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Shawn Plummer

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Finding affordable life insurance can be daunting if you are a smoker. Most insurance companies charge smokers more for their policies because they are considered a higher risk. However, you can get cheaper life insurance rates as a smoker. This guide will discuss some of the best ways to find affordable life insurance coverage for a smoker. We will also provide tips on improving your health and reducing your risk profile so that you can qualify for lower rates with most insurers.

Is it possible for someone who smokes to get life insurance?

Yes, you can still get life insurance if you smoke, chew tobacco, or vape. Don’t give up if you are worried that no life insurance products are available. Due to these habits, life insurance could be more expensive, but you still have options. If you quit, you’ll have more options and potentially lower premiums over time.

Comparing life insurance coverage between smokers and non-smokers

Smoking affects life insurance rates. People who smoke, even if it is only once in a while, have to pay more for their insurance because they are at a higher risk of dying younger than people who don’t smoke.

When you are classified as a smoker, you will have a more challenging time getting a lower premium rate or a higher death benefit. That said, there are still life insurance options available to smokers. Just be aware that the average cost of life insurance for a smoker will be higher than for a non-smoker for the same amount of coverage.

Quitting smoking can lower your life insurance rates

If you stop smoking to improve your health, you may also see an improvement in your life insurance options. Your policy options may be better, and your premium costs may be lower.

If you want to stop smoking, many insurance companies have a waiting period before you are considered a non-smoker. This waiting period is usually at least one year. Once you cross that waiting period, your rates could drop and reach those of a ‘never-smoker’ a few years later.

Do Life Insurance Companies Test For Nicotine?

Since a blood, hair, or urine test is taken during the medical underwriting test, nicotine can be detected, but don’t fret. Generally, you will not be declined; instead an increase in premiums. An alternative to fully underwritten life insurance, apply for a life insurance policy that does not require a medical exam.

Life Insurance Companies For Smokers (We Recommend)

John Hancock is an excellent option for a smoker looking for life insurance.

  • You can get non-smoker rates for the first three years of the policy to give the applicant ample time to quit; if you haven’t quit, you’ll see a significant increase in your premium.
  • John Hancock has been providing outstanding coverage for over 150 years and is one of the most highly-rated insurers in the industry.

So you can be confident that you’re getting the best protection for yourself and your family. Contact us today to learn more about John Hancock’s smoker-friendly life insurance policies.

Disclaimer: We are licensed life insurance agents for John Hancock. If you need a quote or want to apply, contact us below. There is no charge for the service. However, we strongly discourage applying without the assistance of an agent because if you apply on your own and get declined coverage, for whatever reason, no other life insurance company will consider you for coverage for approximately two years.

Cheapest Life Insurance for Female Smokers

People who smoke may have to pay more for life insurance. The price also depends on other things, like your gender, age, and health. Look at the table below to see how much female premiums can cost.

Company/CostPreferred Smoker RateStandard Smoker Rate
Banner Life$124.94$169.14
Pacific Life$137.75$193.37
Lincoln Financial$148.78$200.38
Sample monthly rates for a 20-year term life policy with $1,000,000 coverage for a 35-year-old female smoker.

Cheapest Life Insurance for Male Smokers

The price of a life insurance policy for men is usually higher than the price for a policy for women. The same things that affect the price of a policy for women also affect the price for men. You can see how different prices are for smokers in the table below. The healthier you are, the less you will

Company/CostPreferred Smoker RateStandard Smoker Rate
Banner Life$161.49$220.14
Pacific Life$172.55$229.65
Lincoln Financial$185.76$251.98
Sample monthly rates for a 20-year term life policy with $1,000,000 coverage for a 35-year-old male smoker.

Life Insurance Quotes For Tobacco Smokers And Vaping

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Life Insurance Quotes For Smokers Without A Medical Exam

Best Life Insurance For Tobacco Smokers And Vaping
Cheap Life Insurance For Smokers And Vaping

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Who offers the best life insurance for smokers?

Because of their higher maximum coverage levels, affordable rates, and financial solid rating A.M. Best, Banner Life, AIG, and Securian offers the best life insurance for smokers.

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

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