Period Certain: How Does This Annuity Work?

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Many people are unaware of what a period certain annuity is. However, it’s important to know about this type of annuity because many people use them, which can be a valuable tool for retirement planning. This guide will explain how a period certain annuity works and some advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

What is a Period Certain Annuity

A period certain annuity is a contract that guarantees payments for a specific number of years, typically 5 to 20 years. If the annuitant dies before the policy is over, the payments can be passed to a beneficiary.

Period Certain Annuities

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Types of Period Certain Annuities

  • Single Life Annuity With Period Certain: A life annuity with period certain provides lifetime payments for one person with guaranteed income for a specified number of years.
  • Joint Life Annuity With Period Certain: Payments for your lifetime and the lifetime of another person (2 persons) with a minimum guaranteed payment period.

Annuities That Offer Period Certain Payouts

Pros and Cons of Period Certain Annuities


  • You can set the payment schedule. You will know how many payments you and your beneficiary will receive and how much they will be worth.
  • The payments will be larger than payments from a straight-life annuity.


  • If you live beyond the period certain, the annuity payments stop.
  • Period certain payments can be less than the original investment.
  • The payout earns little to no interest.
  • Owners give up control over their money to the insurance company.

Period Certain Annuity Alternative

Essentially a period certain annuity is paying the annuity owner back their own money over a fixed period of time, with a little bit of interest, around one percent. Instead of giving up control over your savings to the insurance company, do this instead:

  • Purchase a deferred annuity that allows an immediate penalty-free withdrawal based on the original investment amount (not the account value).
    • For a 10-year period certain annuity, withdrawal 10% each year for ten years. At the end of the tenth year, you’ll have more interest that you can withdrawal in a lump sum than any period certain could provide.
    • For a 20-year period certain annuity, withdrawal 5% each year for twenty years. At the end of the tenth year, you’ll have more interest that you can collect in a lump sum than any period certain could provide.

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