American Life American Select Fixed Indexed Annuity


American Life’s American Select is a 10-year fixed index annuity designed for safely accumulating a retirement savings plan while protecting against stock market volatility.

Product Description

American Select, American Life’s Fixed Indexed Annuity, is designed for individuals looking to take advantage of potential market gains without the risk of loss.

American Select offers flexible participation in any of three reputable indices or a fixed rate, so you can customize how your money is allocated over time to meet your needs.

When markets grow, you gain, but should markets decline, your principal remains protected.


About American Life Annuity

American Life Financial Strength


How Does the American Select Work?

Customers enter into a contract with American Life and pay an upfront initial premium.

Your money grows based on your selected index performance while your principal remains protected from loss.

You get to choose your allocation across four different index account options or a fixed rate and can change the allocation year-to-year to meet your needs.

You aren’t taxed until you make a withdrawal so your money can grow at its full potential, and after 10 years, you can begin to withdraw all or some of your account without penalty.



Sheltered Growth

While your return is based on market performance, your principal is protected from loss should the markets enter a downturn.


American Life is secure, highly rated (A.M. Best B++), and backed by financially-sound business partners.


You can allocate your funds to participate in any combination of three equity indices or a competitive fixed interest rate account to meet your financial needs.


You don’t pay income taxes until you make a withdrawal, so your earnings can grow at their full potential.

Higher Return Potential

You can earn a higher return than a fixed interest rate alone would allow when markets perform well, while your principal is protected against loss.


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