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Athene Agility 10 fixed index annuity is a retirement savings plan designed for safe growth, retirement income for life, inflation protection, and enhancing a death benefit.

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Looking for a product that can adapt to your retirement needs? Athene Agility delivers. None of us know what doors might open or close for us during retirement. Athene Agility is a fixed indexed annuity that adapts to your needs whether for growth, income or help with the unexpected. It gives you the flexibility, security, and confidence to reach for the retirement of your dreams.


Athene Agility 10 Annuity Is Designed To:

Protect from stock market risk or losses.

While it’s possible to earn zero interest if the market declines, you’ll never earn less than zero. Any interest you earn is “locked-in” and can’t be lost to future downturns. You are not directly investing in any index or stocks.

You can receive a guaranteed “retirement paycheck.”

When you’re ready, you can create a stream of income that may grow throughout your retirement years.

You have access to your money when you need it most.

Plans can change, especially when the unexpected happens. Athene Agility’s liquidity and income features can help make sure you’re prepared.

The opportunity to grow value and lock in gains.

Your money is not directly exposed to the risks of the stock market or individual stocks. Athene guarantees you will not lose money due to stock market risk or losses.

Looking for income down the road? Athene Agility delivers.

Create an income you can’t outlive with Lifetime Income Withdrawals. You can begin taking Lifetime Income Withdrawals once the waiting period is over. Your withdrawal amount depends on the value of your Benefit Base and your age when you start receiving income.

Receive a “retirement paycheck” guaranteed for life.

Your income payments are guaranteed for life as long as you don’t exceed the maximum Lifetime Income Withdrawal amount.

Ready for income? Choose single or joint-life withdrawals.

Select single life withdrawals to receive income for the duration of your lifetime, or joint-life withdrawals to provide an income stream over the lifetimes of you and your spouse. Payments can be taken monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Your income amount may increase over time.

With Athene Agility, your income may keep increasing after you start Lifetime Income Withdrawals. That’s because each year, your income amount may grow by 100% of the interest rate credited to your Accumulated Value. Even if your Accumulated Value goes to zero, you may still receive an increase in your income.


Looking for help with the unexpected? Athene Agility delivers.

Double your withdrawal amount with the Enhanced Income Benefit.

What if you’re confined to a Qualified Care Facility, such as a nursing home? As long as you meet eligibility requirements, your Maximum Lifetime Income Withdrawal amount will be doubled until your Accumulated Value is reduced to zero. The Enhanced Income Benefit Rider is automatically built into your annuity contract at no additional charge.

Annual Free Withdrawals

Each year, you can withdraw the greater of 10% of your initial premium or 10% of your annuity’s Accumulated Value, without incurring a Withdrawal Charge or Market Value Adjustment (MVA). Your withdrawal amount cannot exceed the current Accumulated Value.

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are IRS mandatory withdrawals required with qualified contracts (such as an IRA ). These withdrawals from your annuity contract are considered part of your free withdrawal, free of Withdrawal Charges, and MVA for the Contract Year.

What if plans change and you need to take out more than your free withdrawal amount?

If you exceed the free withdrawal amount, a Withdrawal Charge and MVA will be applied to the amount over the free withdrawal amount. 

Leave a legacy.

Your annuity can offer your loved ones a quick source of funds to settle matters after your death. Even when you are taking Lifetime Income Withdrawals, your Benefit Base may continue to grow. Your beneficiary may choose either your annuity’s full Accumulated Value in a lump sum or the Benefit Base, paid out equally over a period not to exceed 10 years.



Additional features for added peace of mind.

Bailout Feature

If Athene lowers the declared 1-Year Point-to-Point Index Strategy Annual Cap Rate below the Bailout Cap Rate, you’ll have full access to your annuity’s Accumulated Value-free of any charges — for up to 30 days after the Contract Anniversary in which the Bailout Cap Rate was pierced. After the 30-day Bailout Window, all Withdrawal Charges and MVA will apply.

Minimum Guaranteed Contract Value

Ensures you will receive a minimum interest crediting rate on a percentage of your premium, adjusted for withdrawals.

Confinement Waiver

You can withdraw up to 100% of your annuity’s value if you are confined to a Qualified Care Facility.

This benefit is available if you are confined for at least 60 consecutive days any time after the first contract year and meet eligibility requirements.

No Withdrawal Charge or MVA apply if you qualify for this benefit.

To receive the Confinement Waiver, you cannot be confined at the time your contract is issued and confinement must begin at least one year after the Contract Date.

Terminal Illness Waiver

Withdraw up to 100% of the annuity’s Accumulated Value if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness that is expected to result in death within one year and meet eligibility requirements.

No Withdrawal Charge or MVA apply if you qualify for this benefit.

This waiver is available after your first Contract Anniversary and the initial diagnosis of terminal illness must be made at least one year after the Contract Date.

Contract Surrender

If you decide to surrender your Contract, Athene will pay you the Contract’s Cash Surrender Value.

The Cash Surrender Value is equal to the greater of the following values as defined in your contract:

  • The Accumulated Value less any applicable Withdrawal Charges and adjusted for any MVA
  • The Minimum Guaranteed Contract Value


Important information to have on hand.

Athene Agility annuities are designed to meet your long-term savings and retirement needs.

They include a Withdrawal Charge period.

If you withdraw more money than the free amount allowed by your contract, or if you surrender the annuity before the Withdrawal Charge period ends, a Withdrawal Charge and MVA may be applied.

These charges do not apply to free withdrawals, RMDs, Lifetime Income Withdrawals, payments made in settlement of your annuity’s Death Benefit or Confinement and Terminal Illness waivers.

For more information, see the Product Details Insert provided with this brochure.

Withdrawal Charges

If you surrender your annuity or withdraw an amount that exceeds the free withdrawal amount during the Withdrawal Charge period, you will incur a Withdrawal Charge.

In part, Withdrawal Charges allow the company to invest your money on a long-term basis and generally credit higher yields than possible with a similar annuity of shorter term.

For more information, see the Product Details Insert provided with this brochure.

Market Value Adjustment

A Market Value Adjustment applies to withdrawals in excess of the free withdrawal amount and full surrenders during the Withdrawal Charge period.

If you take an excess withdrawal before the end of your Withdrawal Charge period, an MVA will be applied to that excess withdrawal.

If interest rates in the market are higher than when you purchased your annuity, the MVA is negative, meaning an additional amount is deducted from your contract value.

The MVA may increase or decrease the amount of the Withdrawal or Cash Surrender Value of your Contract depending on the change in interest rates.

If interest rates have increased, stayed the same, or decreased by less than 0.25%, the MVA will be negative. If interest rates have decreased by more than 0.25%, the MVA will be positive


Life Insurance Alternative

If you’re seeking to enhance a death benefit for estate planning purposes, also shop and compare life insurance quotes too.  It’s rare we don’t find a solution.  Life Insurance is tax-free for beneficiaries while annuities are tax-deferred for beneficiaries.



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Lifetime Income

Retire in 11+ Years

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