National Western Life Core Dynamic Fixed Index Annuity


National Western Life Core Dynamic Annuity is a tax-deferred savings account designed for investors wanting to invest safely for retirement by earning interest based on positive changes in a stock market index, protecting the principal from market loss, and delivering a retirement income for life.

The National Western Life Core Dynamic Annuity is a flexible premium deferred fixed indexed annuity. It is a long-term contract intended as a secure planning vehicle for retirement accumulation and income.

The NWL Core Dynamic Annuity provides the important benefits of many tax-deferred annuities:

  • interest accumulation
  • safety, tax-deferral
  • liquidity


Features and Benefits

Optional Withdrawal Benefit Riders

There are optional Withdrawal Benefit Riders that can be added to the NWL Core Dynamic annuity at issue.

The election of one of these riders can provide guaranteed minimum income benefits for the life of a single Annuitant or Joint Annuitants without the election of a Settlement Option.

A charge applies to each rider, and riders may not be available in all states.

Please refer to the separate Withdrawal Benefit Rider consumer disclosure brochures for complete descriptions of the benefits, features, and applicable charges for each optional rider.

The charges and benefits of the Withdrawal Benefit Rider will be deducted from the Account Value of the Policy, and may reduce the benefits provided by the Policy.

NWL Dynamic Withdrawal Benefit Rider

The NWL Dynamic Withdrawal Benefit Rider (WBR) can provide the guarantee of an income stream that you can’t outlive.

The NWL Dynamic Withdrawal Benefit Rider (WBR) is an optional rider that is available to be added to a Company-approved NWL indexed annuity at the time of purchase.

This rider provides guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits to the Policy Owner for the duration of the Annuitant’s life, and if applicable, a Joint Annuitant’s life as well.

Nursing Home (NH) Increase

The NH Increase is an increase to the Guaranteed Annual Withdrawal Payment for a cumulative period lasting no longer than the NH Maximum Benefit Period of five years.

A Withdrawal Payment of up to twice the GAWP may be taken if all of the following conditions are

  • The Annuitant must be confined to a Nursing Home for a period of at least 90 days.
  •  Confinement begins on or after the two year NH Waiting Period.
  • The current Account Value is greater than zero.
  • The Owner has not previously requested a NH Increase.
  • We receive and accept Proof of Claim while the Annuitant is confined to a Nursing Home facility or no later than one year after the Annuitant is discharged.

If the Account Value falls to zero for any reason, the NH Increase will no longer be available, starting on the next Policy Anniversary.

If any withdrawals larger than that allowed by the NH Increase are taken, the NH Increase will not be available for all subsequent Policy Years, and the Withdrawal Payment Base will be adjusted according to the Pro-Rata Adjustment Factor.

The NH Maximum Benefit Period begins with the Policy Year during which the Proof of Claim is received. The Nursing Home Increase may not be available in all states.


You may cancel this rider at any time by providing a written request.

This rider will terminate when the accompanying annuity is annuitized or otherwise terminated, the WBR Annuitant dies, or the last surviving Annuitant (if there is a Joint Annuitant on the WBR) dies. 

Terminal Illness or Injury Benefit

Upon receiving satisfactory documentation, Withdrawal Charges will be waived for full surrender or partial withdrawal if the Annuitant is first diagnosed after the Policy Date with an illness or injury from which he or she is not expected to recover and is expected to die within twelve (12) months.

Waiver of Withdrawal Charge after Qualifying Medical Stay

You may withdraw up to 75% of the Account Value without a Withdrawal Charge after certain medically necessary stays as outlined in the Policy.

The Annuitant must be 75 years or younger on the Policy Date, and each stay must be for at least 90 consecutive days.

The stay must be in a hospital and/or nursing facility (as defined in the Policy), and the Annuitant must receive at least intermediate care (as described in the Policy) for 90 consecutive days during the stay.

The stay must begin after the Policy Date. Any withdrawal in excess of 75% of the Account Value will be subject to the Policy’s regular Withdrawal Charge. 


Minimum Premium

Maximum Premium

Enhanced Benefits

Contract Length

Company Rating (A.M. Best)

Maximum Issue Age

Accepted Funds

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Insurance Company

Premium Type

Annuitization Required

Annual Penalty-Free Withdrawals

Death Benefit


Surrender Charge Waivers


Annual Fees

State Availability

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Cancellation Policy

Liquidity Options

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