Nationwide New Heights 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity


Nationwide New Heights 10 fixed indexed annuity is a 10-year retirement saving plan designed to safely grow your nest egg, generate a  retirement income for the rest of your life, and an enhanced death benefit for your beneficiaries. 

The Nationwide New Heights 10 fixed indexed annuity is a single-purchase-payment deferred annuity with features that help you accumulate retirement savings and protect your money. Those features offer the following:

Nationwide New Heights Annuity Growth potential

New Heights 10 annuity tracks your potential strategy earnings (also known as earnings) daily, and does not limit the amount of index performance used to calculate your earnings; however, the overall growth potential for your contract may be limited by the other crediting factors used in the calculation of earnings, such as the equity-indexed allocation and the strategy spread.

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Nationwide Annuity’s Protection from market risk

There are two ways that Nationwide New Heights 10 annuity may help protect your hard-earned money:

  • We guarantee that you will never lose any of your initial investment or credited earnings due to the performance of the underlying index.
  • Our return of purchase payment guarantee provides assurance that should you surrender your contract after the end of the ninth contract anniversary, or if a death benefit is payable or surrender is triggered due to an event qualifying under the Long-Term Care, Terminal Illness or Injury Event provisions, you will receive 100% of your purchase payment minus any gross withdrawals.

Please note that the return of the purchase payment guarantee may be modified if an optional rider is purchased.

If you withdraw assets within the first nine years of your contract, your principal may be reduced by fees known as contingent deferred sales charges (CDSC).


Flexibility and transparency

Because your Balanced Allocation Value (BAV) is tracked daily, you can see what your contract is doing and make educated decisions about whether to lock in the index value (you may choose to do this once per strategy term). In addition to added transparency, the daily tracking offers the flexibility to calculate and credit strategy earnings any time you access your contract value, even before the end of your crediting term.


How Does The Nationwide New Heights Annuity Work?


Optional riders

Nationwide’s New Heights 10 annuity has optional riders, which must be elected at the time of issue. These riders are available for an additional cost, and they offer:

When you need retirement income

Nationwide High Point 365 Lifetime Income Benefit Rider AND Nationwide High Point 365 Lifetime Income Benefit Rider with Purchase Payment Bonus

The NationwideFinancial High Point 365 riders are available for an additional cost and build on the unique features of New Heights 10 to provide additional ways to grow future income:

  • Automatically lock-in every new BAV high point
  • Guaranteed minimum growth
  • Guaranteed annual lifetime payout percentage increases

These features may offer greater lifetime income potential than traditional fixed indexed annuities.

The riders are available for an individual or for a joint lifetime income option.

Use an annuity payment calculator to find your income options.


When you need to create a legacy for loved ones

Nationwide High Point Enhanced Death Benefit Rider AND Nationwide High Point Enhanced Death Benefit Rider with Purchase Payment Bonus

If one of your goals is to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of, then you may elect one of the optional enhanced death benefit riders for an additional cost.

If you elect the Joint Option and name a co-annuitant, the death benefit payable on the first death of either annuitant will be the greater of the base contract death benefit and the enhanced death benefit.

Nationwide Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit to beneficiaries.

Minimum Premium

Maximum Premium

Enhanced Benefits

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Contract Length

Maximum Issue Age

Company Rating (A.M. Best)

Insurance Company

Premium Type

Annuitization Required

Annual Penalty-Free Withdrawals

Death Benefit

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Surrender Charge Waivers

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Annual Fees


State Availability

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Cancellation Policy

Liquidity Options


Accepted Funds

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Lifetime Income

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