AIG Power 10 Protector Fixed Index Annuity


AIG Power 10 Protector fixed index annuity is a 10-year retirement savings plan designed to protect your money against stock market volatility while safely grow your nest egg.

The AIG Power 10 Protector fixed indexed annuity offers a valuable combination of tax-deferred growth potential, principal protection, and guaranteed income for life. This blend of accumulation and income features may be the solution to achieving the retirement you envision.


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Understanding a AIG Fixed Index Annuity

A fixed index annuity (FIA) like the Power 10 Protector is a contract issued by an insurance company. It is not a direct investment in the stock market or any particular index.

An FIA works in two stages:

  • Accumulation: In exchange for your money (premium), the annuity provides you with the opportunity to earn interest based in part on the performance of a particular index and/or based on a fixed rate. 
  • Income: When you need income, the issuing company promises to make regular income payments that can last for life or for a time period you choose using a process known as annuitization (for no additional cost).

In addition, some FIAs like the Power Series of Index Annuities have features (known as guaranteed living benefit riders) that can provide guaranteed income for life and access to your money during the payout stage (unlike annuitization, which permanently converts your contract into an income stream).

These guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company and are subject to annual fees.

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Overcome Retirement Savings Challenges

A well-balanced retirement portfolio may include a range of conservative, moderate, and aggressive instruments.

Vehicles like stocks and bonds may offer strong return opportunities, but they lack protection guarantees and are subject to higher risks than traditional fixed income instruments.

Allocating assets to a versatile, yet conservative instrument like a Power 10 Protector may:

  • Provide the growth potential you need to help combat low-interest rates
  • Give the guarantees you want to protect your principal in volatile markets
  • Bring the certainty you desire to ensure you won’t outlive your money

AIG’s Power Series of Index Annuities offer growth potential through “index interest accounts” that may generate higher interest than many traditional fixed-income instruments.

These FIAs also offer the comfort and security of a 1-year fixed account with a guaranteed rate of interest.

The Power of Tax Deferral

With a taxable investment, you pay taxes on interest earned each year. With AIG annuities, your earnings are not taxed until withdrawn, giving you the potential to accumulate more assets for retirement.

Plus, once you begin withdrawals, you may be in a lower tax bracket, which could provide you with additional tax savings over time.

The Power of Index-Based Performance

The growth potential of an index interest account is linked to an index like the S&P 500. 

Although your assets are not invested directly in an index, a Power 10 Protector offers you the opportunity to earn interest based on whether the index is up or down at the end of an index term:

  • If index performance is positive, your annuity may INCREASE in value. 
  • If index performance is flat or down, your annuity value remains the same. Only positive performance is used to determine the interest credited.

A Power 10 Protector offers you the confidence of knowing that your money is protected against market downturns and that it can grow with:

  • No loss of principal due to market fluctuations. Keep in mind, your contract value will be reduced by any withdrawals and/or fees.
  • No loss of earned interest. Any interest earned is locked into the contract and protected from future downturns.
  • No emotional ups and downs. Neither your principal nor your emotions will fluctuate in volatile times.

Create a Retirement “Paycheck” That You Won’t Outlive

The Power Series of Index Annuities add certainty to your retirement income by providing you and your spouse with guaranteed income for life.

Every Power 10 Protector offers no-cost annuitization options, including guaranteed income that can last for your life or the lives of you and your spouse.

If you’re concerned about inflation or rising retirement costs, you may want to consider purchasing a Power Protector Plus Income with a guaranteed living benefit (GLB) rider.

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Death Benefit

The full accumulation value will pass down to beneficiaries in a lump sum. American General (AIG) Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit to beneficiaries.



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