Guggenheim Life Highlander Fixed Indexed Annuity


Guggenheim Highlander fixed indexed annuity is a 10-year retirement savings plan that provides safe accumulation and retirement income for life.

The Guggenheim Highlander is a single premium deferred fixed indexed annuity that allows you to accumulate funds, benefit from tax deferral, maintain a simplified allocation, and can provide a living benefit of income that can last as long as you live.

Annuities are an important tool in planning and sustaining income for the future.

Deferred annuities accumulate money tax-free for a period of time.

Your premium will receive earned interest as well as enjoying income tax deferral, which results in a secure and dependable account balance.

Immediate annuities provide a reliable and predictable income that you cannot outlive.

Guggenheim Life and Annuity Company (Guggenheim Partners) offer these tools with your future in mind.


Key Features of the Highlander Annuity

Tax Deferral

Federal income tax on interest accumulated in the Highlander is deferred until a withdrawal is made.

This means interest is earned on money that would otherwise be taxed.

If the money is withdrawn from the contract before age 59 1/2, a tax penalty may be owed.

Free Withdrawals

A single penalty-free withdrawal up to 10% of the account value may be taken beginning in the second contract year.

Surrender charges and market value adjustment will be waived on free withdrawal amounts.

Please refer to the contract for full details.

Nursing Home Care

Should the owner become confined to a nursing home, the Highlander provides access to the full account value, without surrender charges or applicable market value adjustments.

The benefit becomes available after the first contract anniversary.

The contract must be issued prior to the owner’s age of 76, and the confinement in a nursing home must be for at least 90 continuous days after the contract has been inforce at least one year.

Not available in MA.

Terminal Illness

If the owner is diagnosed with a critical illness or is deemed terminally ill by a physician, the Highlander allows withdrawals up to the full account value without surrender charges or market value adjustments.

Please refer to the contract for full details.

Death Benefit

The Highlander pays your named beneficiary the full account value on death.

Options for income payments may be available instead of taking a lump sum.

If the spouse is the sole Primary Beneficiary, they have the option to continue the annuity in the surviving spouse’s name.

Premium Bonus

A premium bonus of 4% will be added to the Account Value for all premium deposited in the first year.

A recapture charge may be applied for early withdrawals.

This bonus is not applied to the Lifetime Withdrawal Rider. 

Lifetime Withdrawal Rider

The Lifetime Withdrawal Rider is an optional benefit with the Highlander at an additional cost.

The rider guarantees you can withdraw a minimum amount of income from your annuity each year as long as you live.



Is the Highlander right for you?

Do other options often seem too complicated?

In today’s environment of multiple investment options and ways to prepare for retirement, it is quite easy to have it all become much too complicated.

The Highlander focuses on simplifying this daunting task by offering the opportunity to enjoy the positives of the S&P 500 market index while mitigating the risk of a declining market.

Would you like a peace of mind?

The Highlander annuity gives you the opportunity to grow your assets and build income for the future.

The simplicity of one index, the guarantee of a fixed account, and the growing income potential provide balance and peace of mind!

Does your money have a good balance?

In our early accumulation years, it is okay to take on risk for the potential of greater returns.

Many nearing retirement decide to flip the switch and go a completely conservative route.

With the Highlander, there is an option for balance of capturing a portion of the gains in the market and protecting you against any market downturns.



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