Fidelity and Guaranty (F&G) Retirement Pro Fixed Indexed Annuity


F&G Retirement Pro fixed index annuity is a 12-year retirement plan designed to generate an income for life, help pay for long term care, and enhance a death benefit. 

FG Retirement Pro fixed indexed annuity is a retirement plan designed to help you:


What is an annuity?

An annuity is defined as a long-term retirement tool that can be a cornerstone of your financial security and success.

You pay a premium (think of it as your principal) to F&G and F&G provides an annuity contract with unique benefits to you.

An annuity protects and potentially builds your savings, with the option of converting them into scheduled income payments for retirement.

If you’re interested in the long-term, market-based potential growth of a base used to calculate a future guaranteed income stream, a MODIFIED SINGLE PREMIUM INDEXED DEFERRED ANNUITY, like FG Retirement Pro, maybe a good choice for you.


Is FG Retirement Pro a good option for you?

You’ll have the opportunity to build the base of your future income by potentially earning interest linked to a market index— without participating in the market. This annuity has important features:

  • A unique structure that tracks two values: your Benefit Base (used to calculate a future guaranteed income stream; not an amount that may be surrendered or withdrawn) and your account value (available for withdrawals).
  • We give you a bonus to your account. It is added immediately to your Benefit Base and vests over 12 years in your account value.
  • You can choose from several options for earning interest on your Benefit Base; one fixed interest option (with a guaranteed rate) and additional options tied to a market index.
  • Your account value grows with a rate of interest that F&G guarantees at the outset of each contract year. A standout Breakthrough feature gives you the potential for greater growth of your account value in the long term.
  • Any growth of your savings is tax-deferred (you pay taxes only when you make withdrawals or receive income in the future).
  • You have the option of guaranteed income for life.
  • You’ll have full access to your account value for unexpected health care costs, namely qualifying nursing or home health care, or in the event of terminal illness. This benefit applies to conditions that arise one year or more after the contract begins.
  • From day one you have death benefits for peace of mind.
  • You may withdraw your money at any time. Withdrawals in year one, or withdrawals in year 2-12 of over 10% of your vested account value, will incur withdrawal charges.
  • No fees. 

Guaranteed income

At any time after the first contract year, if you are at least 50 years old, you have the option to receive guaranteed withdrawal payments.

If you haven’t made excess withdrawals in any year, payments will never run out, no matter how long you live, even if your account value is depleted.

The time to start is up to you, and you may stop income payments, and restart them later.

The payment amount is determined by the Benefit Base value when you begin withdrawal payments.

The method of calculating the payment amounts is explained in the SOU.

Your guaranteed income payments may increase if you become impaired to the extent you are unable to perform at least two out of six activities of daily living.

These are defined terms and may vary from state to state.

Increased payments will continue until your account value is depleted or the impairment no longer qualifies you for the benefit.

Payments then revert to the original guaranteed income payment.

Prior withdrawals reduce guaranteed withdrawal amounts.

Check out a Long Term Care Annuity to supplement your long term care insurance needs.

Death benefits

The death benefit may be paid as a lump sum or payments over time. Prior withdrawals reduce death benefit amounts.

Access for unexpected health care costs

If you need home health or nursing home care, or in the event of terminal illness, you may access your account value with no surrender charges or Market Value Adjustment (MVA). The diagnosis of terminal illness, or the beginning of home health or nursing home care, must occur at least one year after the contract is issued. These are defined conditions, and this benefit may vary from state to state.


Ability to withdraw

You may withdraw your money at any time. We know you may have unexpected opportunities or expenses. You’ll have penalty-free access to 10% of the account value in years 2-12. Any other withdrawals may incur withdrawal charges. These consist of surrender charges and MVA. The surrender charge in contract year one is 12% of the withdrawal, and this percentage decreases over 12 years.

What is a Market Value Adjustment?

Any time a withdrawal incurs a surrender charge, an MVA will be made. The MVA is based on a formula that takes into account changes in the U.S. Treasury yields since the contract was issued. Generally, if treasury yields have risen, the MVA will decrease the surrender value; if they have fallen, the MVA will increase the surrender value. The MVA does not apply in MO.


Life Insurance Alternative

If you’re seeking to enhance a death benefit for estate planning purposes, also shop and compare life insurance quotes too.  It’s rare we don’t find a solution.  Life Insurance is tax-free for beneficiaries while annuities are tax-deferred for beneficiaries.



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