Can You Get Life Insurance While Taking Prescription Opioids?

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

Eligibility for Life Insurance on Prescription Opioids

Yes, it is possible to obtain life insurance while taking prescription opioids, provided they are used as prescribed and not abused. The key factors that underwriters consider in such cases include:

  1. Underwriting the Underlying Condition: Insurers primarily assess the medical condition that necessitates opioid usage. This underlying condition’s severity and impact on overall health are crucial in determining eligibility and rates.
  2. Verification of Non-Abuse: Demonstrating that opioids are not being abused is a significant part of the underwriting process. This usually involves:
    • Consistent Prescription Source: Having a single doctor prescribe opioids is often seen positively, as it suggests a stable and monitored treatment plan.
    • Avoidance of Multiple Prescribers: Insurance companies might view prescriptions from multiple doctors as a red flag, often referred to as “doctor shopping,” which could be indicative of abuse.

Examples of Underwriting Considerations

  • Case 1: An individual with a chronic pain condition, prescribed opioids by a single pain specialist, might be eligible for life insurance at standard rates.
  • Case 2: An individual receiving opioid prescriptions from multiple sources could face higher premiums or denial due to perceived risk of abuse.

Life Insurance Eligibility on Opioids

Condition Treated with OpioidsSingle Prescribing DoctorMultiple Prescribing DoctorsLikely Insurance Outcome
Chronic PainYesNoStandard Rates
Post-Surgery RecoveryYesYesHigher Premiums/Denial
Non-Specific PainYesNoCase-by-Case Assessment


Obtaining life insurance while on prescription opioids is feasible, with a strong focus on the legitimacy and management of the prescription. Consistency in prescribing doctors and a clear medical necessity can lead to more favorable insurance terms. Remember, each case is unique and assessed on an individual basis. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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