A Guide To Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Shawn Plummer, CRPC

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Understanding Indexed Universal Life Insurance

What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance is a unique type of permanent life insurance that offers both death benefit protection and a cash value component. The cash value grows based on a specific market index, such as the S&P 500. Unlike traditional investments, your cash value in an IUL is not directly invested in the stock market but instead grows based on the index’s performance with certain protections in place.

Premiums and Flexibility

With IUL, you have the flexibility to adjust your premiums and death benefits over time. A portion of your premium covers the cost of insurance, while the remaining amount is allocated to the cash value account. This cash value can increase based on the performance of the chosen index, subject to a cap and floor. This means your cash value has a guaranteed minimum interest rate to protect against market downturns while also having the potential for higher returns during market upswings.

Cost Factors

The cost of an IUL policy is influenced by several factors, including your age, health, gender, and the amount of coverage you desire. Generally, healthier individuals and younger policyholders enjoy lower premiums. For instance, a healthy individual might pay between $250 to $500 per month for a typical IUL policy, depending on their specific circumstances and coverage needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Growth Potential: IUL offers higher growth potential due to its index-linked cash value.
  • Downside Protection: The minimum interest rate protects your cash value from market losses.
  • Tax Advantages: The growth in your cash value is tax-deferred, and you can take tax-free loans against your policy.
  • Flexibility: You can adjust your premiums and death benefits as your needs change.


  • Complexity: IUL policies are more complex than other types of life insurance.
  • Higher Costs: They generally come with higher management and insurance fees.
  • Caps on Returns: There are limits on the maximum returns you can earn.
  • Market Risk: While protected, the performance of your cash value is tied to market indexes.

Compare Index Universal Life Insurance Rates

Use our index universal life insurance calculator to compare the best IUL policies across multiple companies. You can also compare IUL rates to universal life, whole life, or term life insurance.

Index Universal Life Insurance Cost

How We Can Help

At The Annuity Expert, we understand that planning for your financial future can be overwhelming, especially with the amount of various life insurance products. Our mission is to help you find the best solutions at the lowest costs. With over 15 years of experience as an insurance agency, annuity broker, and retirement planner, we have the expertise to guide you through every step of the process.

Our Commitment

We believe in providing clear, honest advice and solutions tailored to your unique needs. We stand for helping you achieve financial security through informed decisions, offering products that provide the best value for your money. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident and secure in your financial planning.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

What We Recommend

  • Step 1: Initial Consultation
    • What Happens: Contact us for a free consultation. During this session, we will discuss your financial goals, current situation, and any concerns you may have.
    • Main Benefit: You will gain a clear understanding of your options and how an IUL policy can fit into your overall financial strategy.
  • Step 2: Customized Policy Proposal
    • What Happens: Based on your consultation, we will create a customized IUL policy proposal tailored to your specific needs and goals.
    • Main Benefit: Receive a policy that aligns with your financial objectives, offering the best balance of growth potential and protection.
  • Step 3: Policy Implementation and Ongoing Support
    • What Happens: Once you decide on a policy, we will assist you with the application process and provide ongoing support to ensure your policy continues to meet your needs.
    • Main Benefit: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your financial future is secure, with professional support every step of the way.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible Premiums and Death Benefits: Adjust as your needs change.
    • Benefit: Ensures your policy remains relevant to your evolving financial situation.
  • Market-Linked Growth with Downside Protection: Earn higher returns while protecting against losses.
    • Benefit: Maximizes your cash value growth potential without exposing you to market risks.
  • Tax-Deferred Growth: Enjoy tax advantages on your cash value growth.
    • Benefit: Increases the efficiency of your savings, allowing more of your money to work for you.
  • Access to Cash Value: Take tax-free loans against your policy.
    • Benefit: Provides liquidity for emergencies or opportunities without disrupting your overall financial plan.

Overcoming Objections:

  • Complexity: We simplify the process and provide clear explanations.
  • Cost: We find the best solutions at the lowest costs.
  • Market Risk: Your cash value has a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

Failing to secure a well-planned IUL policy can leave you exposed to market risks and without adequate protection for your loved ones.

By working with us, you ensure a secure financial future with professional guidance and support. Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial future is well-planned and protected.

Contact us today for free advice or a free quote and take the first step towards securing your financial future.

Get Assistance Applying For IUL Insurance

Let our experts guide you through the IUL application process. The service is free of charge.

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Questions From Our Readers

What is the best-indexed universal life insurance?

North American and Nationwide are the best-indexed universal life insurance plans. Due to low premiums and A+ financial ratings from A.M. Best, these companies are considered some of the finest universal life insurance policies indexed.

What is the IUL cash reserve?

IUL cash reserve is a feature of indexed universal life insurance. It’s a savings component that allows policyholders to accumulate cash value over time. The cash reserve is typically invested in indexed accounts and is accessible to the policyholder through withdrawals or loans.

Are IUL withdrawals taxable?

Withdrawals from an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy are typically not taxable if they do not exceed the amount of premiums paid. However, loans taken against the policy are also tax-free, provided the policy remains in force.

Should I Buy An IUL If I’m Nearing Retirement?

Buying an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance policy near retirement could be beneficial if you plan to utilize tax-free loans after allowing the cash value to grow for at least 10 years. This strategy allows the policy to accumulate cash value and potentially provide tax advantages during retirement.

I am 63. Can I use an IUL as an investment tool?

An IUL can be used as an investment tool at any age. The IUL policy earns interest based on the performance of a market index. However, you are NOT directly in the markets, so you lose nothing when the markets drop and earn a portion of the upside returns. The insurance company uses the market index performance as a measuring stick to determine the amount of interest you receive.

Does the cost of IUL increase?

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance policies have a unique structure where the premium remains constant, but the internal cost of insurance can increase with age. The premium you pay for an IUL policy is fixed and does not change throughout the life of the policy. Despite a constant premium, the actual cost of insurance within the policy tends to increase as you age. This is because the risk of death increases with age, and insurance companies adjust the costs accordingly. This means a larger portion of your premium is used for insurance costs, and less goes towards building cash value.

Can you borrow money from an IUL?

Yes, you can borrow money from an IUL policy. This is one of the key features that attract individuals to purchase IULs.

Can I use IUL for Infinite Banking?

Yes, you can use an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy for Infinite Banking. The cash value component of an IUL allows for tax-free loans and flexible withdrawals, making it suitable for creating a personal banking system. However, proper setup and management are crucial for maximizing benefits.

How long do I need to contribute to an IUL for retirement income?

The duration of contributions to an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy for retirement income varies based on individual goals, the desired retirement age, and the policy’s performance. Typically, contributions span 10-20 years to accumulate sufficient cash value for sustainable retirement income. Regular reviews with your financial advisor can help tailor the plan to your needs.

Can I open an IUL for my child?

Yes, you can open an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy for your child. This strategy can provide lifelong coverage and build cash value that grows over time, which the child can use in the future for education, a down payment on a home, or other needs. Starting early maximizes the benefits of compound interest and lower insurance costs.

When can you withdraw from an IUL?

You can withdraw from an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy typically after the policy has built sufficient cash value, which usually takes several years. Withdrawals can be made tax-free up to the amount of premiums paid. It’s best to consult with your insurance provider for specific terms and conditions.

Can you withdraw money from an IUL?

Yes, you can withdraw money from an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy. Withdrawals are generally allowed once the policy has built up enough cash value, which usually takes a few years. These withdrawals can be tax-free up to the amount of premiums paid. It’s important to review your policy’s terms and consult with your provider to understand specific conditions and any potential impacts on the death benefit.

Can you roll a Roth IRA into an IUL?

No, you cannot roll a Roth IRA directly into an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance policy. However, you can withdraw funds from your Roth IRA and use them to purchase an IUL, but this may have tax implications if you haven’t met the IRS guidelines for tax-free status.

Shawn Plummer, CRPC

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Shawn Plummer is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, insurance agent, and annuity broker with over 14 years of first-hand experience with annuities and insurance. Since beginning his journey in 2009, he has been pivotal in selling and educating about annuities and insurance products. Still, he has also played an instrumental role in training financial advisors for a prestigious Fortune Global 500 insurance company, Allianz. His insights and expertise have made him a sought-after voice in the industry, leading to features in renowned publications such as Time Magazine, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance, MSN, SmartAsset, The Simple Dollar, U.S. News and World Report, Women’s Health Magazine, and many more. Shawn’s driving ambition? To simplify retirement planning, he ensures his clients understand their choices and secure the best insurance coverage at unbeatable rates.

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