Brighthouse Financial Income Annuity


Brighthouse Income Annuity provides you a reliable, pension-like income for life, or for a guaranteed period that you choose.

The Brighthouse Income Annuity is a retirement tool that provides guaranteed retirement income either for you or you and another person.


With a Brighthouse Income Annuity, you can:

  • Access a portion of future payments if the need arises with the Early Access Option.
  • Take advantage of favorable tax treatment when purchasing an annuity with after-tax assets.
  • Begin receiving income payments right away.
  • Use income for anything from everyday living expenses to hobbies and vacations.
  • Turn a portion of assets into stable income – for you, or you and another person.
  • Experience more certainty.
  • Thereʼs no market risk.
  • Market fluctuations will not cause a variation in income payments.
  • Select the income payment option that is right for you.
  • Choose the Increasing Income Option to help protect against inflation.


Design and Customize

3 steps to secure guaranteed income with Brighthouse:

  1. Determine how much guaranteed income you will need, whether youʼd like income for one or two lives, and which income payment option works best for you.
  2. Purchase a Brighthouse Income Annuity with a single purchase payment using a portion of retirement assets.
  3. Receive guaranteed income payments for yourself or for you and another person.


What are my income payment options?

Lifetime Income

Brighthouse provides income payments as long as you are living.

Lifetime Income with Early Access Option

Provides income payments as long as you are living and, after the first contract anniversary, allows partial withdrawals of up to 50% of the Liquidity Period Value.

Lifetime Income with Guarantee Period (5-30 years)

Provides income payments that continue as long as you are living. Should you pass away before the Guarantee Period ends, your beneficiary(ies) will receive the remainder of the Guarantee Period income payments.

Lifetime Income with Cash Refund

Provides income payments as long as you live. Should you pass away before receiving payments equal to your initial purchase payment, a lump-sum payment of the difference will be made to the beneficiary(ies).

Brighthouse Life Insurance is also an inexpensive way to leave a death benefit to beneficiaries.

Income for a Guarantee Period Only (5-30 years)

Provides income payments that are guaranteed for the number of years selected.


Plan for the Unexpected

A Brighthouse Financial Income Annuity offers flexibility to help prepare for lifeʼs twists and turns. Consider inflation and expenses that may arise in the future.

The Increasing Income Option

This option can help protect against inflation by ensuring that your annuity income payment rises as well.

With a little less income today, you can lock in increasing annuity income over time for as long as you live.

The amount your income payment increases is up to you.

This option raises payments by the amount you choose, between 2% and 4% (in ½% increments), compounded annually.

Give yourself a raise with the Increasing Income Option:

On each payment anniversary date, your previous yearʼs income payment amount will increase by the percentage chosen if you elect the Increasing Income Option.

The Early Access Option

This option provides access to a portion of your future income if the need arises.

After the payment anniversary, this feature allows you to access up to 50% of your Liquidity Period Value taken via a partial withdrawal each year.

The Early Access Option comes standard with most income annuity payment options, except Lifetime Income and Lifetime Income for Two.

If you choose Lifetime Income or Lifetime Income for Two, you will need to elect the Early Access Option at issue for a little less income today.



If you’re seeking a pension-like income in the future, but want more flexibility, check out an income rider.  Annuities with an income rider provide guaranteed income for life with a death benefit for beneficiaries along with much more flexibility, access, growth potential, and control.

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