American National Strategy Indexed Annuity Plus 7


American National Strategy Indexed Annuity Plus 7 is a 7-year fixed index annuity designed to safely accumulate money for retirement and guarantee an income for life. 

American National Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS 7 is a flexible premium fixed deferred indexed annuity issued by American National Insurance Company.

ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS 7 Features

  • Upside interest potential through five crediting options
  • Annually declared fixed interest rate option.
  • Liquidity option for the events one cannot prepare for
  • Lifetime Income Rider available
  • Guaranteed minimum surrender value – This is the minimum value you would receive if you surrender your contract. That value is 87.5% of your premiums compounding at the minimum guaranteed surrender value rate.
  • Minimum guarantee that will protect your principal during a market decline


What is a Flexible Premium Fixed Deferred Indexed Annuity?

A fixed annuity is a long-term retirement product that guarantees principal protection, offers tax-deferred growth on assets, and a reliable income stream that is supported by the financial strength of the American National Insurance Company.

You have the flexibility to make additional premium payments if desired.

Throughout the life of the contract, the fixed indexed annuity has the ability to earn additional interest credits based on the growth of the equity index used over a one year period.

ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS 7 is not directly invested in the stock market, removing the risk of direct stock investments.

A fixed annuity cannot lose money due to the index volatility, and the interest credited will never be less than zero.

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Interest Crediting Strategies

ASIA PLUS 7 has a variety of crediting strategies to help you meet your goals.

You are given the option to allocate all of your funds in one strategy or participate in all five strategies.

Future premiums and existing funds can be allocated to different strategies as plans change.

There is no minimum allocation amount for the strategies.


Protection Strategies

Safety of Principal

ASIA PLUS 7 allows you to receive interest earnings based upon the growth of the S&P 500 Index without being directly invested in the index. If the index goes down in value during the measuring period, you receive zero return, but you do not lose principal.

Control Your Taxes

ASIA PLUS 7 allows you to decide when your income should be taxable to you.

With a tax-deferred annuity, the annuity value has the potential to grow; however, you are not liable for those taxes until the money is withdrawn. Current U.S. tax law provides that earnings from an annuity are taxable upon a withdrawal as ordinary income.

You should contact your attorney or tax advisor for personal tax instruction.

Surrender Charge Free Withdrawal Privilege

ASIA PLUS 7 offers you this flexibility. After the contract is issued, you can withdraw up to 10% of the annuity value at the beginning of the contract year or the minimum required distribution, if greater, during each contract year without any surrender charges.

Waiver of Surrender Charges

Life has a way of changing the best plans, and ASIA PLUS 7 provides assurance that you will have access to your money, without surrender charges and market value adjustment (MVA), during these particular circumstances.

Confinement Waiver 

Surrender charges and MVA may be waived if the contract owner is confined to a licensed hospital, licensed convalescent care facility, skilled nursing facility, custodial care facility, or licensed hospice facility for 30 or more days.

Available 90 days after issue.

Disability Waiver

Prior to age 65, surrender charges and MVA may be waived if the contract owner is physically disabled or diagnosed with a disabling terminal illness.

Terminal Illness Waiver

Surrender charges and MVA may be waived if the contract owner is diagnosed with an injury or illness expected to result in death within 12 months. Available after issue.

Market Value Adjustment (MVA)

During the surrender charge period, the MVA can impact the value of any withdrawal you take that exceeds the surrender charge-free withdrawal privilege.

It is important to know how the MVA contract will impact any partial withdrawal or surrender you are considering.

This adjustment can be positive if the contract’s reference rate declines after your annuity date. It can be negative if the contract’s reference rate increases.

Not applicable in California.

The MVA measures how the change in the reference rate impacts the value of the company’s assets.

It modifies the value of any excess withdrawals accordingly.

The MVA is based on a comparison of the reference rate conditions at the time of the surrender or partial withdrawal to the reference rate conditions on the date your annuity was issued.

Death Benefit

ASIA PLUS 7 provides a death benefit that will be payable to a named beneficiary upon the death of the owner of the contract. The death benefit prior to the maturity date of the contract is the greater of either the annuity value (including any interest earnings up to the date of death) or the surrender value of the contract.

American National Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit for beneficiaries tax-free.


The maturity date of the contract is normally the contract anniversary following the annuitant’s 100th birthday; the owner may request a change in date as long as the new maturity date is after the end of the fifth segment term and is not after the contract anniversary following the annuitant’s 100th birthday.

Annuity Options

At maturity, you may elect to receive the proceeds of your annuity in a lump sum payment or in a series of payments to meet your financial goals.

American National offers a variety of annuity options.

If the death of the contract owner occurs after maturity and annuity payments are being made, then the remaining payments will continue to be paid to the beneficiary in accordance with the annuity option provisions as selected by the contract owner prior to death.



Lifetime Income Rider

As life expectancy increases, so does time spent as a retiree. ASIA PLUS 7 gives you the option, at the time of issue, to add a lifetime income rider (LIR), which provides an income stream that is guaranteed for life even if the annuity value falls to zero.



Minimum Premium

Maximum Premium

Enhanced Benefits

Contract Length

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Maximum Issue Age

Insurance Company

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Annuitization Required

Annual Penalty-Free Withdrawals

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Surrender Charge Waivers

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Annual Fees

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Liquidity Options

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