American Equity Retirement Gold Fixed Indexed Annuity


American Equity Retirement Gold fixed index annuity is designed to grow your retirement savings plans, offer an 8% bonus, and guarantees an income for life. 


Retirement Gold is a fixed index annuity designed to help protect hard-earned dollars from index fluctuations while offering interest growth opportunities based on increases in an index and provide a lifetime of income and benefits.

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Retirement Gold Fixed Index Annuity

Every retirement is different, each with its own financial goals and unique needs.

But, many of today’s retirement objectives are the same — asset protection, growth opportunities, and a reliable income source.

That is why many Americans are turning to fixed index annuities.

These products have helped millions of people reach their retirement goals with benefits like principal protection, tax-deferred growth, and guaranteed income that cannot be outlived.


What is a Fixed Index Annuity?

A fixed index annuity is a contract backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

This guarantees contract owners a retirement vehicle designed to protect assets while allowing for growth opportunities.

It does this through a combination of powerful benefits:

  • Principal Protection
  • Guaranteed Income
  • Tax-Deferred Growth
  • Liquidity
  • May Avoid Probate

How a Fixed Index Annuity Works

The long-term retirement product is purchased with an insurance provider that, in turn, guarantees principal protection, tax-deferred growth on assets, and a reliable income stream.

Throughout the course of the contract, the fixed index annuity can earn additional interest credits based, in part, on equity index increases.

As an insurance product, the fixed index annuity is not directly tied to any index.

So, there are none of the exposure risks associated with direct stock or share ownership.

The annuity cannot lose money due to index volatility, and the interest credited will never be less than zero. 



The Power of a Fixed Index Annuity

A  fixed index annuity offers a powerful combination of benefits that help protect against many of today’s common retirement concerns.

  • Principal Protection: Premium payments are secure, and each year any interest credited to the contract is locked in and cannot be lost due to index volatility.
  • Guaranteed Income: Flexible payout options available, including lifelong paychecks.
  • Tax-Deferred Growth: Earn interest on money without paying taxes on it until any distribution occurs. This enables faster growth by allowing credited interest to compound over time.*
  • Liquidity: Each contract defines various opportunities to withdraw funds, such as Penalty-Free Withdrawals, Partial Withdrawals, and lifetime income options. (Subject to applicable Surrender Charges.)
  • May Avoid Probate: If applicable, beneficiaries receive any remaining value in the contract while avoiding the expense and time spent in probate.



Money Access Options and Features

With the Retirement Gold, there is always access to money in the annuity.

American Equity provides withdrawal flexibility and a variety of liquidity options.

Premium Bonus

The Retirement Gold includes a Premium Bonus, which is applied to the Contract Value immediately and vests over time.

This provides a jump start for the Contract Value because the premiums paid during the first year receive a bonus and can help increase interest growth from the start.

Premium Bonus Allocations

The Retirement Gold offers an 8% Premium Bonus on all premium received in the first contract year.

This is added to the Contract Value on the date received and allocated to the same values as the premiums.

The initial premium payment can be allocated, in any combination, to either the fixed interest or any of the index strategies.

Payments received after the initial premium automatically go into the fixed interest strategy.

On each contract anniversary, there is an opportunity to transfer between the different strategies.

Premium Bonus Vesting

The Premium Bonus vests over a 14-year period.

Each year, after the third contract year, a percentage is vested until 100% vested — at the end of the 14th contract year.

The vested amount of the Premium Bonus is guaranteed and cannot be forfeited as a result of a Penalty-Free Withdrawal.

In the event of a Partial Withdrawal or Surrender, Premium Bonus payouts will be based on the vesting schedule.

Penalty-Free Withdrawals

This is a once a year opportunity (after the first contract year) to take a Penalty-Free Withdrawal of up to 10% of the Contract Value.

Partial Withdrawals

These are available at any time.

For a partial distribution over the Penalty-Free Withdrawal amount, a Surrender Charge and Premium Bonus Vesting will apply.

All withdrawals are pro-rated between the premium and bonus portions of the contract value.

Surrender Charges are then applied to the premium and its accrued interest, and Bonus Vesting is applied to the bonus and its accrued interest to calculate the proceeds.

Withdrawals in excess of the Penalty-Free Withdrawal amount will forfeit a part of the nonvested portion of the bonus and its accrued interest.

Waiver of Surrender Charge Riders

Nursing Care Rider

Included automatically for owners under age 75 at issue.

After the first contract year, a one-time withdrawal of up to 100% of the contract value is allowed if the owner is confined to a qualified nursing care facility for a minimum of 90 days.

Confinement must begin after the contract issue date, and written proof is required from both the qualified nursing care facility and recommending physician.

Any payment made under this rider will not be subject to withdrawal charges, surrender charges, or MVAs.

Terminal Illness Rider

Included automatically for owners under age 75 at issue.

After the first contract year, a one-time withdrawal of up to 100% of the contract value is allowed if the owner is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The diagnosis must occur after the contract issue date, and written proof with supporting documentation is required from a qualified physician.

Any payment made under this rider will not be subject to withdrawal charges, surrender charges, or MVAs.

Death Benefit

Death Benefit proceeds are paid to the named beneficiary(ies) with no Surrender Charges, plus 100% Bonus Vesting. Generally paid in a lump-sum, other income options are also available.

Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit for beneficiaries, tax-free.



Lifetime Income Benefit Rider

The fixed index annuity and income rider work together to provide a lifetime of benefits.

What is the optional Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR)?

The LIBR helps secure a lifelong income source for contract owners 50+ at issue.

The amount of the income to be received is measured by the Income Account Value (IAV).

The IAV is credited over time and grows until the earlier of income payments beginning or the end of the Accumulation Period.

A Rider Fee is deducted from the Contract Value each year the rider is attached to the contract.

Income payments may begin any time after the first contract anniversary.

These payments are available without a Surrender Charge or having to Annuitize the contract.

Lifetime Income Benefit Rider Options

The optional LIBR has options to help individuals reach their income goals and meet their lifestyle needs.

Option 1: LIBR

This option has a set Initial IAV Rate, declared at issue and guaranteed for 10 years.

After that guarantee period, the rate credited for the remainder of the 20 year accumulation period will not change and will never be less than a stated minimum.

The IAV is calculated on a compounding interest basis.

Option 2: LIBR with Wellbeing Benefit

In addition to the benefits of Option 1, the Wellbeing Benefit Enhanced Income Payment increases the amount of income by an income payment factor for up to five years, should the contract owner or their spouse become unable to perform multiple activities of daily living outlined in the contract.

This option is not confinement driven, so it is available to those receiving home care.

There is a two year waiting period before the Wellbeing Benefit can be activated.

Option 3: LIBR with Indexing Income

With this option, the IAV is calculated based on the rate of return on the contract from the previous anniversary.

The Contract Value rate of return is then multiplied by the IAV Multiplier to determine the percentage of IAV credit for the year.

Every anniversary, the IAV credit is applied to the IAV.

If there are no interest credits for the year, the IAV will not increase.

The IAV is calculated using compounding interest.

Income and Withdrawals

The Lifetime Income Benefit Rider offers guaranteed income through a secure revenue source.

Income Payment Election

Income payments can begin any time after the first contract anniversary.

At the time of the election, contract owners select either Single Life or Joint Life Payouts.

Once income payments begin, these choices are locked in and may not be changed.

  • Single Life – payout factors are determined by the owner’s sex and their age at the time of payout election.
  • Joint Life – payout is based on the youngest age of the contract owner or spouse, who is at least age 50, and income payments are guaranteed until the death of the surviving spouse subject to the spousal continuation provision.

Excess Withdrawals

Any Partial Withdrawals taken from the Contract Value after income payments have started are considered excess withdrawals and will reduce future income payment amounts and your IAV on a pro-rata basis.

For example, an additional withdrawal of 5% of your Contract Value reduces your future income payments by 5%.

If an excess withdrawal plus income payment exceeds the Penalty-Free Withdrawal amount allowed in any contract year, Surrender Charges will be applied to any amount in excess of the Penalty-Free Withdrawal amount.

Should excess withdrawals reduce the Contract Value to zero, the IAV will also be reduced to zero, and the contract, as well as the rider, will be considered surrendered.

Any remaining income payments would also terminate.

Death of Owner

American Equity’s annuities have a Death Benefit that allows the beneficiaries immediate access to contract value at the time of death.

This can help avoid a costly prolonged probate process.

If the owner’s spouse is the sole primary beneficiary of the contract, elects spousal continuation, and is at least age 50, then income benefits may continue.

Details and available options are in the contract.

The LIBR terminates, and income payments stop upon the earliest of either the owner’s written request, the date the contract terminates, the date the contract is Annuitized, or the date the owner of the contract changes.

Once the LIBR terminates, it may not be reinstated.

Tax Treatment

All income payments are considered a withdrawal from the Contract Value, and any part of the withdrawal that is deferred interest is taxable as income.

If the contract is in a qualified plan, the entire amount of the withdrawal may be taxable.

The taxation of income payments is calculated as outlined in the Internal Revenue Code.

In addition, the taxable portion of any withdrawal taken before age 59½ may be subject to an additional penalty of 10% by the Internal Revenue Service.




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