Lincoln New Directions 6 Fixed Indexed Annuity


Lincoln Financial New Directions 6 annuity protects your principal and can grow your retirement savings based on the performance of the S&P 500 Index. 

Lincoln New Directions 6 is a single premium fixed indexed annuity. It protects your principal, guarantees a fixed interest rate, and has the potential to credit your account with interest based on the performance of the S&P 500 Index.


Increased protection with growth potential

Accumulate interest across three account buckets

Your premium can be distributed among three different interest accounts.

Think of these accounts as different buckets that hold a portion of your money.

There are a fixed account bucket and two indexed account buckets tied to the performance of the S&P 500 Index.

As your needs change throughout the life of the contract, you also have the ability to reallocate money across the buckets at the end of each year (every two years for money allocated in the 2 Year S&P 500 Cap).

The Power of Zero

The indexed account buckets are able to help bridge the gap between risk and reward by providing the Power of Zero.

The Power of Zero

When the index is negative during an indexed term, the lowest your account can be credited is 0%.

Growth potential

The potential for your account to receive credit increases with positive index performance. Research 6-year annuity rates to find the best upside potential.

Gains locked in

Since the indexed accounts never earn a negative interest rate, you never have to recover from losses before seeing additional positive growth if the S&P 500 Index rebounds.

Guaranteed growth

If you leave your money in Lincoln’s New Directions 6 contract until the end of the surrender charge period and if you surrender your contract, you are guaranteed to walk away with more than the initial premium (given no withdrawals were made).

This amount is known as the Guaranteed Minimum Cash Surrender Value (GMCSV).

The GMCSV is based on a guaranteed minimum rate of return.

If a contract is surrendered during the surrender charge period, the surrender charge and a Market Value Adjustment (MVA) will apply and can result in the GMCSV being less than your premium.

If surrendered after the surrender charge period, no surrender charge or MVA will apply.

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Facing retirement challenges…

Throughout our lives, we set goals to move us to the next step.

Taking that first step toward retirement is no different.

Whether your retirement goals include traveling, owning a beach house, antiquing, or getting serious about golf, you’ll need a plan that allows you to have the lifestyle you want.

Market risk

How can you avoid volatility and create the income you’ll need for the years ahead?

A market downturn could affect your portfolio’s ability to generate sufficient income.

Yet, market exposure can provide growth opportunities to help you increase your retirement savings.

Does this mean you have to trade growth for safety?

Tax risk

What will your tax exposure be in retirement?

You pay taxes on your earnings from some vehicles, such as savings accounts, bonds, CDs, and mutual funds.

Will taxes diminish the growth of your savings over the years?

Protecting and growing your savings

Plan to help protect what you’ve already accumulated from risk and grow the financial resources you’ll need in retirement with a Lincoln New Directions 6 fixed indexed annuity.

It can strengthen your retirement income strategy by giving you these advantages:


…doesn’t mean sacrificing growth potential

Balancing risk and reward

Most investors want the best opportunities for their nest egg, but it often becomes a balancing act between the security of banks and the growth potential of the markets.

A fixed indexed annuity can provide some of the best features of both worlds.

How does it compare with your other investments?



Protection in times of need

Lincoln New Directions 6 fixed indexed annuity offers benefits to help get you through uncertain times if the need should arise.

Protection for loved ones

Before a contract is annuitized, there is a death benefit that allows you to pass any remaining assets to your beneficiaries. Lincoln Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit to beneficiaries.

Guarantees for your health

If you experience qualifying medical issues, there are also nursing home and terminal illness benefits built into Lincoln New Directions 6 fixed indexed annuity that allows access to your money without charge after the first contract year.

How many ways can you take income?

Now that you’ve worked so hard to grow and protect what’s important to you, how are you going to enjoy it?

There are multiple ways to take income from a Lincoln New Directions 6 fixed indexed annuity. 

Free withdrawal amount (10% free withdrawal amount)

10% of the account value is available each contract year during the surrender charge period — without charge.

Systematic withdrawals

Withdrawals can be taken annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly, and must be taken first from the Fixed Account.


Receive tax-advantaged payments for a period of time or for life.

Once the income is started, it cannot be stopped.

Market Value Adjustment

If you take more than the 10% free withdrawal amount before the end of the surrender charge period, it may be subject to surrender charges and a Market Value Adjustment (MVA).

The MVA is a positive or negative adjustment based on the current interest rate environment at the time of the surrender.

The MVA does not apply to withdrawals after the surrender charge period, 10% free withdrawals, the death benefit, annuitized contracts, or contracts issued in selected states. 



Minimum Premium

Maximum Premium

Contract Length

Company Rating (A.M. Best)

Maximum Issue Age

Insurance Company

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Annual Penalty-Free Withdrawals

Death Benefit


Surrender Charge Waivers


State Availability

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