Is the Athene Agility Annuity Any Good?

Shawn Plummer, CRPC

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Our Athene Agility Annuity Review

The Athene Agility annuity is popular for conservative investors who prioritize safety and security in their retirement strategy. This fixed-indexed annuity offers a range of benefits, including potential gains linked to market index performance, without exposing investors to the downside risk. With expert insights and careful planning, the Athene Agility annuity can be valuable to a well-rounded retirement portfolio.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Athene Agility annuity provides safety and security for conservative investors.
  • It offers potential gains linked to market index performance without the downside risk.
  • The annuity includes various index options to diversify investments and potentially enhance returns.
  • Investors can benefit from a free lifetime income rider, guaranteeing retirement income.
  • However, investors should consider the surrender schedule and potential market value adjustments on early withdrawals.
Athene Agility 10 Review

Understanding the Agility 10 Annuity

The Agility 10 annuity is a fixed-indexed annuity that offers safety and security for investors who prefer low-risk investments. It provides potential gains linked to a positive change in a market index without exposing investors to downside risk.

The annuity offers a range of index options, allowing investors to diversify their investments and potentially enhance their returns. These index options include:

By selecting one or multiple index options, investors can maximize their potential gains while maintaining the safety and security of the annuity.

In addition to the index options, the Agility 10 annuity includes a free lifetime income rider. This rider guarantees a stream of income in retirement, providing investors with peace of mind and financial stability.

However, it’s important to be aware of the surrender schedule associated with the annuity. The annuity has a surrender schedule with declining surrender charges over a 10-year period. Early withdrawals may result in surrender charges and a potential market value adjustment on withdrawals.

It’s also important to note that the company reserves the right to change the terms of the annuity at any time, which may impact its potential gains and other features. Therefore, investors should carefully review the terms and conditions before making investment decisions.

Athene Fixed Indexed Annuity Review

What We Like

  • Strong Ratings: The annuity has impressive ratings from renowned agencies: A.M. Best (A), Fitch (A+), Moody’s (A1), and Standard & Poor’s (A+). These ratings instill confidence in the product’s reliability and financial stability.
  • Flexibility for Retirement Planning: It’s ideal for individuals uncertain about their retirement timeline, whether they’re contemplating early retirement or a longer work life. This flexibility is valuable for adapting to changing life circumstances.
  • Attractive Riders and Benefits: The inclusion of an increasing lifetime income rider and an enhanced death benefit, without additional costs, is a major plus. These features provide extra security and benefits, enhancing the annuity’s value.
  • Terminal Illness and Care Facility Waivers: The provisions for withdrawing up to 100% of the annuity’s Accumulated Value under circumstances like terminal illness or confinement in a Qualified Care facility (post the first contract year) are commendable. They offer much-needed financial relief in dire situations.

What We Don’t Like

  • Restrictive Access to Bonus: The bonus is only accessible through a lifetime payout or posthumous payments, limiting the annuity owner’s flexibility in utilizing these funds.
  • Waiting Period for Income Start: A minimum waiting period of 7 years to initiate income might be a deterrent for some, especially for those nearing retirement.
  • Complex Cap Rate Conditions: The clauses related to the Bailout Cap Rate and the associated 30-day window are intricate and might confuse average consumers. The possibility of full charges after the Bailout Window is a concern.
  • Complicated Asset Growth Indexes: Complex indexes are not user-friendly. Simpler, more recognizable household indexes would be preferred for easier self-monitoring and understanding of asset growth.

Our Recommendations

  • Ideal for Long-Term Planners: This annuity is best suited for individuals planning for retirement over a longer horizon (7 to 10+ years) and appreciate the added security of riders and benefits.
  • Consider the Restrictions: Prospective buyers should carefully weigh the restrictions on accessing bonuses and the wait time for income commencement against their personal financial plans and timelines.
  • Seek Clarification: Given the complexity of certain terms, especially related to the Cap Rate and asset growth indexes, it’s advisable to seek thorough clarification or professional advice to ensure a full understanding of the product.
  • Explore Alternatives for Simpler Asset Growth Tracking: If the complexity of the asset growth indexes is a significant concern, exploring other annuities with simpler tracking mechanisms might be beneficial.
Athene Agility Annuity

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