Great American Landmark 5 Fixed Indexed Annuity


The Great American Landmark 5 fixed index annuity is a 5-year retirement savings plan designed to provide principal protection from stock market loss, accumulation for your nest egg, and a guaranteed income for life.

Great American Landmark 5 is a 5-year fixed-indexed annuity from Great American Life Insurance Company that offers:

  • Growth opportunity: You can allocate your money to interest strategies that may help you accumulate more assets for retirement.
  • Protection from a loss: Regardless of market conditions, you won’t lose the money you contribute to your annuity unless you take a withdrawal or surrender your contract during its early withdrawal charge period.
  • Return of premium guarantee: You can have the extra flexibility you may be seeking, knowing that if the unexpected occurs, you can surrender your annuity and receive your purchase payments, less the sum of prior withdrawals and any applicable rider charges.
  • Guaranteed retirement income: When you’re ready to turn the money you’ve accumulated in your annuity into retirement income, you can select from a variety of payout options, including an income stream that will last for the rest of your life.


Annuity Basics

Simply put, an annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company. It is a long-term financial vehicle that’s designed to protect and grow your money and then provide a stream of income during your retirement.

In fact, other than pensions, annuities are the only products that provide guaranteed lifetime income.

Pick Your Path To Growth

Fixed-indexed annuities offer multiple interest strategies to help you build your savings.

  • Indexed strategies offer you the unique opportunity to earn interest based, in part, on market performance without the risk of market loss.
  • A declared rate strategy allows you to grow your money at a fixed interest rate that is set at the beginning of each one-year term.

You have the flexibility to choose the strategies that are right for you. We know your needs may change over time, so you can revisit your strategy selections at the end of each one-year term.

How Do Indexed Strategies Work?

It’s simple.

Funds in an indexed strategy earn interest-based, in part, on the positive performance of an external index, such as the S&P 500.

Interest is credited on the last day of each one-year term and is guaranteed to never be less than 0%.

The Great American Landmark 3 offers point-to-point indexed strategies. These strategies compare the closing value of an index at the end of a one-year term to the closing value on the first day of the term.

  • If the result is positive, interest is credited.
  • If the result is negative, the credited interest rate is 0%.

The amount of interest credited at the end of the term is limited by a cap, which is the maximum interest rate that will be credited for a one-year term.

Any interest credited to your account value is locked in at the end of each one-year term and cannot be lost due to future market performance.


Features and Benefits

The tax treatment that allows faster growth

You don’t pay taxes on the interest your contract earns until you start receiving payments or take a withdrawal, so your money can grow at a faster rate than it would in a taxable product.

Guaranteed retirement income

With the average retirement lasting 18 years, you may worry about outliving your savings.

The Landmark 5 provides the opportunity to turn the money you’ve accumulated in your annuity into a steady stream of retirement income.

Depending on which payout option you choose, income benefit payments are made for a specific number of years or for life.

Protection for your loved ones

No one likes to think about it, but part of achieving peace of mind is knowing what would happen to your money if you pass away unexpectedly.

With Landmark 5, any death benefit is paid directly to your beneficiaries, which allows them to receive your financial legacy without the cost and delays of probate.

Great American Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit for beneficiaries, tax-free.

Return of Premium

The amount payable upon surrender, applied to the annuity benefit or payable as the death benefit, will never be less than the return of premium guarantee.

The return of premium value is the sum of all purchase payments, less all prior withdrawals, including those to pay rider charges, but not including amounts applied to early withdrawal charges.

Bailout Feature

We will waive any early withdrawal charges on funds you withdraw from an indexed strategy if the renewal cap or participation rate for that strategy falls below its bailout rate. If the bailout feature is triggered, we will send you a letter and give you 30 days to withdraw the money from that strategy without incurring an early withdrawal charge.

Extended care waiver rider

After the first contract year, if you are confined to a nursing home or long-term care facility for at least 90 consecutive days, you have the option to withdraw up to 100% of the account value without incurring an early withdrawal charge.

Terminal illness waiver rider

After the first contract year, if you are diagnosed by a physician as having a terminal illness, you have the option to withdraw up to 100% of the account value without incurring an early withdrawal charge. A terminal illness is defined as having a prognosis of survival of 12 months or less, or a longer period as required by state law.



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