Sagicor Sage Secure 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity


Sagicor’s Sage Secure 10 fixed index annuity is a 10-year retirement plan designed to protect and safely grow your retirement savings.  Annual liquidity is available starting in Year 2.

Product Description

Sagicor’s Sage Secure 10 Fixed Indexed Single Premium Deferred Annuity could be a smart way to help both grow and protect retirement savings.

Sage Secure 10 annuity was specifically designed to provide competitive credited interest along with the right combination of features.

It provides the opportunity for stock market index-linked credited interest while eliminating market risk to the principal.

Tax-deferred accumulation and compounding of interest are important benefits that can grow your nest egg, and you get added flexibility with penalty-free withdrawals and a guaranteed minimum surrender value, should there be a need to access your money.




Sagicor’s Sage Secure 10 FIA is a straightforward, safe, and secure way to grow and protect retirement savings and includes these great features:

  • The index-linked crediting rate provides the opportunity for growth and protection from a downturn in the market
  • Control and access to funds for emergencies and opportunities through withdrawals and a
    guaranteed surrender value.
  • Distinct and globally diverse index choices, plus a fixed interest rate option
  • 10-year Surrender Period
  • Available for ages 15 days to 90 years (Applies to both Owner and Annuitant)
  • $25,000 minimum premium (Qualified and Non-Qualified)


Minimum Premium

Company Rating (A.M. Best)

Maximum Issue Age

Accepted Funds

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Insurance Company

Premium Type

Annuitization Required

Annual Penalty-Free Withdrawals

Death Benefit


Surrender Charge Waivers


State Availability

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Cancellation Policy

Liquidity Options

Contract Length

Annual Fees


Non-Qualified Annuity

Non-qualified funds are cash, checking, savings, life insurance cash value, etc. Only the interest you’ve earned will be taxed as ordinary income as you withdraw money.

Qualified Annuity

Qualified funds are 401k, IRA, SEP, 403b, TSA, etc. Both principal and interest will be taxed as ordinary income as you withdraw money.

Roth IRA Annuity

Withdrawals from Roth IRA annuities are tax-free as long as the IRS requirements are met.


If you withdraw money from your annuity before you turn age 59.5, you will receive a penalty of 10% plus ordinary income taxes from the IRS.


For more information:  How Are Annuities Taxed?


Sagicor Sage Secure Annuity Brochure

Disclaimer*Brochures may vary by state.  For the most accurate information, please request info in the Request Quote form.

About Sagicor

Sagicor Life Insurance Company
4343 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 300
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Policyholders: (800) 531-5067
Agents: (800) 531-5067

A.M. Best Rating: “A-” (Excellent)

Are Annuities FDIC Insured?

Fixed annuities are not FDIC insured, but they have similar protections for your money. An annuity is an insurance policy guaranteed by the insurance company’s claims-paying ability. The insurance companies are members of the state insurance guarantee associations in each state where they do business. Each state insurance guarantee association protects consumers in the unlikely event that their insurance company fails and defaults on their obligations to their consumers (limits vary per state).

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