John Hancock Indexed Universal Life Insurance


John Hancock’s indexed universal life insurance policies can protect your financial future with flexibility and growth potential.

John Hancock’s indexed universal life insurance policies can protect your financial future while helping you live a longer, healthier life with the John Hancock Vitality Program.


Plan for the future. Today.


  • Financial security for you and your loved ones
  • Death benefit coverage to protect your family no matter what life brings
  • Over 150 years of strength, stability, and life insurance experience with John Hancock


  • The opportunity to choose from many optional riders and features
  • More savings or income potential and rewards for living a healthy life with the John Hancock Vitality Program


  • Cash value growth potential to supplement future income and enjoy a more comfortable retirement
  • Loans and withdrawals to help pay for education or other future expenses


Three great policies, one great company

With John Hancock, you can choose the indexed universal life insurance (IUL) policy that best meets your needs :

Protection IUL

Select Protection IUL if you are focused on low-cost death benefit protection with the option of some growth

Accumulation IUL

Choose Accumulation IUL if you want death benefit coverage along with the increased potential for cash value accumulation

Protection SIUL

Or if you and your spouse or business partner both need protection, Protection SIUL is a cost-effective survivorship policy that insures two people


Tailor your John Hancock Life Insurance Policy

Your IUL policy can be customized based on your specific financial goals and objectives both today and tomorrow. Take a look at the many flexible features and options available to you:

Rewards for Healthy Living

At John Hancock, we believe in helping people live longer, healthier lives. With the John Hancock Vitality Program, you’ll be rewarded for the everyday things you do to be healthy, like exercising, eating well, and getting annual check-ups.

Income Tax-Free Death Benefit

The primary purpose of life insurance is to help protect your family and provide an income-tax-free death benefit should something unexpected happen to you. With proper planning, your loved ones will receive the proceeds directly (without probate) on an income- and estate-tax favored basis.

No-Lapse Guarantee

Your John Hancock IUL policy provides a no-lapse guarantee, which means it will remain in force even if the cash surrender value falls to zero or below.

Policy Loans and Withdrawals

You may also take out loans and make withdrawals against your policy’s cash value to supplement retirement income or fund other expenses. Your policy’s potential cash value is built up over time through a combination of premium payments and interest credits — and grows on a tax-deferred basis.

Premium Payment Flexibility

You can vary your premium payments to better fit your financial objectives. If your primary concern is death benefit protection, you may want to fund your policy to life expectancy or beyond. But if your objective is to take advantage of your policy’s cash value potential, you may want to increase the amount of your premium payments. Certain minimum premium payments are required, and paying less may cause your no-lapse guarantee to terminate early.

With an Accumulation IUL policy, you can also use the Preliminary Funding Account (PFA) to pay premiums. The (PFA) is an account designed to be used by you to pay the annual premium and is established with a single lump-sum payment. With this account, we’ll automatically transfer your scheduled premium payment from the PFA to your policy each year. And while your policy is being funded, you’ll earn a competitive guaranteed rate of return on the money in this account.

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Premium allocation options

Your IUL policy offers the flexibility of several premium allocation options — giving you the ability to distribute your premiums among different indexed accounts and a fixed account based on your investment strategy and goals. And you can update this allocation over time, as your needs change.

Regardless of which allocation you choose, your policy value is deposited in John Hancock’s General Account and guaranteed by the company against any investment loss. The policy does not directly participate in any stock or equity investments.

Indexed Accounts

The indexed accounts track the performance of certain stock indices. Your policy will earn interest linked to the performance of the stock indices. The indexed account options offer you the potential for higher interest crediting than traditional fixed interest crediting policies, and there is a guaranteed 0% floor on annual interest crediting which protects the policy from downside market performance.

Fixed Account

The Fixed Account offers competitive and stable performance, and a guaranteed interest crediting rate of 2%.



    • TAX-FAVORED RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTIONS (via loans & withdrawals)
    • HELP FUND EDUCATION OR OTHER EXPENSES (via loans & withdrawals)



Vitality GO

You can experience the John Hancock Vitality Program and live healthier with Vitality GO — included on your policy at no additional cost. With this basic “be healthy” version of the program, you’ll enjoy:

  • The chance to win discounts on for your healthy achievements
  • Savings on fitness devices and healthy gear
  • An easy-to-use app and website with health-related resources, including the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, Live More magazine, and your personalized health goals

We’re so sure you’ll enjoy the Vitality GO experience that you’ll want to upgrade to Vitality PLUS in the first 25 months that you own your policy. You can even transfer your Vitality GO status and points to Vitality PLUS to earn premium savings or more income potential per year, along with other great rewards and discounts.

Vitality PLUS 

When you add Vitality PLUS to your policy for as little as $2.00 a month ($4 for Protection SIUL), you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the John Hancock Vitality Program, including:

  • Up to 15% in premium savings or more income potential
  • The opportunity to earn an Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4 for as little as $258 or get a complimentary Fitbit device
  • A one-year Amazon Prime membership when you reach Platinum Status three years in a row
  • Up to $600 in annual savings on the healthy food you buy
  • Exclusive discounts at more than 350,000 eligible properties around the world with Hotels.com9 + Entertainment and shopping discounts from name brands like Amazon, REI, Starbucks, and more
  • A free 12-month subscription to Headspace as part of the HealthyMind benefit
  • An easy-to-use app and website with health-related resources, including the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, Live More magazine, webinars, and financial fitness tips

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