Prudential SurePath 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity


Prudential SurePath 10 fixed indexed annuity is a 10-year retirement savings plan designed to create protect against stock market volatility and safely grow your nest egg well into retirement.

With the Prudential SurePath 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity, you don’t have to choose between growth and protection. Choose both.



Principal Protection + Opportunity For Growth

You’ve worked hard for your money and want to protect and grow it for the future. But accomplishing both is easier said than done. With today’s interest rates, low-risk investment products like money market accounts, CDs, and certain bonds offer you a little opportunity for growth. In addition, you can turn to the stock market, although that can be a risky venture.

What if you didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other?

If you’re looking to protect your savings from stock market loss and still want the potential to increase your assets, the SurePath 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity offers you both. It can be a smart choice as part of your overall financial strategy.

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A fixed indexed annuity (FIA) is a tax-deferred financial tool designed for the long term. It offers a level of protection for your money against loss with the opportunity for it to grow based on the performance of a specific market index or combination of indices.

With Prudential annuities, your money is not actually invested in any index but may earn interest based on the index’s performance. As a result, there may typically be upper limits, known as cap rates or participation rates, on the amount of potential interest credited in a given period, as well as a floor that offers downside protection.


The challenge of uncertain markets and low-interest rates

Navigating the stock market can be risky.

When you invest, market ups and downs are inevitable. Many of us remember the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and continue to be concerned about another market downturn. However, history shows that a bear market occurs once every three to four years.

The search for stability can mean lower growth.

Investors will often shift money away from equities and fixed-income investments such as CDs and Treasury bonds to avoid stock market risk. The trouble is, when interest rates are low for extended periods, the return on these investments tends to be low as well. This creates a dilemma: having to choose between protecting your assets or trying to grow them.

With Prudential annuities, clients receive guaranteed downside protection and upside opportunity, and you don’t have to choose. Research 10-year annuity rates.


Choose how your money can grow.

SurePath 10 offers you two different ways to grow your money potentially: an Index-Based Strategy and a Fixed Rate Strategy. Choose one or the other, or a combination of both. First, you decide the percentage to allocate to each. Then, your chosen strategies’ performance is used to determine the amount of any interest credited to your contract.

The Index-Based Strategy

With the Index-Based Strategy, your money has the potential to grow based on the change in market indices that you choose. Because indices perform differently under similar market conditions, SurePath 10 currently offers you three to choose from, each with a Cap Rate or Participation Rate. You also have the ability to select the term – or duration period – of each strategy. Then, at the end of each term, you can renew or reallocate your money among the strategies available at that time.

The Fixed Rate Strategy

The Fixed Rate Strategy is not associated with any index. It earns a fixed interest rate for a period of one year and renews annually. We declare the interest rate at the time you purchase your contract. Rates upon renewal may vary.

Research guaranteed annuity rates to find the best retirement plan.


Choice and flexibility to help your money grow

As we covered earlier, any money you allocate to the Fixed Rate Strategy is guaranteed to grow at a predetermined interest rate for a period of one year. Funds you allocate to the Index-Based Strategy have the potential to grow based on the performance of your chosen indices, measured from the beginning to the end of your 1- or 3-year term. We call this Point-to-Point crediting.

The role of the Cap Rate and Participation Rate

With the Index-Based Strategy, you can allocate your money into a strategy based on a Cap Rate or a Participation Rate. The upper limit is used in calculating the interest that may be credited to your Account Value at the end of an Index Term.

  • The Cap Rate is the upper limit of interest credited at the end of a specific Index Term.
  • The Participation Rate is the percentage of any index increase used to calculate interest.

The role of the floor

The safety of a floor protects your principal and earnings. In addition, the floor prevents your annuity from losing value even if the index declines during your term. With SurePath 10, your floor is 0%, which means you will never experience a negative return due to index performance. You can also never lose your principal amount or any interest that may already be credited to your contract, as long as you take no withdrawals during the surrender charge period.


Accessing your money

While SurePath 10-year annuity is designed for the long term, unexpected needs can arise where you may need to access your money. If that happens, you have several options:

  • Free Withdrawals – After your first contract anniversary, you may withdraw up to 10% of your Account Value annually without Surrender Charges or Market Value Adjustment (MVA).
  • Partial Withdrawals – If you need more than the Free Withdrawal Amount, you can withdraw as much of your Account Value as you need, but keep in mind that Surrender Charges and an MVA may apply.
  • Full Surrender – If you make a full withdrawal of your annuity, you will receive the greater of your Account Value (minus any Surrender Charges and adjusted by any applicable MVA) or your Minimum Guaranteed Surrender Value. (See page 12 for additional information about the Minimum Guaranteed Surrender Value.)
  • Turn your annuity into income – When you feel the time is right to start receiving income payments, you can annuitize your contract. We offer a variety of ways to provide you with guaranteed income for the rest of your life. For more information on annuitization, please consult your financial professional.

Any withdrawal during an Index Term, including Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), will not be eligible to receive interest at the end of the Index Term. It’s important to note that taxes may apply if you make a withdrawal or annuitize your contract. The tax treatment will differ depending on whether you purchased your annuity with pre-tax (qualified) or after-tax (non-qualified) dollars. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

The surrender charge period

When you purchase your contract, you select a surrender charge period (either 7 years or 10 years, in CA: 7 or 9 years), which is the amount of time you must wait until you can withdraw funds from your annuity without facing a penalty charge. Withdrawals taken during this period, excluding any RMDs, will be subject to any applicable Surrender Charges and an MVA. (See page 12 for additional information about MVAs.) SurePath 10 offers a choice of surrender charge periods, each of which may have different Cap Rates, Participation Rates, and Fixed Rates. All options may not be available in all states.


Legacy protection for your beneficiaries

Prudential SurePath 10 annuity offers a built-in death benefit for your loved ones equal to the greater of your Account Value or the Minimum Guaranteed Surrender Value. If you pass away before the end of your Index Term, Prudential will provide a portion of the interest (if the index has increased, subject to the applicable Cap Rate or Participation Rate) to the Account Value. The interest credited would be calculated proportionally based on the amount of time elapsed within the 1- or 3-year Index Term. If the contract is co-owned with your spouse, the death benefit is payable on the death of the first owner. The surviving spouse may choose to receive the death benefit as a lump-sum payment or continue the annuity at the current level.

Prudential Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit to beneficiaries.


The power of tax deferral

One of the additional benefits of an annuity is tax deferral. With Prudential annuities, you pay no taxes on any interest credited until you make a withdrawal, so more of your money stays in your account and working for you. As a result, your interest continues to compound, and your assets accumulate faster than with a taxable account. As a result, tax deferral can significantly impact how much wealth you’re able to accumulate.

How tax deferral works With SurePath 10:

  • In addition, your Account Value can earn interest.
  • Your interest can earn interest.
  • You earn interest on the money you would have otherwise paid in taxes.


Why choose the SurePath 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity?

Prudential SurePath 10 annuity combines all of these features into one product:

  • Protection – Your principal and all interest credited are fully protected against negative index performance.
  • Simplicity – One easy-to-understand crediting strategy – Point-to-Point – with multiple durations.
  • Greater opportunity for growth – Our 3-year Index Term options generally offer you more upside potential than shorter Index Term options.
  • Well-known indices – Our Index-Based Strategy options come from names you’ll recognize, like the S&P 500, MSCI EAFE, and Goldman Sachs Voyager Index.
  • Flexibility – When deciding how to allocate your money, choose the options that work best for you, including the available fixed-rate and index-based strategies, crediting strategy terms, and surrender charge periods.


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