Athene BCA 8 2.0 Fixed Indexed Annuity


Athene BCA 8 2.0 annuity is an 8-year retirement savings plan designed to provide safe growth, income for life, and an enhanced death benefit.

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Athene BCA 8 2.0 is a single-premium fixed indexed annuity that combines growth opportunities and protection from downside market risk. As a solution for individuals planning for or already in retirement, BCA 8 2.0 can help you:

Interest Earnings, if any, are credited every two years based on the IES you select.

The IES includes a Participation Rate that contributes to earnings based on the performance of the selected strategy or strategies.

Some strategies include an Annual Strategy Charge and are designed to provide an even greater growth opportunity.

The Annual Strategy Charge reduces the Accumulation Value.

The changes in the IES are tracked every day as the Balanced Allocation Value (BAV).



What is a fixed indexed annuity?

What is a fixed indexed annuity? A fixed indexed annuity is a contract issued by an insurance company.

In exchange for your premium, the insurance company provides the opportunity for growth based in part on the performance of underlying indices within a larger strategy while protecting your money from downside market risk.

Fixed indexed annuities are not stock market investments and do not directly participate in any stock or equity investments or index. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

All guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing carrier and may be subject to annual charges.



Strength Your Growth Potential

Athene’s BCA 8 2.0 offers a unique growth opportunity for your retirement savings.

You can earn interest based on the positive movement of the indices attached to your selected IES at the end of each two-year Strategy Term Period.

Negative index performance during any term will not reduce the value of your annuity.

BCA 8 2.0 also helps you:

Track Daily Values

The Balanced Allocation Value provides a daily valuation of the potential growth through each term.

Lock in Positive Performance

At the end of every two-year term, Interest Earnings, if any, are locked in and cannot be lost due to negative index performance.

Benefit from Gains to-Date on Free Withdrawals

Because values are tracked daily, if you take a free withdrawal during a two-year term, you will receive any unrealized Interest Earnings to-date on the amount withdrawn.



Achieve Your Income Goals

One of the biggest concerns voiced by Americans approaching retirement today is the possibility of outliving their savings. The retirement landscape is changing and your retirement strategy needs to keep pace with today’s realities.

BCA 8 2.0 can provide you a source of guaranteed income to last a lifetime.

If you elect the optional Balanced Allocation Lifetime Income Rider (BALIR), available for a charge at contract issue, you gain access to additional benefits that can immediately increase your Income Base and provide the opportunity for growth through locked-in Interest Earnings to help you accumulate and secure a source of lifetime income.

Build Your Income Base

The Balanced Allocation Lifetime Income Rider (BALIR) offers two options to help you grow the Income Base – the amount used to determine your guaranteed lifetime income in retirement.

Choose from the SGO Max or Flex Growth, which are available for an additional charge.

Stacked Growth

The SGO Max offers a powerful combination to grow your Income Base and future lifetime income through a guaranteed annual percentage plus 100% of Interest Earnings based on the Accumulation Value and credited to your Income Base.

Flex Growth

The Flex Growth option grows your Income Base and future lifetime income through the greater of a guaranteed annual percentage or a percentage of your Interest Earnings based on the Accumulation Value and credited to your Income Base.

The Income Base is different from the Accumulation Value, it cannot be withdrawn as a lump sum and is used only for the calculation of Lifetime Income Withdrawals.

You can also create a lifetime income to cover two lives when you choose the Joint Life option. 



Enhance Your Legacy

Today’s historically low-interest rates present a new challenge to individuals who want to grow and protect a legacy. You can enhance the death benefit for your beneficiaries with either the Family Endowment Rider (FER) or Family Endowment Rider Max (FER Max), which are available for a charge and offer:

Guaranteed Minimum Growth

The Enhanced Death Benefit grows daily at an annual equivalent rate for the longer of 8 years or to contract owner age 85.

Interest Earnings

With FER Max, a percentage of the interest credited to your BCA 8 2.0 contract, if any, is added to your Enhanced Death Benefit every two years.

Not available with FER.

Dollar-for-Dollar Withdrawals

Access up to 3% for FER and 5% for FER Max of the Accumulation Value each year, and the Enhanced Death Benefit will only be reduced by the amount of the withdrawal.

Athene Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit to beneficiaries.




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