Allianz PowerDex Annuity


Allianz PowerDex annuity offers a 10% premium bonus and requires annuitizing the contract to receive the full account value.  No longer available.

10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity is a flexible-premium, equity-indexed annuity offering a 10% bonus and principal protection from market loss.

Until recently, millions of Americans felt the stock market was the best choice to grow their retirement nest eggs.

They confidently counted on the stock market to fund their retirement years.

Now, however, they’re not so sure.

Maybe you feel the same uneasiness.

You’ve watched as your stock portfolio dropped, perhaps dramatically.

You’ve wondered how – or if – you would make up those losses.

And you’ve had serious questions as to whether the market was the solution or, in fact, the problem.

It’s time to look at the market again, but from the new – and different – perspective offered by the Allianz Life 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity.


The 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity is right – from the start.

True to its name, our 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity starts with a bonus.

This bonus can, for example, help you immediately recoup some of your recent market losses.

The 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite then offers you a chance to ride the crests when the market is surging, but hang on and tread water when it starts to fall.

The Allianz Life 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity:

  • Offers a 10% bonus on all premium received throughout the first five policy years.
  • Lets you take full advantage of each year’s index gains in the S&P 500 and/or Nasdaq-100, up to an established limit.
  • Lets you diversify your money within a single product, by allowing you to choose among two index options plus a fixed interest option.
  • Locks in your annual S&P 500 and/or Nasdaq-100 Index gains and assures you your highest value in the future.
  • Guarantees your principal from market loss.

Get an immediate gain with a 10% premium bonus.

The Allianz Life 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity puts you ahead right from the start.

It gives you a 10% bonus on initial premium.

You receive the same bonus on any additional premium received for five full policy years.

An initial payment of $2,000 for qualified premium or $5,000 for nonqualified premium is required for issue.

Premium of $500,000 or more may require prior Home Office approval.

Receive 100% of market index growth.

With the 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite, you can potentially profit from tax-deferred growth based upon gains in the S&P 500 and/or Nasdaq-100 Index.

First, this annuity offers you 100% participation in S&P 500 and/or Nasdaq-100 Index gains.

When the index rises, the current value of your annuity will rise with it.

In addition, the 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite has a point-to-point annual indexing design to provide you a greater share of potential market index gains.

Please note that in any given year, the index gains, if great enough, may be limited to a maximum amount called the cap.

Your best year’s gains are automatically locked.

As we mentioned, the value of your 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite will rise with the S&P 500 and/or Nasdaq-100.

When these indexes ebb down, however, your annuity protects your nest egg by automatically locking in the value you achieved in your best policy year.

Your principal and bonus are never subject to market risk.

A downturn in the indexes cannot have a negative impact on your 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite policy’s principal and bonus.

We guarantee it.

With the Allianz Life 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity, you benefit from gains in the S&P 500 and/or Nasdaq-100 Index.

When the market index is on the rise, the 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity is a great idea.

Because of its 100% participation rate/point-to-point design, your annuity’s current value rises along with the index.

As mentioned earlier, your annual gains are subject to a cap. But that cap is calculated on your high water value, not your current value.

This makes it easier for you to rebound the following declines in your current value.

The 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite can protect you when the market indexes drop.

When the market indexes slump, the high water design of the 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite lets you retain more of what you’ve gained.

Your annuity’s value is always the high water value.

Diversify within a single product with the 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity.

When you purchase your Allianz Life 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite, you can allocate your premium among three different choices:

  • The S&P 500 Index
  • The Nasdaq-100 Index
  • A fixed interest allocation

On each subsequent policy anniversary, you can change your allocations on your new premium and/or your policy values among your three choices:

  • the S&P 500 Index,
  • Nasdaq-100 Index,
  • or fixed interest.

We’ll let you know when a policy anniversary is approaching.

If you submit changes to your allocations in writing within 21 days of a policy anniversary, they will be effective during that policy year.

If changes are submitted more than 21 days after a policy anniversary, your changes will not take effect until your next policy anniversary.



You have the freedom to access your money in several ways.

Take free withdrawals

You may take up to a 5% penalty-free withdrawal as long as it occurs 12 months after the last premium is received, no more than one partial surrender is taken within a 12- month period, and the cumulative withdrawals do not exceed 25% of the sum of the premiums received.

If within 12 months of a penalty-free withdrawal, the policy is annuitized, an additional premium is received, or another withdrawal is taken, your policy values will be reduced by an additional 12.5% of the partial surrender amount.

Schedule Systematic Withdrawal of Credits

Systematic Withdrawal of Credits allows you to keep your policy in deferral and receive payment of High Water Value credits.

Payments are available after your fifth policy year.

Payments will be based on credits applied to your policy after the request is received.

To qualify for this option, your policy must be held at least five policy years and still be in deferral.

Take a policy loan

A policy loan may be taken for up to 50% of the cash surrender value (maximum of ,000).

The loan interest rate is 7.4% in advance.

Loans are not available with IRA, SEP or some other qualified plans.

Unpaid loans will be treated as a partial surrender.

Take required minimum distributions

Required minimum distributions from a tax-qualified plan (IRA, SEP, etc.) will qualify as a penalty-free withdrawal if taken annually in December or monthly throughout the year.

Policy values and the amount available for free withdrawal will be reduced by the distribution amount withdrawn.

Access your money sooner for nursing home care

If you, as the policy owner, should enter a nursing home, long-term care facility, or hospital for at least 30 days out of a 35 consecutive-day period after the first policy year, you may take an accelerated distribution of your policy’s accumulation value over a period as short as five years.

Payments under the Nursing Home Benefit will be based on your policy’s accumulation value.

Take interest-only payouts

After five years, you may select an interest-only payout for 10 consecutive years.

No index adjustments are credited during the interest-only period.

No withdrawals may be taken during the interest-only period.

At the end of the interest-only period, the annuitization value may be taken in a lump sum.

Take a distribution for less than 10 years or a single lump sum

You may take a distribution for a period of less than 10 years at any time, but the distribution will be based on the policy’s cash surrender value, not the full annuitization value.

Receive index growth while you take annuity income payments

The Systematic Withdrawal Benefit allows you to receive a percentage of your annuity as income while your remaining balance continues to participate in the index(es).

After your fifth policy anniversary, you can choose to receive withdrawals from your policy’s annuitization value.

You have the flexibility to stop receiving Systematic Withdrawal Benefit payments.

Once suspended, your payments can be started again after two years have passed.

If you restart your Systematic Withdrawal Benefit payments, the percentage of policy values available will be based on the policy year in effect when your payments are restarted.

While you are receiving Systematic Withdrawal Benefit payments, any interest or index credits will also be paid to you.



Choose from a variety of options to help prepare for your retirement years.

Receive guaranteed income you can’t outlive

This is one feature you can only get from an annuity.

Once you’ve owned your 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity policy for five years, you can choose an income stream lasting from 10 years up to the annuitant’s lifetime.

You’ll get every dime of your money, including all gains to your High Water Value, however, payout periods less than 10 years will reduce the values payable.

Earn guaranteed tax-favored interest

Your policy values grow tax-deferred, and no income taxes are payable until you withdraw from your policy.

If you are under the age of 591/2 when a withdrawal is made, an additional 10% penalty tax may be imposed.



Is the 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity the right choice for your retirement plans?

The Allianz Life 10% Bonus PowerDex Elite Annuity offers a combination of benefits you may not find in another financial product.

It merits your careful consideration when:




Minimum Premium

Maximum Premium

Enhanced Benefits

Company Rating (A.M. Best)

Maximum Issue Age

Premium Bonus (Up to)

Insurance Company

Premium Type

Annuitization Required

Annual Penalty-Free Withdrawals

Death Benefit


Contract Length

State Availability

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Cancellation Policy

Company Rating (S&P)


Liquidity Options

Annual Fees

Accepted Funds

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