Allianz 222 Fixed Index Annuity


Allianz 222 fixed index annuity is a 10-year retirement savings plan designed for a future retirement income for the rest of your life, and enhancing a death benefit for beneficiaries. 

First, Allianz 222 Annuity is a fixed index annuity that gives you the potential to earn interest in two different ways: You can earn interest based on your choice of several index options, or you can choose to receive fixed interest.

Second, you can receive a bonus on the Protected Income Value (PIV) of your annuity – which we describe later in this brochure – in two ways. You’ll receive a 15% premium bonus on any premium you place in your annuity in the first three contract years. You’ll also receive an interest bonus equal to 50% of any fixed and/or indexed earned interest for as long as you have your contract.

Third, you can receive lifetime withdrawal income increases in two ways once income withdrawals begin. The income from your PIV will increase each year based on the interest rate credited to your allocations, plus the 50% interest bonus. And if you should later be confined to a nursing facility, hospital, or assisted living facility, you can receive up to double your annual maximum income withdrawal with the Allianz Income Multiplier Benefit rider.

Finally, Allianz 222 Annuity gives you two death benefit options. Your beneficiary(ies) can receive the full accumulation value as a lump sum (this option doesn’t include any bonuses). Or, they can receive the PIV – including the premium and interest bonuses –in payments over a minimum of five years.

Allianz 222 may be a good addition to your overall retirement portfolio if you want a premium bonus, the potential for indexed interest and interest bonuses, and retirement income with the opportunity to increase but don’t plan to receive income right away.


Allianz 222 Benefits and Features

Allianz 222 Annuity offers you:

  • The potential for indexed interest accumulation based on changes in an external market index
  • A bonus to your Protected Income Value on any money you place in your annuity for the first three contract years
  • An interest bonus on any fixed and/or indexed interest applied to your Protected Income Value and income withdrawals
  • Income withdrawals for life with the potential to increase


Life Insurance Alternative

If you’re seeking to enhance a death benefit for estate planning purposes, also shop and compare life insurance quotes too.  It’s rare we don’t find a solution.  Life Insurance is tax-free for beneficiaries while annuities are tax-deferred for beneficiaries.




Enhanced Benefits

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Accepted Funds

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Insurance Company

Company Rating (A.M. Best)

Premium Type

Annuitization Required

Annual Penalty-Free Withdrawals

Death Benefit

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Surrender Charge Waivers

Contract Length

Annual Fees

State Availability

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Cancellation Policy

Company Rating (S&P)


Liquidity Options

Minimum Premium

Maximum Premium

Maximum Issue Age


Non-Qualified Annuity

Non-qualified funds are cash, checking, savings, life insurance cash value, etc. Only the interest you’ve earned will be taxed as ordinary income as you withdraw money.

Qualified Annuity

Qualified funds are 401k, IRA, SEP, 403b, TSA, etc. Both principal and interest will be taxed as ordinary income as you withdraw money.

Roth IRA Annuity

Withdrawals from Roth IRA annuities are tax-free as long as the IRS requirements are met.


If you withdraw money from your annuity before you turn age 59.5, you will receive a penalty of 10% plus ordinary income taxes from the IRS.


For more information:  How Are Annuities Taxed?


Allianz 222 Fixed Index Annuity Brochure

Disclaimer*Brochures may vary by state.  For the most accurate information, please request info in the Request Quote form.

About Allianz

Allianz Life of North America (Allianz Group)
5701 Golden Hills Drive
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416
Policyholders: (800) 950-5872
Agents: (800) 950-7372

Financial Strength

  • A.M. Best: “A+” (Superior)
  • S&P: AA (Very Strong)
  • Moody’s: A1



Are Annuities FDIC Insured?

Fixed annuities are not FDIC insured, but they have similar protections for your money. An annuity is an insurance policy guaranteed by the insurance company’s claims-paying ability. The insurance companies are members of the state insurance guarantee associations in each state where they do business. Each state insurance guarantee association protects consumers in the unlikely event that their insurance company fails and defaults on their obligations to their consumers (limits vary per state).

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