Legacy FutureMark Fixed Indexed Annuity


Legacy FutureMark is a 10-year fixed index annuity built for providing safe accumulation and enhancing a death benefit. Compare and request a quote.

Legacy FutureMark fixed indexed annuity features layers of guarantees to protect your hard-earned dollars and pre-blended interest crediting strategies designed for stress-free diversification, FutureMark provides innovative ways to help you start accumulating more today.

Plus, a no-cost rider* can build a more secure future for your loved ones by increasing the legacy you leave behind.

Choosing FutureMark today can bring happiness, comfort, and independence in retirement.



FutureMark is a Single Premium Deferred Fixed Indexed Annuity. 


The annuity is purchased with one single, lump-sum payment.


The income phase of the annuity is deferred until a later date.


A fixed rate of interest is available on all or a portion of your money.

Indexed Annuity

An insurance contract that offers market-related earnings coupled with guarantees.




Strength and Stability

To help protect your nest egg, choose a product offered by an insurer you can trust.

FutureMark is issued by Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company, a company built on a platform of integrity and security.

Americo has received an excellent rating from an independent ratings agency.

For more than 100 years, the Americo Life, Inc. family of insurance companies has been committed to providing the life insurance and annuity products you need to protect your mortgage, family, and future.*

Americo listens to what you want from a life insurance policy or annuity contract and strives to provide a proper solution for your individual situation.

Innovative thinking and sound investment decisions have helped Americo build a strong financial foundation.


Guaranteed Minimum Value

To shield today’s funds from future market-related loss, FutureMark has a strong built-in minimum guarantee.

This offers the security of premium and guaranteed returns— regardless of market conditions.

Upon full surrender, death, or annuitization, you will receive a minimum of 1%–3% compounded annually on the entirety of your premium (less any withdrawals, surrender charges, and applicable premium tax).

Your guaranteed minimum interest rate is set when your contract is issued and will not change for the life of the contract.


Optimizer Fee

One of the keys to the strong guarantees and earnings potential on FutureMark is an annual administrative fee called the Optimizer Fee.

This fee allows for higher declared rates and caps than would be available on a no-fee product.

Higher rates and caps can equate to higher growth for your money, making FutureMark an appropriate choice if you are willing to pay a fee for the opportunity to have more money for your future.

The Optimizer Fee is deducted at the end of each contract year, including the first.

The fee percentage, currently 1% of the contract’s Accumulation Value, is set at contract issue and will not change for the life of the contract.

The FutureMark Guaranteed Minimum Value is not affected by the Optimizer Fee, so you can have peace of mind knowing the fee will never impact your product guarantee.


True Up

In addition to the Guaranteed Minimum Value, FutureMark includes an extra layer of guarantee†† called True Up.

When the market underperforms, this built-in benefit protects your premium from declines caused by the Optimizer Fee.

This allows you to capitalize on the higher accumulation potential made possible by the Optimizer Fee while having the reassurance that the fee won’t erode your premium.

True Up credits back Optimizer Fee amounts paid that are greater than your interest earnings.

It applies at the end of Year 5 if your Accumulation Value is less than the premium paid into the contract, less prior withdrawals (and surrender charges thereon).

It’s calculated after the Year 5 Optimizer Fee is deducted and any interest is credited.




An important part of planning for the future is ensuring your money has a strong opportunity for growth.

With FutureMark, you get to choose how interest is credited to your annuity.

Your interest crediting selections include a fixed-rate strategy that credits a guaranteed fixed interest rate and indexed strategies that credit interest based on the performance of a specific market index.

Fixed-Rate Strategy Also called the Declared Interest Account, this interest crediting strategy guarantees a competitive fixed rate of interest for a 12-month period.

Interest is credited daily rather than at the end of the term period, making the Fixed Rate Strategy a great selection if you anticipate taking withdrawals.

It is also an appropriate selection if you want the certainty of a guaranteed crediting rate.


Indexed Strategies

To allow you the opportunity to benefit from market gains without exposing your money to market declines, FutureMark offers a diverse range of indexed strategies.

Indexed strategies credit interest based on the performance of a specific market index.

Interest credited will never be less than 0%, so regardless of which strategy or combination of strategies you choose, your money is protected from market uncertainty.

Earnings are limited by a cap, participation rate, and/or fixed rate on gain.

If you die during an index period, any partial-year index credits will be included in the death benefit.

This is important because it means that your beneficiaries will not miss out on index growth occurring after the previous contract anniversary.

For descriptions of available indexed strategies and interest crediting details, refer to the FutureMark Interest Crediting Strategies brochure.





Build your Accumulation Value through a 50/50 blend of two pre-selected indexed strategies.

BuilderBlend options consist of a strategic selection of index strategies chosen to provide built-in diversification and strong combined earnings potential.

BuilderBlend options have a five-year duration, which can help simplify allocation and reduce decision fatigue for years at a time.

Additionally, these options provide rate consistency and predictability since rates lock-in for the five-year strategy.




FutureMark will perform best when it is allowed to grow.

But sometimes, unexpected expenses require early access to your money.

If you do need to withdraw from your Accumulation Value during the contract’s surrender charge period, FutureMark offers penalty-free liquidity options.

Penalty-Free Withdrawals

Each contract year after the first, you may withdraw up to 10% of your Accumulation Value without incurring a surrender charge.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $500.

Your surrender value must remain at least $2,000.

Additionally, you may make interest-only withdrawals from the Fixed Rate Strategy.

This is available after the first month by current company practice.

If you choose to surrender the contract or make a withdrawal that exceeds the 10% penalty-free withdrawal amount, surrender charges may apply.

The charge is a percentage of the amount withdrawn.

Refer to the accompanying insert for surrender charges applicable in your state.

Confinement Waiver

In most states, if after the contract date you become confined to a nursing home or hospital for at least 90 consecutive days, you may withdraw up to 100% of your Accumulation Value without incurring surrender charges.

This is available under the Waiver of Surrender Charges Upon Nursing Home or Hospital Confinement Endorsement (Endorsement Series 4139).

Your withdrawal request and proof of confinement must be provided no later than 30 days after discharge from the nursing home or hospital.

Check with your insurance professional regarding the availability of this waiver in your state (it is not available in Massachusetts).

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

If your annuity was issued in connection with a tax-qualified plan, the IRS might require you to take minimum distributions beginning at age 72.

Required minimum distribution amounts associated with this contract that are greater than the penalty-free amount may be withdrawn without surrender charges.

This is available by current company practice beginning in the first contract year.


If you have a 403(b)/TSA plan, you may take loans of at least 0. The loan balance will be credited with interest according to index increases. Loan amounts will be charged a fixed rate of interest. This interest rate is determined at the time the loan is taken and set for the life of the loan. Refer to the contract for additional details.




Fixed indexed annuities have a tax-deferred status, allowing your money to work harder for you.

Tax Deferral

With FutureMark fixed indexed annuities, you can postpone paying taxes on the interest your annuity earns.

You only need to pay taxes on the gains in the contract when you access them.

So as long as the annuity is left to grow, you won’t need to pay taxes.

When taxes are deferred until they are withdrawn, you have increased opportunity for accumulation through triple compounding.

Your premium earns interest, your interest earns interest, and the money you would have paid in taxes earns interest.




The longer you live in retirement, the more likely you are to run out of money.

Fixed indexed annuities offer a way to provide an ongoing income stream.


At any time, you may convert your surrender value into regular annual, semiannual, quarterly, or monthly payments.

This is called annuitization.

If you choose to annuitize your contract, you may select a fixed period certain payout of between five and 20 years (not to exceed life expectancy).

Surrender charges are waived if the contract has been in force for at least five years.

Should you die during the fixed period certain, any remaining payments will be paid to your beneficiary.




A built-in enhanced death benefit can help you leave a greater legacy to your beneficiaries.

BeneBooster Death Benefit

To enhance your death benefit, FutureMark includes the BeneBooster, a guaranteed minimum death benefit rider provided with your contract at no cost.

Should you die before annuity payments begin, your chosen beneficiary will receive the greater of the Guaranteed Minimum Value, the return of premium less prior gross withdrawals, or the Accumulation Value less any applicable premium taxes.

Additionally, beneficiaries will receive a BeneBooster rider benefit, available in most states.

The BeneBooster rider benefit is equal to a benefit percentage times the Net Gain in the contract.

  • For issue ages 0–75, the benefit percentage is 25%.
  • For issue ages 76–85, the benefit percentage is 15%.

This additional rider benefit can be used to help offset taxes, pay final expenses, or for any other purpose.

Death benefit proceeds, in general, are free from the hassles, publicity, and delays of probate.

Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit for beneficiaries, tax-free.



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