Pacific Life Universal Life Insurance


Pacific Life Universal life insurance offers death benefit protection with the certainty of a guarantee.

Pacific Life Universal Life Insurance offers lifetime death benefit protection with options to ensure your coverage meets your evolving needs while you’re alive. The key feature of Pacific Life Guaranteed Universal Life is its guaranteed death benefit protection with an accessible minimum face amount of $25,000. With guaranteed protection, you can help ensure your policy won’t lapse if you pay your premiums as planned. As an enhancing feature of Pacific Life Universal Life Insurance, premiums can be paid up to one month early or late without adversely impacting your intended guarantee!


Consider Pacific Life Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

  • Need guaranteed death benefit life insurance protection
  • Value the certainty of guaranteed coverage and predictable premiums
  • Desire options like the return of premium if your circumstances change

Guaranteed Coverage for Your Lifetime

Unlike term life insurance which provides guaranteed coverage for a limited period, your Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance policy provides guaranteed coverage for a longer period of time, from age 90 to lifetime. Pay higher premiums and you can extend your guaranteed coverage for the duration of your choice—up to age 121 (lifetime).

Predictable Premiums You Can Depend On

Predictable premiums help support life insurance protection for the guaranteed duration of your choice. You can ensure your planned premiums and intended coverage will not change, as long as you pay your premiums as planned.

Shop, compare and apply for Pacific Life Insurance.


Options to meet your evolving needs

Death benefit protection with optional policy benefits you can access while you’re living. A package of base riders is automatically included in the policy, and you may choose to add optional riders.

What’s a rider? A rider is an additional benefit added to the policy to expand or enhance your coverage.


Included with your policy at no additional cost.

Up to Lifetime No-Lapse Guarantee

No-lapse protection up to the insured’s age 90 is included with the policy through the lifetime No-Lapse Guarantee Rider. In other words, your policy will not lapse with sufficient premium payment. You can extend the guarantee for the duration of your choosing—up to a lifetime (age 121).

Terminal Illness Benefit

You may request the prepayment of up to 75% of your policy’s death benefit not to exceed $500,000 if you become terminally ill.


May be added to your policy, subject to state availability and qualification requirements.

Disability Benefit

If you become totally disabled prior to age 65, you can exercise the Waiver of Monthly Deductions Rider to waive the accrual of your policy’s monthly charges. Doing so may help you keep your policy in force if you are unable to continue paying premiums while on disability.

Children’s Term Rider

This rider allows you to include up to $10,000 of term life insurance coverage on the life of each dependent child (aged 15 days to 18 years), turning your Pacific Life Universal Life Insurance policy into one that covers the entire family.

Return of Premium Feature

If you change your mind, have second thoughts, or no longer need the protection provided by your policy, you may get a full refund or partial refund of the premiums you’ve paid through the Return of Premium feature.


Ready to apply?

If you are ready to purchase a Pacific Life Universal Life Insurance policy, our underwriting has simple qualification standards with predictable outcomes to make the application process a smooth experience. Let’s start with running a quick Life Insurance quote.


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