AIG Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance


Thanks to the tax-advantaged power of AIG Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance provides the protection you can count on for your family or your business.

Thanks to the tax-advantaged power of AIG Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance provides the protection you can count on for your family or your business.


About AIG Life Insurance

AIG Financial Strength



Delivers guaranteed protection.

Tailor your policy!

Unique, optional riders and features enable you to tailor the policy to your own personal needs and objectives. Choose the coverage period and premium structure. Take advantage of attractive living benefits and receive supplemental income in times of sickness or retirement. These options and more are yours – guaranteed!


Lock-in a guaranteed, tax-free death benefit

With AIG Universal Life Insurance, the death benefit is guaranteed — regardless of the policy’s cash value — assuming the required premiums have been paid. You can be assured that your family will be protected, your business will live on, or your charitable interests will be served — all thanks to the tax-free proceeds from your life insurance policy (based on current federal income tax law).


Lock-in values that you can use in the future.

Guaranteed premium that fits your budget

The flexible policy design empowers you to structure a premium payment plan that matches your own personal needs and budget. You can choose the number of years of age to which you want the death benefit guaranteed. Then, you can elect to pay premiums over the life of the policy, pay an additional premium to potentially shorten the payment period, or simply pre-fund the coverage guarantee.

Guaranteed return of premium

If your needs change or you no longer need universal life insurance coverage, you can surrender the policy in year 20 and receive 50 percent of premiums paid, or in year 25 and receive 100 percent of premiums paid up to 40% of the face amount.

Guaranteed minimum cash values

If your needs change, you can reduce the death benefit while maintaining the original coverage guarantee period. This feature proportionately reduces the death benefit, cash values, and guaranteed premiums.


Lock-in options that provide guaranteed income.

In addition to the base policy guarantees, AIG Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance offers two ways you can receive significant guaranteed benefits while you’re still living! Imagine, you could be the beneficiary of your own policy.

Income if you get sick

Accelerated Access Solution

At any time during the life of the policy, if you suffer a qualifying chronic illness, the Accelerated Access Solution rider will provide access to your tax-free death benefit through pre-determined monthly payments — either for as long as you’re sick or until the death benefit is exhausted. At death, the remaining benefit will be paid to your beneficiary

Income for a long retirement

Lifestyle Income Solution

There’s no question that Americans are living longer, and the new Lifestyle Income Solution rider may help you make those extra years more satisfying. Beginning at age 85, it enables you to translate your death benefit into a stream of supplemental income that you can use for any purpose. These payments are typically tax-free up to the amount of cumulative premiums. Once again, any remaining death benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries.


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AIG Life Insurance – Universal Life Insurance

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