National Life Group (LSW) FIT Foundation Fixed Indexed Annuity


National Life Group (LSW) FIT Foundation fixed index annuity is a retirement savings account designed to safely invest along with market loss protection.

National Life Group (LSW) FIT Foundation Fixed Indexed Annuity can help greater potential for interest crediting – by crediting interest based in part on the change in a major market index, you have the potential for higher interest crediting than traditional fixed annuities or other fixed-interest products.


About National Life Group



You have control of your money.

Choose how to allocate your values between multiple crediting options.

Never Lose a Penny Due to a Market Downturn

Premiums paid and interest credited are not subject to market risk.


What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA)?

A fixed indexed annuity uses a formula to calculate the interest that considers the performance of an underlying index like the S&P 500 or the Russell 2000, without actual participation in the stock market.

Fixed Indexed Annuities Can Provide:

  • Tax Deferral
  • Guaranteed Accumulation Value
  • Guaranteed6 safety of principal
  • Potential for higher interest crediting than traditional fixed annuities
  • Death Benefit Protection

The Power of Tax Deferral

Annuities receive a tax benefit in the form of tax deferral on earnings.

This means that the money you invest today won’t be taxed until you decide to start taking income in retirement and can help further build your retirement savings.

The Benefits of Triple Compounding

  1. Earn interest on your contribution
  2. Earn interest on your interest
  3. Earn interest on the money you would have paid in taxes.

 National Life Group’s FIT Foundation kick-starts your retirement savings through an immediate premium bonus interest credit.

Additional Benefits

Your FIT Foundation Annuity provides many additional benefits at no additional cost, such as:

  • Nursing Care and Terminal Illness Riders (in states where approved) at no additional cost.
  • 10% Free Withdrawals in Policy Year 2+

People worry most about outliving money early in retirement but after 10 or more years, health becomes the area of greatest concern.

The Nursing Care and Terminal Illness riders give you peace of mind knowing that in case of a qualifying medical emergency, you can access your money at any time and without paying a surrender charge.



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