Equitrust Confidence Income Immediate Annuity


Equitrust Confidence Income immediate annuity converts a lump sum into a series of predictable retirement income payments. Compare and request a quote.

Equitrust Confidence Income Immediate Annuity offers guaranteed payments for the period you choose for stable, guaranteed cash flow. Retirement income when you need it.

Americans are now spending a greater portion of their lives in retirement, and the challenge to stretch financial resources over longer periods of time requires careful preparation.

Most financial instruments do not guarantee a steady flow of income for either a lifetime or a specific period of time.

However, a prudent retirement income strategy is one that includes guaranteed payments and ongoing income protection for a spouse or other dependents.


Customized Income

Equitrust Life’s immediate annuity is a means to convert a lump sum into a series of predictable income payments without market risk.

It may be appropriate if you are in or nearing retirement and wish to convert accumulated assets into a periodic income.

Your income payments from this annuity are guaranteed for the payment schedule you choose.


  • Guaranteed income payments
  • Dependable and timely payments
  • Income schedule suited to your needs.


You may choose one of these payment schedules:

  • Payments for life only.
  • Payments for life with a fixed period from five to 20 years
  • Payments for a fixed period from five to 20 years

Payments for life can be based on one or two lives.

The amount and frequency of your payments will not change, regardless of changing conditions in the financial markets.


Payments may be made monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually.

Once payments begin, they must continue without interruption or change in amount and frequency.

Withdrawals in addition to income payments are not available.


Your income payments will be deposited to your bank directly, to either a checking or savings account. This automation assures that regardless of travel plans or hectic lifestyle, your payments can always be there.



If you purchase this contract with retirement-plan funds that are pre-tax, the income generated by this payment annuity will be taxable as the income is received.

If you use after-tax funds to purchase this contract, you may benefit from tax advantages.

Current tax laws define part of each annuity payment as a return of principal and not taxable.

The remaining interest portion of each payment is taxed as the payments are received.

By extending the period over which you withdraw interest, you defer paying income taxes on the interest until the tax year in which you receive it.

This partial exclusion from income taxation applies to each payment made under this contract.

Your tax professional can offer you specific tax guidance.


Getting Started

If you indicate that the payment is coming from more than one source, we will hold issue of the contract until all premium is received.

Once the contract is issued, no additional premium may be added.

If you are not completely satisfied with the terms of your contract, you have a specified number of days after issue to return the contract to receive 100 percent of your premium.



Description of Payment Options

Fixed Period Only

Payments are made until the end of the Fixed Period (five to 20 years).


Payments are based on one life:


Payments are based on two lives:

  • Joint Life Only – Payments are made as long as one or both Annuitants are living.
  • Joint Life with Fixed Period – Payments are made for the longer of both Annuitants’ lives or until the end of the Fixed Period.

If the Joint Life option is elected, payments can be customized to remain the same upon the first death or reduced by 25%, 33%, or 50%.



If you’re seeking a pension-like income in the future, but want more flexibility, check out an income rider.  Annuities with an income rider provide guaranteed income for life with a death benefit for beneficiaries along with much more flexibility, access, growth potential, and control.



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