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Oxford Life Burial Insurance offers sound products to help you and your family, plan and fund your funeral service.

Oxford Life Burial Insurance offers sound products to help you and your family, plan and fund your funeral service. With Oxford Life’s Final Expense Life Insurance, your loved ones will be free of the funeral’s financial burden allowing them to freely grieve and celebrate the legacy you created. Give your family the assurance of knowing that you appropriately prepared for your final expenses.


Benefits of Assurance

  • Competitive premium rates
  • No blood work or medical exam required to apply – only a few simple health questions
  • Death benefits are usually paid federal income tax-free
  • Loans may be made if cash value has accumulated5
  • Premium rates will not increase
  • Once issued, coverage cannot be altered due to health conditions

Final Expenses

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral is $8,7551. This average does not include the cemetery plot, headstone, flowers or other final expenses such as paramedic expenses, ambulance costs, Medicare deductibles and unpaid debts. If you consider these items, your own longevity, and inflation, this cost could be significantly higher. Government provisions are generally not sufficient to cover these costs. Social Security provides a one-time payment of only $2552 and veteran’s benefits pay only $3003.

Premiums and Benefits Are Guaranteed

Oxford Life’s funeral insurance is a level premium whole life insurance policy designed specifically to cover final expenses. Your premiums are guaranteed to never increase over the life of your policy and the death benefit amount is guaranteed not to change4. Your cash value will accumulate as you pay your premiums, and can be accessed in times of need through a policy loan5. Once issued, your policy cannot be canceled as long as premiums are paid.

Tax Advantages

An additional advantage of final expense life insurance is that your beneficiary will receive the policy proceeds without a tax penalty.

Fast and Simple Application Process

Our life insurance application process does not require a medical exam, blood work, or medical records. You only need to complete a short application and a quick health assessment. With Oxford life insurance you will know immediately whether or not your application was approved. Applications in good order will be processed quickly and issued within 48 hours.

Terminal Illness Rider 

The Terminal Illness Benefit is an accelerated death benefit available to those diagnosed as terminally ill (defined as having a life expectancy of less than 12 months). The terminal illness benefit can be up to 100% of your death benefit and is available for no extra cost.

Common Carrier Rider 

This Accidental Death benefit may be paid to the beneficiary in the event of the Insured’s accidental death while riding as a fare-paying passenger on a Common Carrier Conveyance. This benefit is equal to the amount of the death benefit under the policy. There is no extra cost for this benefit.

Policy Specifications

Oxford Life Assurance is available to both male and female applicants, issue ages 50 to 85, in benefit amounts of $5,000 to $30,000. Premiums rates are segmented by gender, age, and nicotine usage.

Convenient Premium Payment Options

A variety of premium modes are available, including annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly EFT. For added convenience, Social Security payment dates may be used as premium draft dates.

For example, if you receive your Social Security payment on the second Wednesday of the month, you may set up your premium draft dates to be on that day each month.



  • Purchase of a casket: $2,400
  • Travel costs for loved ones: Variable
  • Burial preparation: $1,300
  • Funeral home basic service fee: $2,100
  • Vault: $1,395
  • Rental of a hearse and service car: $475
  • Funeral service/viewing or wake: $1,085
  • Mortgage, car, other loan payoffs: Variable


About Oxford Life

Oxford Life Insurance Company was founded in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona in 1965 and is committed to providing value-enhanced financial products that meet the needs and promote the financial security of seniors. We understand that saving our policyholders time and money differentiates us from other insurance carriers. We value your business and look forward to providing you with the best service in the industry.

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