seminar food, website design, billboards, advertising, branding, and lead generation programs.

Insurance Lead Generation Help

If you’re seeking help with generating leads for your business fill out the form below. I can refer you to my marketing team.

Annuity Leads Help

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

I’m a licensed financial professional focusing on annuities and insurance for more than a decade. My former role was training financial advisors, including for a Fortune Global 500 insurance company. I’ve been featured in Time Magazine, Yahoo! Finance, MSN, SmartAsset, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, The Simple Dollar, U.S. News and World Report, and Women’s Health Magazine.

The Annuity Expert is an online insurance agency servicing consumers across the United States. My goal is to help you take the guesswork out of retirement planning or find the best insurance coverage at the cheapest rates for you. 

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