Lincoln Financial OptiBlend 5 Fixed Indexed Annuity


Lincoln Financial OptiBlend 5 Annuity is a 5-year retirement savings vehicle designed to grow your IRA or 401k. 

Lincoln OptiBlend 5 flexible premium fixed indexed annuity blends the safety of principal protection with upside market potential.

So you don’t have to sacrifice growth to enjoy market protection.

That’s more than you can expect from traditional deposit products.

Plus, a Lincoln OptiBlend 5 fixed indexed annuity gives you these advantages:


Protect tomorrow’s potential

You pursued your life’s goals by seeking out opportunities.

You built your dream, and now it’s time to set your sights on your next destination — retirement.

To make sure you can live life to the fullest, you need a plan that will help protect and grow your money.

It should provide income that will last, and help you overcome the challenges that you may face in the years ahead.

Tax uncertainty

What tax exposure will you face in retirement?

You can’t predict what tax laws will be in place years from now and how legislative changes may impact your income and investments.

Just in the recent past, raising taxes caught many retirees by surprise, making them wish they’d planned for the unexpected.

The risk of outliving your savings

Will you have enough money to enjoy yourself for the years ahead? Americans are living longer than ever.

That means you could spend 20 to 30 years in retirement.

In fact, a 65-year old couple has an 84% chance that one of them will live to age 85 and a 65% chance that one will live to age 90.

Actuaries Longevity Illustrator, March 7, 2019,

Rising costs

Will your retirement income keep pace with prices?

During your career, salary increases may help you keep pace with rising costs.

But if you retire with a fixed income and costs rise, you may need to spend down your saving faster than you expected.

The impact of inflation has caused Americans’ living expenses to rise from $50,000 in 1982 to $125,300 by 2018 — a 150 percent increase.

LIMRA, The Retirement Income Reference Book, 2018.

Enjoying market gains with downside protection

How can you create lasting income while feeling protected from market risk?

A market downturn may make it harder for your portfolio to generate the income you need.

But participating in the market may help you benefit from gains and keep your investments growing.

What are your options for protected growth when interest rates are low?

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Help control your retirement income with growth and protection options

With a Lincoln OptiBlend 5 fixed indexed annuity, you decide how much growth potential you want to pursue.

From the very beginning, you’re in control

Your choice of a Fixed Account, three interest-crediting strategies tied to the performance of the S&P 500 Index, and one tied to the S&P 500 Daily Risk Control 5% Index.

If your growth strategy changes you can reallocate every year on your contract anniversary.

Feel assured that no matter which crediting strategy you choose, your principal is protected.

Know that you’ll never lose what you’ve earned.

Access your money or take income when you want.


When the index is negative during an indexed term, the lowest your account can be credited is 0%.


The potential for your account to receive credit increases with positive index performance. Research 5-year annuity rates to find the best upside potential.


Since the indexed accounts never earn a negative interest rate, you never have to recover from losses before seeing additional positive growth if the index rebounds.



Other benefits for you

Take a free withdrawal

You can withdraw a certain amount of your contract each year without paying any extra charges.

In the first year, you can take out up to 10% of the value of your account.

If you’d like to take out more than 10% before your contract period ends, you may have to pay an additional cost as well as a Market Value Adjustment (MVA), which is based on the current interest rate environment.


You’ll receive income payments for life, and you can choose from the following options:

  • Life only — to get income payments for a lifetime
  • Life with a guaranteed period — to get income payments for a lifetime. If you pass away before the guaranteed period, your loved ones will continue to receive payments until the period ends.
  • Life with installment refund — to get income payments for a lifetime. If you pass away before receiving at least the value at the time of annuitization, your loved ones would receive the remainder as income payments.
  • Life with cash refund — to get income payments for a lifetime. If you pass away before receiving the full value at the time of annuitization, your loved ones will receive the remainder as a lump sum.


Know that there’s built-in protection for you and your loved ones

A safety net if the unexpected happens

If you experience qualifying medical issues, your Lincoln annuity has a nursing home and terminal illness provision that allow you to access your money without charge, after the first contract year.

A death benefit for your heirs

Before your contract is annuitized, any remaining contract value will pass to your beneficiaries.

Lincoln Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit to beneficiaries.




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