Integrity IncomeSource Select Deferred Income Annuity and QLAC


Integrity IncomeSource Select Income Annuity and QLAC secure guaranteed retirement income for life today for use tomorrow. 

IncomeSource Select, a flexible premium deferred income annuity from Integrity Life Insurance Company, helps address the unique challenges of retirement well-being by securing guaranteed lifetime income today for use tomorrow.  This is a personal pension plan.


IncomeSource Select DIA

  • QLAC Eligible: Purchase as a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) to lower or delay RMD taxes
  • Accelerated Payment Emergency Liquidity: Lump sum advance of 5 monthly payments with next scheduled payment
  • Income and Payment Flexibility: Ability to change the income start date and payment frequency up to two times 
  • Short and Long Deferral Periods: 13 months to 40 years 
  • Flexible Premiums: $10,000 initial premium | $1,000 additional | $100 systematic
  • Increasing Payment Option: Offsets cost-of-living needs
  • 100% Return of Premium Death Benefit: Option available with ALL payout options during the deferral period
  • Full Range of Retirement Income Options: Meet different income needs, including Cash Refund, Installment Refund, and Period Certain


Income Date (date of first payment)

The Income Date is selected at issue, but can be changed during the deferral period (see “Income Date & Payment Frequency Change”).

Age income must start:

  • Nonqualified and Roth IRA contracts: Income payments must begin by the annuitant’s 85th birthday.
  • Tax-qualified contracts: Income payments must begin by April 1 of the year after the annuitant turns 72.
  • QLAC: Income payments cannot begin before the annuitant turns 72 and must begin by the first day of the month following the annuitant’s 85th birthday.



Income Payment Frequency

  • Monthly,
  • Quarterly,
  • Semiannually or
  • Annually.

The Income Payment Frequency is selected at issue but can be changed during the deferral period.



Income Payout Options (Individual & Joint Life)

Increasing Payout Option (IPO)

Increases the annual income amount by 1-5%. The IPO must be selected at issue and cannot change. Not available with QLAC.

Joint Income Reduction Option (5-50%)

Allows income payments to be reduced at the death of the annuitant, joint annuitant, or either annuitant.

Accelerated Payment Feature

Allows a lump sum advance of five monthly payments in addition to the next scheduled payment (total of six):

  • Available for monthly payments only
  • Must be 60 and older to exercise the option
  • Limited to two requests over the life of the contract
  • 15 days prior notice
  • Not available with QLAC

Return of Premium Death Benefit Option (during deferral period)

If the ROP Death Benefit is elected, and the annuitant and joint annuitant (if applicable) die before the Income Date, a death benefit equal to the sum of all premiums will be paid to any living owner, or, if no owner survives, to the named beneficiary.

You will receive lower income payments if the ROP Death Benefit is elected than if you had not elected the benefit.



Income Date & Income Payment Frequency Change

A change to the Income Date or Income Payment Frequency can be made twice during the deferral period. A change to either will count toward the two times allowed. To request a change, 60 days advance notice is required.

The Income Date can be moved by a maximum of 60 months in either direction, subject to the following:

  • A move between 30 and 60 months will count as two available changes. No further changes to the Income Date or Payment Frequency are permitted.
  • For contracts without the optional ROP Death Benefit, the new date must be at least 24 months from the date the request is received.



Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts

QLACs allow IRA owners and defined contribution plan participants to defer taxes on a portion of their RMDs up to age 85. This helps clients address the risk of running out of money or unnecessarily limiting retirement spending.

Important QLAC rules to consider include:

  • Eligible accounts include 401(a), 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), traditional IRA, SEP-IRA and SIMPLE IRA.
  • QLAC purchases per person are limited to $135,000 or 25% of qualified account balances, whichever is less.
  • Distributions must begin no later than the first day of the month following your 85th birthday.
  • Income payment options can be life only or life with cash refund (individual or joint).
  • Once income starts, the payments must satisfy RMD rules.
  • The contract cannot have any cash surrender value or commutation benefit.
  • The contract must state from inception that it is intended to be a QLAC.



If you’re seeking a pension-like income in the future, but want more flexibility, check out an income rider.  The income rider provides similar results with much more flexibility, access, growth potential, and control.

Request a pension annuity quote to find the best retirement income payout.



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