Nationwide Peak 10 Annuity


Nationwide Peak 10 offers protection from market risk, growth potential with guarantees, guaranteed retirement income, and protection for a spouse.

Planning for retirement can help put you on the right path for your retirement. That’s where Nationwide Peak 10 may help. It offers protection and growth potential to help you plan for tomorrow — all from a company with almost 100 years of disciplined investing.

  • Protection from market risk
  • Growth potential with guarantees
  • Guaranteed retirement income
  • Protection for a spouse

Guaranteed income backed by the strength of Nationwide

We work hard to help you protect what matters today and prepare you for what comes tomorrow. In fact, we’ve been helping members protect what’s important since 1925.


Nationwide Peak 10 Annuity and retirement risks

As life expectancies increase and the responsibility of funding retirement shifts to the individual, a product that offers both growth potential and principal protection is more important than ever. That’s where a fixed indexed annuity may help.


You want your money to grow. But you don’t want to risk losing what you already have. We guarantee that you won’t lose any of your initial investment or credited earnings due to the performance of the underlying index. Just keep in mind that if you decide to withdraw assets from your annuity, a surrender charge could reduce the money you receive.


Nationwide Peak 10 gives you a choice between two options that provide guaranteed income for as long as you live — even if the contract value falls to zero.


As you approach retirement, the potential for the value of a portfolio to decrease because of changes in stock prices, interest rates, or other factors is of greater concern. You simply don’t have as much time to recover from losses. Nationwide Peak 10 can help keep your assets safe and has a higher growth potential than traditional investments.

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A joint option on the death benefit allows the annuity contract owner to name a spouse as a co-annuitant. This allows the death benefit to be paid to either spouse, no matter who passes away first — even on an IRA.


Accessing your money

Nationwide Peak 10 allows you surrender charge- and MVA-free access to your money in the following circumstances:

  • Withdrawals of up to 10% of your contract value (keep in mind that any distributions before age 59½ may be subject to a 10% early withdrawal federal tax penalty)
  • Long-term care or confinement waiver: 100% of the contract may be withdrawn penalty-free if you are confined to a nursing home for a continuous 90-day period; confinement must begin after the contract is issued and may not be available in all states; maximum issue age is 80
  • Terminal illness or injury waiver: 100% of the contract value may be withdrawn penalty-free after the first contract year if terminal illness or injury is diagnosed after the contract is issued; maximum issue age is 80; not available in NJ; in CT, available only after the second contract anniversary
  • Required minimum distributions, even if they exceed 10% of your contract value; please keep in mind that money withdrawn from the index account during the index term will forfeit potential earnings that would have been credited at the end of the term.


Fixed and indexed options

To provide you with the flexibility to meet your needs, Nationwide Peak 10 offers a fixed interest account as well as a diverse lineup of indexes and crediting options. There are one-year or two-year periods (index terms) that track performance and calculate earnings at the end of each term.


Death benefit

If you are the sole owner and annuitant, when you pass away, a death benefit will be paid to the beneficiaries named in your contract. The death benefit payable is equal to the contract value. 

A joint option is also available if the contract owner names a spouse as a co-annuitant. This feature allows a death benefit to be paid to the surviving spouse, no matter who passes away first or who owns the contract. The surviving spouse also has the option to continue the annuity contract at the death benefit value. Any remaining surrender charge or MVA would no longer apply to the contract. The death benefit will be equal to the contract value.


The Guaranteed Income Solution

The Guaranteed Income Solution is a lifetime income withdrawal feature designed to provide consistent retirement income you can count on. You’ll know the minimum amount you will receive, and it’s guaranteed for your lifetime. Guaranteed lifetime income that won’t decrease, even if your contract value goes to zero.

Your income will be based on your age when you take your first-lifetime withdrawal.


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